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Hello guys, as you you probably all know.. getting your music out there isn't the easiest thing. Here I want to show you guys...

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TheIvanOfficial 3rd April 2013
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Think of buying the apogee AD-16x with X-HD card for my HD3 Pro Tools rig I have a MPC4000, MPC3000 and Motif/JV1080 that I...

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eleckain 3rd April 2013
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Hi guys I just realized that different compressor do affect the signal level while they're bypassed.I have a clone SSL Buss...

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lesly_music 3rd April 2013
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I need to send one of my Twin 6's in for service, and I haven't been able to do it because I need monitors for projects I'm...

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johnnybregar 3rd April 2013
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Hey any Uk people know a good website to get good quality cables? So much out there want a single website to go to every...

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JamieOxford 3rd April 2013
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Anyone used a Fat head or two? How does it compare to a say, Coles? It's obviously got a great price, just wondering if there...

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honeypiestudios 3rd April 2013
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Hey everyone :) Im starting a new studio that will be based from home but also from my bands studio which was an old recording...

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aidan_miles 3rd April 2013
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Hey all! Been here before under different username(just can't remember it...gooof). Anyways, yesterday I started restoring a...

Studio ManCave
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Studio ManCave 3rd April 2013
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Hi, I am moving to the US (from London) later this year and in the meantime I need to store most of my studio for a couple of...

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djalexg 3rd April 2013
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I'm curious if there is a better/easier way for making recall sheets for gear. I've used Adobe Illustrator in the past for...

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Vogon 3rd April 2013
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Hi, I have to deal with the choice of wich D/A convertor should I use to have the more accurate monitoring, the signal will go...

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nelsonleeroy 3rd April 2013
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I have an opportunity to buy one of these desks for a very reasonable price. I want it primarily for live work. Which of these...

waldie wave
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waldie wave 3rd April 2013
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Ive been trying to find a new vocal mic for me to use on stage. I came around to the Heil pr35 and have been reading mostly...

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Angel Audio 3rd April 2013
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GeorgeRay 3rd April 2013
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Presto tube 825...obscure machine even for the most knowledgable. Who knows about this (tech and...

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radiovoiceone 3rd April 2013
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From what I've seen/read, the Empirical Labs' Distressor emulates a lot of the characteristics of the UA 1176. However, does...

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joeq 3rd April 2013
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To me this seems to be a historical certainty given the facts. Don't get me wrong I remember seeing plenty of ribbons before tape...

Ryan Silva
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joeq 3rd April 2013
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I have two interfaces. One is the new mboxpro 3 and the other is the old mbox 2. The issue I'm having is getting the two to...

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JoScar 3rd April 2013
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With all the frustration being voiced concerning controllers: Things that USED to work with the MC Pro and Artist Series that no...

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Keyplayer 3rd April 2013
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I want to purchase one of these kits but I have no clue how to assemble it..where could I go to get help??

Melvin III
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Tristan.miller 3rd April 2013
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What I need: Awesome action/feel 76+ keys USB Druthers: Svelte For my own reasons, I'll likely be generating all the...

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BnWasteland 3rd April 2013
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I picked up a Rode NTK mic a few weeks ago , and I'm starting to really like it. I picked up a Shure Super 55 this week and...

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getarzan 3rd April 2013
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I have a store credit with Thomann and came across this while browsing the website. I know it won't be no Benchmark but according...

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AudioHipster 3rd April 2013
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Just hooked up my brand new alphalink yesterday. It took me a while to finally get some sound out of it ; but it sounds amazin...

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T11 3rd April 2013
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I have an Apogee AD16X and am trying to decide between the Symphony 64 card or an RME card. The RME card is interesting because...

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timstoel 3rd April 2013
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Need help on the horns in this mix. Want it to be more in the background. I feel i have two problems. The horns takes to...

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Jazzcrisis 2nd April 2013
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i have delta 66, i tried few interfaces , but always i get some very loud noise when tried to record my microphone, it's almost...

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Granny Gremlin 2nd April 2013
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I am doing a little setup and right now i have a manley reference mic and i want to get an apogee interface. I just wanna make...

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Johnkenn 2nd April 2013
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Hey people I'm planning on building my own NS10 monitors, but I can't find the dimensions anywhere. The dimensions of the box...

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149117 2nd April 2013
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Hi all, I'm about to purchase my first hardware compressor and just have a question about the input level. Normally when I...

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anemicrock 2nd April 2013
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Hey, has anyone ever noticed that analog sounds better than digital?

Zep Dude
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cane creek 2nd April 2013
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I need to know the setting used in this collab Logic project by Deadmau5 and Armin van Buuren on the Dreamverb that's used on...

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alexfsu 2nd April 2013
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I know this has been asked before but I want an answer specific to my situation. I would like to mic up an acoustic upright piano...

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j.m.lad 2nd April 2013
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Hey y'all I searched but couldn't come up with much. I know some Mackie products (especially older ones) have this ribbon cable...

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rcb4t2 2nd April 2013
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Quantum7 2nd April 2013
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mydoghuntslions 2nd April 2013
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Hi guys and girls! I'm running one of Norway's largest recording studios... A old 500m2 art-deco theater... That said we're not...

Philip Mohn
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nevefreak 2nd April 2013
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Johnkenn 2nd April 2013
Avatar for Makin Good Music

I need some headphone advice ASAP! My birthday is in about a week and a few days, and I can't decide what headphones I wan't,...

Makin Good Music
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Makin Good Music 2nd April 2013
Avatar for dogma

Theres a guy over at Group.diy who;s selling - ANT TRS 700 Channels (MicPre and EQ with Lundahl Transformers). Theres next to no...

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The Audioman 2nd April 2013
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So, i got myself a early and rare analog 80ies Synthesizer at a garage sales for 60 Euros and all outputs have very low output...

Deleted 7ad91e3
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Deleted 7ad91e3 2nd April 2013
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Aloha Gents, I upgraded my studio with SSL MX4, SSL Alpha-Link MX 4-16 and Tonelux OTB-16. And I'm looking for the best way to...

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ray_subsonic 2nd April 2013
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So I know of supposedly mint chopped B3 for $2500 without Leslie. I'll be checking it out this week. My question is is it...

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unfiltered420 2nd April 2013
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Hi there, :facepalm: All is in the tittle.. I need help to know with what synth Kenny Larkin does his fabulous synth line in...

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backward 2nd April 2013
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jakson 2nd April 2013
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amazing to think that we all now routinely make ultra precise edits down in the peaks/troughs of those...

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Jon Hodgson 2nd April 2013
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Hi there. I have an old heavy duty Atlas stand with a triangle base. It looks like the MS25 model but this one is probaby 25+...

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mojomills 2nd April 2013
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7 Sound Recordings Made Before Thomas Edison Sound recordings before the Edison phonograph - allthough there are other methods...

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frans 2nd April 2013
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I'm an intern at a studio and have been given the task of fixing our malfunctioning Roland R-880 reverb unit. When the unit...

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Starspawn 2nd April 2013
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I just purchased an USB audio box interface made by presonus there's only two xlr inputs but I need about two more xlr inputs for...

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808drummah 2nd April 2013