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I'd like to control guitar and bass amp heads in the control room, while feeding cabs in the live room. We have a 40 feet 16...

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Manfrensengensen 30th March 2013
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I just picked up an 808 and it sounds completely amazing. Astounded how much puchier it is than sample libraries. I have it...

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Emwolb 30th March 2013
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Hey guys and girls, a couple people suggested i post these here as well. Enjoy!! G Unit gave me permission to do a series of...

Ken Lewis
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isawsasquatch 30th March 2013
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I'm about to release an album that I'm really proud of and believe in and had some great musicians perform with me on it. I...

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jumbo 30th March 2013
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Hi, I have a Roland RD-700GX. And a table where my monitor speakers, flatscreen, keyboard, mouse (and usually a bunch of other...

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CassidyGT 30th March 2013
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Hey guys, I've been mixing on these 5inch monitors for a while and wondered if anyone used to mix on these and then upgraded to...

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klapaucius 30th March 2013
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I installed the software for the apollo and authorized the plugins.I keep getting error messages a f/w controller has changed or...

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Kcatthedog 30th March 2013
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Hi guys, I just bought "Beyerdynamics DT 880 250 ohm" and before this I was using Beats Studio Headphones. The thing...

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sguney 30th March 2013
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Is there any one mic in your locker that you like well enough that you have bought a second one of the same or would consider...

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OlofBerggren 30th March 2013
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I am trying to create a simple home studio setup on the high-end side. I must say I am not that experienced on this, however I am...

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Call_me_Switters 30th March 2013
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i need advice guys!! i want to get knew studio monitors and im thinking about getting the krk 8 i was wondering if they might...

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rockstarforlife 30th March 2013
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I'm new here and sorry if i'm posting in the wrong section. I need some help. I use to have a u37 microphone and I use to record...

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jrthehammer 30th March 2013
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I'm hoping you guys can help me. I'm a novice so apologies if omit crucial information here - and the description of what I'm...

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timstoel 30th March 2013
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timstoel 30th March 2013
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Hi, I'm in the market for a new 4 channel mic-pre. My budget is $1400. Been steadily upgrading all my pre's and now have a...

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bleen 30th March 2013
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timstoel 30th March 2013
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Could you please tell me why I should buy the Avatone active Mixcubes as a compliment to my 1st generation KRK V8's?

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DoctorG 30th March 2013
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Hey all, ive been trying to find some info on this but havent been able to find anything probably because all of my keywords are...

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LFlood 30th March 2013
Avatar for Rasmus Faber

Would appreciate a little help here, as this is getting on my nerves. I feel my Central Station is uneven in volume between left...

Rasmus Faber
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Glenn Bucci 30th March 2013
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DeronDaum 30th March 2013
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I have just picked up a new PT HD rig and control 24, I checked it all over when I picked it all up and it looked great but I...

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Baz 29th March 2013
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Just heard this song recently for the first time in a long while and it really sounds fantastic. I know that a bunch of people...

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jackinthebox 29th March 2013
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Need help with eDrum w/ Addictive Drum Latency!!! I am using a Roland TD-20 > Midi to USB Interface > Mac G5 Dual 1.8ghz...

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mbr9200 29th March 2013
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Hi there gearslutz :-) Im curently owning a pair M-audio bx5 d2-s Im not so happy with the sound Im producing bass heavy dance...

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klapaucius 29th March 2013
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jwh1192 29th March 2013
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I recently checked out this video by Feist and came across this delay type thing I've never really heard/noticed before. Maybe...

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GearAndGuitars 29th March 2013
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This is my last post here on Gearslutz. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you all for all the great help, feedback and...

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SmoothVibe 29th March 2013
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Aside from the obvious differences (no digital option, different metering, etc.), is there any audible difference between the ISA...

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honeypiestudios 29th March 2013
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SmoothVibe 29th March 2013
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Hey, Just a bit of a weird question i think, basically i spend around 15 hours a day in my studio producing, but i have a...

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Mike21 29th March 2013
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Hey Guys, I'll have around $1500 to blow on a mic or 2 or more coming up soon, and am considering a few in particular. My space...

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SteelyDani 29th March 2013
Avatar for PfaceMEDIA

First ever post - I got a used/broken Maschine controller w/ no software ;-/ My friend fixed it he said. When I plug it into a...

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PfaceMEDIA 29th March 2013
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My bassist and I have combined studio gear, and he has a ton of ADK stuff, I've never heard of. First he has the ADK Custom Shop...

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Radiogal 29th March 2013
Avatar for anguruto

Hey guys So I was considering buying a 16 channel fader pack from Aurora Audio or maybe a 88R from Neve. Does anyone know how...

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travisbrown 29th March 2013
Avatar for justme770

I am setting up a recording studio at my home for which I want good quality sound. The input will be mainly vocals. I am buying a...

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justme770 29th March 2013
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Come by our Booth C78 in Hall 5.1. Together with Digital Audio Service we are giving one 17XS MkII away to a lucky winner! ...

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guitarz 29th March 2013
Avatar for Buffalo Bleu

Replacing a 9-pin DSUB cable for Lexicon 960L that has been crapping out lately (after 10+ years of usage). Need around 50ft of...

Buffalo Bleu
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Daedalus77 29th March 2013
Avatar for AC Long

I'm currently demoing songs for my band in my project studio and I don't expect it to sound that good because I'm using amp sims...

AC Long
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RCM - Ronan 29th March 2013
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I would just like to know what your guys setup up is. And if some have pictures... And if you guys could write your signal...

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hasbeen 29th March 2013
Avatar for tasteinmen

Hey guys, haven't been on here for a while but I'm trying to find a particular sound that I'm pretty sure can be found on...

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tasteinmen 29th March 2013
Avatar for richgilb

Nope, couldn't find it either, so I went for plugins.... Would you all be so kind as to vote for Mammal Hum on this radio...

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richgilb 29th March 2013
Avatar for anguruto

Hey guys I was just wondering your personal experiences with both types of recording. Do you really lose the feel of a band...

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jetboatguy 29th March 2013
Avatar for froghollow

Just wanted to share my first mic shootout! I've been using ADK Hamburg and Vienna mics for about a year now (and loving them)...

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Avatar for Claude G.
Claude G. 29th March 2013
Avatar for Johnm73

I was looking into purchasing a monitor controller for my Orpheus (to switch between speakers more than anything) and at the...

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Johnm73 29th March 2013
Avatar for LARRYROSE

Can i use this board with pro tools le as a controller and how do i do it??

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garmstrong 29th March 2013
Avatar for DP40oz

Alright this is basically a 2 part question. 90% of the artists i record are never going to get there music mastered, and with...

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Kesh 29th March 2013
Avatar for Ursa Major

Hello all.... I want to do a stand-in mock up before a studio session with a drummer. I've been using Spectrasonics Backbeat for...

Ursa Major
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mike vecchione 29th March 2013
Avatar for RickGobe

Your studio is on fire with only enough time to save one piece of gear. I would be saving my Focal twins. What would you save?

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archfrenemy 29th March 2013
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Sino 29th March 2013
Avatar for jimmydeluxe

This is song is still hard, years after it's release. Sounds like much of it was played live, I guess recorded by the two dudes...

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jimmydeluxe 29th March 2013