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I have a piano patch on my roland xp50 that I love and use all the time live. It has a nice solid feel to it. I want to use...

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hadlevad 18th April 2013
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Primarily for my own vocals and occasional acoustic guitar. My own voice has been compared to Kenny Rogers/Willie Nelson sort of...

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Bassniac 18th April 2013
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It's upgrade time. Plan: I'm minimizing/selling some rack gear in favor of mixing in the box, then for all but the most serious...

old ghost
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old ghost 18th April 2013
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I hesitate between these 2... anyone can help ? Suggestions or samples would be GREAT. My microphone is a KSM44 and im recording...

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KrisHayes 18th April 2013
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I'm thinking about buying a PA for practice, small gigs but most sound like mud, are expensive and I have a pet peeve against...

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KrisHayes 18th April 2013
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First of all, I'd like to start with this quote: I'm waiting for a Blue Robbie in the mail (I have never used one in my...

Chris Lago
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Chris Lago 18th April 2013
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anyone here have audio samples of the blue robbie and the avalon m5? i'm not sure which to get.

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organic tone 18th April 2013
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I know what parallel compression is and how it works, however I fail to understand how the results of using it are any different...

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Mixerman 18th April 2013
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Hey wassup Gearslutz, I'm looking to buy an Ashton UMK-61 midi controller and I was wondering whether anyone had any...

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Rogan4000 18th April 2013
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Hi, I would appreciate insight on this: I currently use a Nord Stage 2 as my only keyboard, mainly for writing and demo-ing in...

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thesuitelounge 18th April 2013
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Ok so i stopped in the pawnshop yesterday randomly as i walked by because this odd bike looked cool thru the window, eventually I...

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Scenarist 18th April 2013
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After years of loyal service, my Presonus Firepod has bit the dust. It's time to make a decision on a new interface. My...

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GuitarArt1980 18th April 2013
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I have a set of Adam A7. I dig em but am thinking I need a second set of less flattering speakers that will annoy me & poke...

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MattMoorman 18th April 2013
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My biggest question is 5" or 8"? Most say that the 5" speakers lose a lot of bass response, but since pretty much...

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John Willett 18th April 2013
Avatar for note235

I was wondering if you guys think I should get a Mix Pre D for 690 shipped or a Mix Pre for $460? I don't think I need all the...

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note235 18th April 2013
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Hi guys, I am in the middle of expanding my hardware adding some outboard comps/eq's and need some advise on a few...

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anemicrock 18th April 2013
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Forgive me if this has been posted here before, but I did a search, couldn't find it, and thought everyone here would appreciate...

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woodsman 18th April 2013
Avatar for take5

Grettings I am looking for some information on the Mackie Onyx 820i mixer that i was not able to surmise from the PDF. What I am...

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gravyface 18th April 2013
Avatar for ghettface

Basic background: produce in Ableton Live, using several outboard synths and drum machines (no mic'd instruments). I route my...

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phas3d 18th April 2013
Avatar for Highphi

Anybody using the Duet to replace their aging masterlink for a mixdown deck? While I haven't tested them side by side, my minds...

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peter434 18th April 2013
Avatar for 10 ton splash

Looking for the cap that goes over the adat connection. http://img442.imageshack.us/img442/7606/img0995qh.jpg Uploaded...

10 ton splash
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10 ton splash 18th April 2013
Avatar for grayangelstudios

Hey everyone, I ran into a strange thing with my Radial JCR reamp box. My usual chain: 1/4" out from my focusrite...

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Kiwi 18th April 2013
Avatar for JayPee

yes! I need more gain to record to my pc via my lynx converter I'm looking for the simplest solution. no fancy gear here!...

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Kiwi 18th April 2013
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That should say passive not Passover in the subject line (silly iPhone). Hi all. This is my first post. I have just got a...

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dandan1980 18th April 2013
Avatar for ScumBum

Are there any DIY tube mic pre kits , 500 series or Standard Rack Mount ?

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cakeshoppe 18th April 2013
Avatar for Black Panda

What is good standard predelay on vocals in the pro tools 10 default d-verb?

Black Panda
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Audio X 18th April 2013
Avatar for Umlaaat

I'm looking for someone to help me draft up a production agreement for an artist I'm looking to sign... But need someone thats...

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Zep Dude 18th April 2013
Avatar for johnnygri

Just found this whilst idly browsing the Mac App Store. Couldn't find a thread on it. Looks like a pretty good way to help...

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mariogil 18th April 2013
Avatar for Kikonda12

Good day folks! I'm not an engineer, but I've had a Digi 002 for about 10 years, mostly for arranging, editing, and making...

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Kikonda12 18th April 2013
Avatar for binman_uk

Morning/Afternoon/Evening, In my little studio I currently use a Soundcraft GB2R-16 rackmount mixer (16 mono channel + 6 aux),...

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drbob1 18th April 2013
Avatar for 234064

Hey guys, I'm having an issue here. Tracking an album and did a bunch of drum tracks that came out great. The setup...

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jsbeeth 18th April 2013
Avatar for TheDevilLokius

I have no idea who manufactured these speakers. The little information I could dig up on the web said that Eminence and...

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TheDevilLokius 18th April 2013
Avatar for CoopYears

Hey gear slutz! I'm new to the forums, and was just wanting a fellow drummer who records themselves/records other drummers to...

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CoopYears 18th April 2013
Avatar for erock

Massenburg, Mellennia. I guess the Arsenal audio stuff is supposed to be clean? What are some more clean preamps that strive to...

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TheDigs 18th April 2013
Avatar for TheDigs

Am I the only one who loves the sound of his records? Like the song I Believe In You - the drums and percussion, steel, guitar,...

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TheDigs 18th April 2013
Avatar for mikekay

Greetings. I use a Presonus Studio Live 24 for FOH and recording live events. I knew eventually I would have a problem...

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mikekay 18th April 2013
Avatar for misamio

Hello, i own a casio rz-1, which has got a really dirty sampling quality. i really like this, but it allows me recording just a...

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fruitsnake 18th April 2013
Avatar for Easy Rider

Can somebody help to define what are those dark-blue monitors?...

Easy Rider
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Easy Rider 18th April 2013
Avatar for joesuspense

I had been looking to pick up a new kick mic for recording for a while. I've used a D6 and D112 in the past which I thought were...

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joesuspense 18th April 2013
Avatar for adrianbradford

Hi there.. I have an ADC patch bay with QCP panel. I am trying to connect the Planet Waves dsub to bare end and I don't have a...

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adrianbradford 17th April 2013
Avatar for loscolorados

I had delta 66 with GAP73, now delta is dead hjghfgg What would you buy to add to GAP73 Focusrite Scarlett 2/2 or Presonus...

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Avatar for tribedescribe
tribedescribe 17th April 2013
Avatar for mrjusting2

I bought a Focusrite voice master about 12 years ago before I jumped into the world of computers for recording. Should I be using...

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Avatar for Unclenny
Unclenny 17th April 2013
Avatar for SleimanDamien

Hey everyone, I'm recording a song for my old high-school and I really need your advice on how I should go about doing this...

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Avatar for Salpion
Salpion 17th April 2013
Avatar for remous

Hey guys, I am actually using Abelton Live 8 for my productions, but would love to use a sampler for the live. I Would love...

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remous 17th April 2013
Avatar for MikeRivers

I've posted a review of this little gem on my web page. It's much too long to post here, but in summary - great preamps with more...

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MikeRivers 17th April 2013
Avatar for guitargodmiles

Ive heard about Neil Young trying to change the industry standard sample rate to 352,800 Hz but after more research I learned...

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Avatar for darrenyeats
darrenyeats 17th April 2013
Avatar for jidan

Hi everyone, this is Jack and I will open a karaoke store recently. But I really have no idea for what devices to buy for my...

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2manyrocks 17th April 2013
Avatar for fruitsnake

So recently I've gotten really into Yellow Magic Orchestra and I was wondering if anyone out there knows of a reasonably...

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fruitsnake 17th April 2013
Avatar for Adonis Martine

3HVt2I0jhPY Very interesting point by Fab It starts at 3:57 of the clip. Agree or disagree???

Adonis Martine
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WasserSpitzer 17th April 2013
Avatar for WUD

Hello to all! First post here, regarding an issue that's been bugging me for quite some time now.. I'll try to be...

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WUD 17th April 2013