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Which mic do you prefer for acoustic guitar, archtop guitar, and male (baritone, I guess) voice. Genre is roots/Americana. (I'm...

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archfrenemy 27th March 2013
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Not sure if this is the right section to post this, but anyway... Basically, I'm looking for a person who would is able to mix...

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8Jay 27th March 2013
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I need to do some reamping and other general line level to amp stuff. This ART Dual RDB is way less expensive for 2 channels than...

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Dettenator 27th March 2013
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Blues Saraceno takes a close look and listen to the new GAV19T. rKHplPxIYso

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JoshuaE 27th March 2013
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Can someone tell me what versions of PT are supported by DAW Remote HD? Thanks.

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Explodey 27th March 2013
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Yamaha 01V96i seems to be a major upgrade for users but does anyone get wind of an 02r96 upgrade ? is this really high end ? did...

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m.h 27th March 2013
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Anyone know how to connect the CV and Gate output from an FR Orb to a Moog Rogue? I've drawn a diagram of how I think it may be...

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atimchak 27th March 2013
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Hi, I've been using the Sony MDR-7506 headset for years in my studio and i need some replacement. Noticed the MDR-7510. Is that...

Studio Studio
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nst7 27th March 2013
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Possible stupid, noob, old guy question. I'm -finally- using my iPhone to actually (shock!) listen to music... mainly to test...

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Suntower 27th March 2013
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so....been working with a client who strongly prefers 192khz. avant-garde improvised music, some classical chamber music, and...

jonathan jetter
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luiztornaghi 27th March 2013
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Here's a short video of a mic shootout I did this weekend using my new Beard Odyssey squareneck guitar. I tried a ton of mics for...

davey boy
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davey boy 27th March 2013
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I want to replace my krk rockit 5's with some better monitors. I have the opportunity to purchase a pair of Adam a5x's for $500....

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ppadru1 27th March 2013
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I need a simple but good quality midi keyboard with 49 or 61 keys for producing in Ableton Live. Im using my iPad to control...

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camerondye 27th March 2013
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Hello fellow chaps... Does anyone know of a Tube Gate?

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emrr 27th March 2013
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I have these old 70's JVC S-PX3 HIFI speakers. They sound awesome, but recently something went wrong with both of them. With...

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LindenGarcia18 27th March 2013
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Hey Any threads on this topic are pretty dated...any good choices for wireless headphones to use for tracking...

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mattz63 27th March 2013
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This evening I started making Spotify playlists of tracks by my favourite producers and mixers. Limited to my favourite 15...

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guitar4982 27th March 2013
Avatar for Chase Orion

Thinking of selling my MA5 for BAE 1073 MP. I only record vocals and use modded Rode NTk but soon will be getting a Telefunken...

Chase Orion
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Avening 27th March 2013
Avatar for Sino

Please suggest any metering hardware device you like to use to mix ITB.

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Sino 27th March 2013
Avatar for analogexplosions

I've just had the pleasure of spending some time with a stereo pair of the new AWTAC Awesome Channel 500 series channel...

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rkopald 27th March 2013
Avatar for conorsf

Hello! I can't figure out how to connect (slave) my Digimax FS via ADAT @ 96k to my RME Fireface 800 (master). Can i please...

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conorsf 27th March 2013
Avatar for zthechosen1

Looking at purchasing Midi Keyboard..Behringer U Control UMX 610, AKAI MPK 61 and AKAI MAX 49MIDI controller are the three...

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psycho_monkey 27th March 2013
Avatar for eliteandsambo

EDIT Okay, thanks guys. I've made up my mind. Lynx Aurora 16 > Neve 8816 > Thermionic Culture Phoenix SB > Yamaha...

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eliteandsambo 27th March 2013
Avatar for capnreverb

I know this has been covered but its eluding me. How the hell did guys like Rudy Van Gelder and Richard Bock get the double bass...

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capnreverb 27th March 2013
Avatar for classicrock

Hi, I'm planning to buy a rack-mounted, idiot-proof two-track recorder to capture ideas and recording song-demos (using analog...

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Avatar for peter434
peter434 27th March 2013
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Bought the movie from iTunes last night and watched it right away. Outstanding story and a must watch for every member in this...

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michael cleary 27th March 2013
Avatar for Berolzheimer

I worked at this place for a few weeks last year. It was interesting, the owner used to be an engineer at Ampex & had piles...

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Berolzheimer 27th March 2013
Avatar for Eternal_One

What's up all I use Reason as an aux inside of Logic to get my drums going. I have a 14:2 mixer and a ReDrum going inside of...

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Eternal_One 27th March 2013
Avatar for SmoothVibe

This thread could very well become one of the most important one in the history of GS... gooof For a very long time I've been...

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narcoman 26th March 2013
Avatar for jaguarsg

i just purchased an old 70s Gibson Dove copy. i'm just wondering what acoustic guitar strings people prefer for recording.

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Avatar for Boschen
Boschen 26th March 2013
Avatar for ANALogic

The switch for control the power output in the front is actually set on -10db on my a7.. Will this affect , in some way , the...

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Avatar for kafka
kafka 26th March 2013
Avatar for CTS_1980

Hello, I'm new to the forum, and I hope I'm posting this request in the right part of the forum. Attached to this message...

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CTS_1980 26th March 2013
Avatar for jsbeeth

Working on a scoring project in PT, and everything was fine with the first temp video file, but upon importing a new cut (same...

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Avatar for ronwasserman
ronwasserman 26th March 2013
Avatar for GeorgeElder

Hi My current setup is. Tascam dp-008 line 6 pod 2.0 mxl 2000a condenser microphone casio ctk 7000 keyboard Guitars...

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GeorgeElder 26th March 2013
Avatar for Benakaginge

So I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to recording music, however I'd like to do it in the future. But at the moment, I do a bit...

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Benakaginge 26th March 2013
Avatar for The Listener

Does anyone do it? I listen a lot to music on my portable mp3 player with earbuds and I am very much used to the sound of...

The Listener
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Avatar for Xander
Xander 26th March 2013
Avatar for loscolorados

does anybody knows for multiband compressor with 10 bands? free would be nice, but not problem if it costs :)

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Avatar for BillSimpkins
BillSimpkins 26th March 2013
Avatar for Robertt8

Does anyone know what this old mic is? It was given to me more as an artsy gift...something to put on my desk, but I'm...

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Avatar for trumq
trumq 26th March 2013
Avatar for steveyraff

Hey guys, Noob question time I guess - so go easy, thanks! In the two years I've had my studio open, I feel my recording...

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Avatar for bambamboom
bambamboom 26th March 2013
Avatar for Deleted 1846071

Temples - The Golden Throne - YouTube I'm specifically looking to get a similar guitar and drum sound. What mics and pres...

Deleted 1846071
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Avatar for sixtiksix
sixtiksix 26th March 2013
Avatar for brassmoose

RE20s are "relatively" flat. Most ribbon mics are flat. The MD 441 is flat. What dynamic mics currently in...

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Avatar for brassmoose
brassmoose 26th March 2013
Avatar for Voyage.One

I know this is gonna sound ridiculous, but I just can't quite put my finger on what 'verb they used on the vocals after the...

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Avatar for ray_subsonic
ray_subsonic 26th March 2013
Avatar for fabb2004

Currently I have a Focusrite ISA one preamp that runs into a Black Lion Audio Red Sparrow A/D converter. I go through S/PDIF...

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Avatar for fabb2004
fabb2004 26th March 2013
Avatar for honeypiestudios

I just got a TLA-50 via eBay and on day two of powering it up, the meter pegged itself in the red and hasn't come back down...

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Avatar for honeypiestudios
honeypiestudios 26th March 2013
Avatar for mr. torture

There are a few places out there that offer EPK services for bands. I am looking to build a small EPK for submission to labels,...

mr. torture
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Avatar for slaves666
slaves666 26th March 2013
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Avatar for GeorgeElder
GeorgeElder 26th March 2013
Avatar for kdp

Should I use a 40 inch (or larger) LCD monitor for my Cubase system?I'd like to step up from my 3- 19 inch LCD set-up. Will these...

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Avatar for Tonato17
Tonato17 26th March 2013
Avatar for Darm

Always loved their PA systems- great sound, lightweight, and robust! Now wonder how they did with their first monitors, anyone...

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Avatar for timgsun
timgsun 26th March 2013
Avatar for dannytaurus

I'm in the USA and all my master DATs are in storage in the UK. I need to get them shipped to me so I can retrieve some digital...

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Avatar for thenewyear
thenewyear 26th March 2013
Avatar for EtherealEntity

Hi guys. I'm looking to get a cheaper shockmount for my Royer R121 I see this one recommended a lot Audio Technica AT8410A -...

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Avatar for Sino
Sino 26th March 2013