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First off, I know that this probably isn't the right place to post something like this, but I'm in a bind right now. I had to...

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teftyteft 6th April 2013
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We are proud to be debuting our new product at Messe 2013: the eight-twentyfour (824) Discrete...

MCAudioLab press
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George Necola 6th April 2013
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Does anyone have any experience with this board? Is there any way to connect the line input of the 8017 module? I was trying to...

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bsconz 6th April 2013
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Ok, so I have been ordering a lot of gear while I am serving a tour overseas with the army. I know gear pretty well but I had...

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Mr. Lau 6th April 2013
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I want a very basic analog synth. One that does sawtooth, sine waves, and can be used for nice synth bass sounds. I'm not...

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transferpoint 6th April 2013
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Here's a very quick "new tube" test using my Charteroak 538 and 3 different polar patterns. Something to note is that I...

davey boy
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davey boy 6th April 2013
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Anyone know where to find replacement ear pads for Wesc bagpipe headphones? The leather on mine are cracking and starting to fall...

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ryanXL 6th April 2013
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Jim Keaney @ Devotion Recording 5th April 2013
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Hoping someone can answer me this question: Right now I have 2 channels going from my A/D to Inputs 1 and 2 of my Otari tape...

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JeremySteckel 5th April 2013
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I'm looking for a stereo mic as a gift for a producer/musician that I work with. I want a mic similar to the AKG C34, or C422,...

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edva 5th April 2013
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So I've finally come to the conclusion as to why one of my monitors would not work properly. The TRS balances input is done....

Deleted 4d73b7c
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Deleted 4d73b7c 5th April 2013
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Hello. I need help completing my setup for playing live. I have a band with a friend where she plays guitar and I do.....

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beelzebub2 5th April 2013
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jsbeeth 5th April 2013
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Hey So I am looking to purhcase some effect pedal for vocals.. I came across the Boss VE 20 and also the roland RE-20 space...

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RyanHanson 5th April 2013
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Hi, anyone tried those new mini tube amplifiers for 100 series capsules?

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Grummy77 5th April 2013
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Hello Guys, can anyone tell me which mic this is ? Greets

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Simsuk 5th April 2013
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In your opinion, what´s best sounding and flexible EQ for the 500 format?

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u b k 5th April 2013
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u b k 5th April 2013
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I'm interested in a stereo preamp for recording full bands and drum overheads with a Avantone CK40, in mid-side mode. I'd be...

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wolfereeno 5th April 2013
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Can anyone recommend a rackmount switcher, something like a aby pedal like morley or radial etc, except its rackmount and more...

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spain75 5th April 2013
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Hey guys, total n00b here, i hope you guys can help me. Hey Guys, i need some help fast Two monitors recently came in to my...

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bazpaul 5th April 2013
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Hi there. Not sure if this is the right place for this - so if a moderator feels it belongs somewhere else - feel free to move...

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SparkyCanada 5th April 2013
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Hey guys! Just a simple question. What's a good quality Pop Filter? Say, around 50$ or less? (Or any price, U.S)

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Wickedness 5th April 2013
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I just don't get it for many years,now this question has become a nightmare:facepalm::synth:

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fatoad 5th April 2013
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i have a GA pre 73 hook to GA comp-54... to get a good lsound my audio interface its over loading all the time...so i gess i need...

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raziel 5th April 2013
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What a sound... 99% percent James but Gearslutz is all about that 1%!

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PRobb 5th April 2013
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Was just wondering if i can get any idea about the price complete gear of music set excluding the music computer ? Got this...

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timstoel 5th April 2013
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I realize that there are some that will say this doesn't belong in High End section, however I get fantastic results by mixing to...

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aleric51 5th April 2013
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Simple question, really, but how would one go about approximating the acoustic guitar tone of Astral Weeks by Van Morrison,...

into the white
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transferpoint 5th April 2013
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Good day fellow gearsluts. I was hoping I could get some advice from you all. I am in the fortunate position of having the...

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cjac9 5th April 2013
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How did you learn to identify frequencies by ear? Does anyone have suggestions on how to learn/improve this skill?

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Marlowe 5th April 2013
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Ok this is going to sound like a really dumb question, BUT I just got my lunchbox and Im trying to connect my Daking 500 to my...

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terraamb01 5th April 2013
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I have two Roland Quad-Capture devices that I want to use at the same time, to double to the number of inputs. Using ASIO...

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martinweiss 5th April 2013
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Hey everyone, I wanted to get some feedback on MySpace, Facebook, MI7 etc. So far I've set up my personal MySpace page to be my...

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Ain't Nobody 5th April 2013
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I'm currently running vxt6s from a focusrite 2i2, and it works great but i was wondering about getting headphones as a second...

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Oden 5th April 2013
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Hello! What is in your opinion best marketing approach for classic studio? Or in my case residential one... I want to hear...

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carol brin 5th April 2013
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Hi GS! We all know something about free promotion for Recording studio web site: - social media promotion / SEO / guerilla...

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carol brin 5th April 2013
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Got an Avedis MA5 pre-amp and also the Radial Workhorse Cube today and was excited to try it out. So far not good at all, my...

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chris87 5th April 2013
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Curious to hear your thoughts. I'd love to combine some cool units instead of relying on the UA LA-610 and Avalon737, but I...

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Labs 5th April 2013
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How often do you use a de-esser on vocal? And in general? Am I lucky to almost never needing it?

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Mr. Lau 5th April 2013
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Hello, I have a Soundcraft Series 1600 in my studio to work with a tape machine. For digital recording I use also other preamps...

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siamhatter 5th April 2013
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Our SSL 4K was finally commissioned the other day, and I went right ahead and started to mix a project on it. Previously I had...

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Mr. Lau 5th April 2013
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I've got some short term questions, and long term questions, if anyone can help: Short Term: : Ghost vs FP10 Pres I know...

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gouge 5th April 2013
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I have been playing guitar since I was 7 and that means for nearly 20 years. Anyway, I have a problem with the A string on my new...

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rojaros 5th April 2013
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Any specific recommendations for Mic Preamps for Distorted Guitars? For both heavier and just crunch/slightly crunched...

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SteelyDani 5th April 2013
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Scotty Moore's site has an interesting read on the studios Elvis used and the gear and history etc. Scotty Moore - The Studios

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Dude111 5th April 2013
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When you have an apogee sympony 8 x 8 and an x-desk and all in/outs are full. How can you still record the audio of an...

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datafeist 5th April 2013
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Was listening to the 1964 album "Getz/Gilberto" the other day and only just realised that it was all...

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[email protected] 5th April 2013
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Hey everyone, I just picked up a great condition fender rhodes. It plays well, but for some reason when playing... the keys...

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sawcreatives 5th April 2013
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I had this idea, just wondering if it would work, or if anybody actually does this. So you'd have your vocalist in a live room...

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Xander 5th April 2013