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Mytek Digital, leading US manufacturer of high-quality digital audio conversion systems invites all Distributors, Dealers and...

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Adam_Mytek 7th April 2013
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This is driving me crazy. I know this happens with amps but I can't narrow down what's causing it. I've tried different cables of...

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tbo1013 7th April 2013
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Hi, I am reading quite a while in your fine forum, and today I am trying it with my first question. I am not a native speaker,...

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Andyjo 7th April 2013
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Faderjockey 7th April 2013
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I'm looking to pick up a tape recorder soon. Probably something like a Tascam 38-8. I know there's all sorts of things that I'll...

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NikJennings 7th April 2013
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I have a problem with my Metric Halo ULN-2. There is something wrong about line in on channel two. When inserting TRS or TS...

Deleted 1aa3d46
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Deleted 1aa3d4676f73940 7th April 2013
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Sorry if this has already been posted. Looks like somebody slipped the ball on Pro tools 11. Avid Pro Tools 9 to 11 Upgrade...

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Whitecat 7th April 2013
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Just got the email from albumcredits.com that they're finally going live. Before you could claim your profile which pulled the...

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emrr 7th April 2013
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Obviously people are always asking "what ____ should I buy". This thread is no different. Sorry... haha. We had...

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Fezzle 7th April 2013
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Hello to all my slutz~ I'm currently looking for a audio interface and I found out that's these two had a lot of headroom...

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euphoria89 7th April 2013
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Hi folks, Im know from what Im reading here that im entering in a world of PAIIIIN!, but I gotta do a few jobs in D8B, and mix...

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analogica 7th April 2013
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pzp9999 7th April 2013
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Currently i'm using a Mytek 192 DSD as my DA and a Lavry AD11 as my AD both using USB. If i installed a Lynx Aes16e into my...

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RickGobe 7th April 2013
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Hey, I am wanting to record some demo's in my flat. I can't record direct from a cab due to noise limitations. What gear do i...

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WinnyP 7th April 2013
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Hi all, I'm looking into buying a pair of AKG Perception 420 to record my acoustic upright piano. I see them go out at 175$...

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omereilam 7th April 2013
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G'day all, I've been collecting vintage/rare effects pedals (mainly Boss) for almost a year now. This is my collection so...

Brendan C
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chrisso 7th April 2013
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Did anyone make sound city Impulse responses before it closed down?

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Nu-tra 7th April 2013
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Threads 7th April 2013
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I just moved this question to the High End forum, so please look there if you have an answer. I can't figure out how to delete...

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Bassphil 7th April 2013
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I just bought an Otari 2" 24 track,leaving the world of infinite plug in's behind, and I was curious which...

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Dean Roddey 7th April 2013
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I was at the Queens of the Stone Age concert Saturday and I was really surprised to see the set-up that Hutch was using for the...

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ray_subsonic 7th April 2013
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I've gotta admit... My first impression using the unit was favorable, but I was not completely blown away. Then I purchased some...

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drcaron 7th April 2013
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So, i got a hold of some custom patches for the Roland JP8000 and i need to send the sysex data to JP8k, but ive never done it...

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ft13 7th April 2013
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I'm adding a Focal Sub6 to my Focal Twins monitor setup next week and wanted to get some help/advice from others who have the...

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Quantum7 7th April 2013
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My audio interface Right side output is quieter than the left side one. How do I i fix this?

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lil 7th April 2013
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What are some good recommended ways of powering on/off the monitors and subs in a basic studio set-up? Currently I have all the...

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sam guaiana 7th April 2013
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2PVrtTPOfwI I've got my Mackie HR824s turned up all the way. The M-Patch 2 starts turned to -20db. Channel 1 on the Xtramix...

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initself 7th April 2013
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Hi all! I have been reading the forums for a few months now and have learned a lot about engineering, and audio in general. I...

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Pkintz 7th April 2013
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sorry, it's here already: https://gearspace.com/board/musikmesse-2013-news/826443-rme.html

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subbass 7th April 2013
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Bruno B 6th April 2013
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stinkyfingers 6th April 2013
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Hey! In the middle of a recording the output of my LA610 just died. The meters are all showing, input, compression and output...

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FutureLegends 6th April 2013
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Sorry all...I wasn't sure what Forum this might belong to. I'm wanting to send an Ampex ATR machine across the country. I'm...

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ddageek 6th April 2013
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I have a Jomox XBase 09 Special Edition (tok tok) in mint condition - and an Acidlab Bassline3 that is basically brand new...

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blood 6th April 2013
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Hello, Tommorrow (Thursday) I will go to Amsterdam and will probably buy myself a second hand in good shape Rode K2. And I will...

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Boschen 6th April 2013
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I have looked around the internet but cannot find what I want. Does anyone here know details on a setup to go from Stereo...

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Manfrensengensen 6th April 2013
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As I have been browsing Craigslist seeking a DW kit for under 1 mil I've noticed a plethora of BBE Sonic Maximizers for sale:...

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flatfinger 6th April 2013
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Hey Guys, I'm looking to buy a pop screen and it's come down to two options (at different price points): 1. The (relatively)...

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pscorbett 6th April 2013
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My headphone jacks on my Apogee Ensemble are so dirty I can't use them at all. My two year old son has stuck in many guitar...

AC Long
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Boschen 6th April 2013
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Portico™ 5043: Feedback to the Future! Wimberley, TX (March XX, 2006) -- Rupert Neve Designs, Inc. announces the launch...

The Press Desk
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baskervils 6th April 2013
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Small companies that take care of their customers. My three stories: Charter Oak SA538: Purchased used via a Gearslut add....

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lil 6th April 2013
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IRP DE-4018-A Voice-Matic mic preamp. There are 10 pres in a nice chasis along with a compresser and eq section. mostly used...

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chet.d 6th April 2013
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I am looking for the effect where you slow a tape down to stop during playback (or start it from stop). Basically like a...

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dale116dot7 6th April 2013
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I'm currently using a pair of Genelec 1029a monitors, which I like and which seem (perhaps brutally) honest, but they don't...

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John Willett 6th April 2013
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Im making a decision for tommorow and I need all the advice I can get. Im looking for a synth for stricly hiphop/r&b...

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origin35 6th April 2013
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I'm curious what pieces of gear you've purchased without using or trying out. Based on word of mouth, because you liked the...

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unfiltered420 6th April 2013
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Hello everyone, I am a 3D artist who is undertaking a few independent projects in the area of app development. As such, I am...

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Phaedarus 6th April 2013
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Hi. I'm (all going well) looking at upgrading my modest corner studio with a few choice bits of kit, and am looking for...

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benwalker 6th April 2013
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Hi, I need a 5.1 TV mixing room in Berlin for a music-for-broadcast-project on tuesday and wednesday. Protools based, and...

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kosmokrator 6th April 2013
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I need to send in my Twin 6's for service. Anyone have any recommendations for some inexpensive substitutes that I can use for...

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andrew caramia 6th April 2013