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Anyone with looping knowledge? I have three looping machines. All with midi, the echoplex, lex jamman and boss rc300. So i...

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spain75 24th February 2013
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Which 1 do u prefer and y? I ordered the 87 but I was told it sucks...but the manley I heard is a great mic Sent from my...

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Rapslashrnbking 24th February 2013
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Was curious ... What console are you using and at what level of channel gain or EQ gain do you start to hear noise in the signal?

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brianellefson 24th February 2013
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I just bought an RME UFX from the US for $1900. I've not bought anything over $1000 before and thus haven't been through the...

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TheLastByte 24th February 2013
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Hi everyone, I have a Shure Brown Bullet (legitimate vintage one from the 40s iirc, not one of those new remakes) and a Shure...

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hymenoptera 24th February 2013
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Hey, Does anybody use BLUE's "The Pop" pop filter (or the Red microphone version of it). Is it as transparent...

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VO Guy 24th February 2013
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Hello everyone. I searched this forum pretty hard and could not find the answer. What is the basic sonic difference in narrow vs....

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jackinthebox 24th February 2013
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Hi, I am looking for Trident 65 module schematics. Anyone know where I can get it? Thanks, Hans

Hans Ekman
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BadracketJames 24th February 2013
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Hello Couldn't find any other topic with my specifications, so I made a new one. As the titlte says, I'm right now looking for...

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RoadToNever 24th February 2013
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I seen a Rane compressor for sale really cheap its the DC22 mojo is it useful 4 studio use I'm a Hiphop guy but never heard of...

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slutface 24th February 2013
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Stumbled across this link lately and wanted to share with my fellow slutz. I'd recommend grabbing a six pack or a good bottle of...

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cowboycoalminer 24th February 2013
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ive been using my alesis m1active 320 usb speakers for about 4 months now with no problems except for the volume knob coming off....

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mississippimixer 24th February 2013
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Ok so from what I gather they say: Beyer m88 for bass and everything else, Sennheiser md211 for closed mike acoustic - and...

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Lorenzop 24th February 2013
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I was wondering which EQ is good for room tuning. Thanx........

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dasystem 24th February 2013
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any opinions on this? both units get high praise, prices are similar. strikes me the summit unit has advantage (?) of separate...

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lifesize 24th February 2013
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I have the CV-12 and CV-28 and like both of them quite a bit, so i went off to their site today and saw this mic obviously...

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lifesize 24th February 2013
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Hey GS gang! I've got something that could be a really fun & unique opportunity for a local studio in the Orlando area next...

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RedBaaron 23rd February 2013
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Does anyone know where I can buy rack strips or rails to make a DIY rack unit in Spain ? thanks kfhkh

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pacealmondo 23rd February 2013
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Hi, just wanted to ask users of the SPL 2Control, if you are experiencing hum with the unit. I´m not sure if mine is broken or...

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KarmaPolice 23rd February 2013
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First off, I adore these monitors for the price, but lately I have notice quite a few threads about the hiss problem. I have...

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tribedescribe 23rd February 2013
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Hey! I was wondering if anybody can give me some info about Thnks fr th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy. Are the strings and horns virtual...

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matias4000 23rd February 2013
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If I understand correctly, without a word clock connector, if I connect a digital signal through spidf it will sync up. But not...

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SteelyDani 23rd February 2013
Avatar for Warfare

I want to mix custom vocals into my music, also record other sounds to put in! Is the blue yeti a good enough mic for that? If...

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Warfare 23rd February 2013
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Hello everybody! I need your advice! I got a pair of ADAM A7X,but now I have the chance to get a pair of dynaudio bm6as for a...

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timgsun 23rd February 2013
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I'm having issues with the TLM 102, and at least to some extent with the U87. The esses get very resonant and sound like...

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willylumplumps 23rd February 2013
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Hi All I am a bit of a noob and I am in the process of building my my home studio. I am scratching my head a bit over which...

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bryzar 23rd February 2013
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Does anybody have any experience reamping with this setup? It seems so simple. the LS56 is set to internal and the 11R is...

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fritz.john 23rd February 2013
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Can a unit like the UA 710-4, which has converters and AES and ADAT outputs, be effectively used as an audio interface? Allowing...

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tundra 23rd February 2013
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Hi - bit of a newbie question, I have a Spirit M12 mixer and a E-MU 1212m pci audio card. I want to be able to record into...

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brew 23rd February 2013
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i downloaded massey tape demo vst there is gui but no sound? anybody experienced same thing? i'm in cubase 5

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Led Music 23rd February 2013
Avatar for cargojon

I have one of the Senn md431 first generation mics... Its missing the retaining ring that holds the capsule in place. Doesn't...

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cargojon 23rd February 2013
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I was watching this video and was tripping out on the vocal mic's, what are these? We Are the World - Lionel Richie, Tina...

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icecubeman 23rd February 2013
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Hi there! First I gotta say hello and excuse for the bad english following... im coming from germany and I am really new to...

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BlechMann 23rd February 2013
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I recently purchased an SM57 and an AT2020 Microphone. I was wondering what kind of stand I would need for these? I notice...

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Osciller 23rd February 2013
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I haven't seen too much on these guys on GS, but I thought I'd post and see if there's any Lauten users hiding out there. ...

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doncaparker 23rd February 2013
Avatar for DGerlt

Hey guys just a quick question, do you think the echo audiofire12 is decent/great interface and strong enough chain in my signal...

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jchas 23rd February 2013
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Hi everybody. I am not a big writer on this forum but i sure am a big reader. Gearslutz has always been a good reference for...

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cheu78 23rd February 2013
Avatar for G-Sun

Hi! I'm a typical singer/songwriter who also does theatre-sound and children CDs. I'm looking for advice on how to acquire...

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G-Sun 23rd February 2013
Avatar for brassmoose

I just purchased a used SM59. I haven't plugged it in yet, but I unscrewed the cover and everything looks ok, except this gunk. ...

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brassmoose 23rd February 2013
Avatar for Edward Shnapper

Hows it going, I'm looking for some facebook groups to like. It's great checking facebook and having lot's of information...

Edward Shnapper
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Edward Shnapper 23rd February 2013
Avatar for OolalavSuperfukk

Hey, just wondering if there's anyone out there who has any clue how Animal Collective got their vocal sound for Merriweather...

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OolalavSuperfukk 23rd February 2013
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Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew of any good deals in a good condition control 24. Thanks!

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elvstudios 23rd February 2013
Avatar for LARRYROSE

I have been using this unit for a while and recently I put all my preamps and compressors in patch bays. I notice the peavey...

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gmontano 23rd February 2013
Avatar for stinkyfingers

what kind of plug-ins is Norman using to get this most wonderful fuzz sound for his guitar? and is this reverbs convolutions or...

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Avatar for Kiwi
Kiwi 23rd February 2013
Avatar for pcbiz

So I'm touring the PRS Guitar factory, and go into the amp r&d area. After talking to a couple of engineers and going over...

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BudgetMC 23rd February 2013
Avatar for sheltone60

We have a studio based around a D-Command 24 and PT HD system. Our interfaces are an HD I/O (16x16 analog) and a 192...

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Baz 23rd February 2013
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sorry should not be published yet but it was when hit poll questions...

Deleted 99dc753
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Deleted 99dc753 23rd February 2013
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Hey all, I am building a studio in a public university library for general use by students. The only requirement is students...

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tribedescribe 23rd February 2013
Avatar for Levi

I just picked up a Leslie 122 RV a couple months ago. I'm not using the verb at all. And I was wondering if anyone has ever...

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Deleted 651cf92 23rd February 2013
Avatar for Roman

I bought a Cascade Vin Jet long ribbon mic. I intend to use it for anything but definately try it on hihat, snare, vocals, guitar...

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lobsterinn 23rd February 2013