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Are these useful in any way for recording, mixing etc.?

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12ax7 25th August 2020
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Hey, Yesterday the dreaded day finally came, and one of my Dynaudio BM6A's stopped working. The left one is still working...

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rickenbacker198 25th August 2020
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Hi, I'm looking for a budget mixer to help me combine the outputs of a Roland TD-1KV drum kit and a Mac running a few Native...

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mrplinth 25th August 2020
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I know the first thing that will be suggested is a small mixer - not a bad idea but I'd love to have a parallel processing box...

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Jean Luc Cougar 25th August 2020
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Recently I very much like Shoegaze music again, in particular stuff like (the highly underrated) Bowery Electric ... Bowery...

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Deleted 10089a2 24th August 2020
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Hello everyone - I'm intrigued by the LTL 'implode' module which purports to be a RevF 1176 on a credit card to go in the DIYRE...

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mrufino1 24th August 2020
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Was listening to this album again this morning and thinking that it's one of the best acoustic bass sounds on record. Anybody...

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eelpout 24th August 2020
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My room already has a 40Hz peak that am struggling with for treatment. Im in a small 15 x 12 x 8 room. I want to add a...

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bambamboom 24th August 2020
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I don't know if this a scam or something so you guys know anything about it please let me...

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stella645 24th August 2020
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I'm building my first hybrid system and want to make it as versatile as possible, with a big color palette. Custom 10U rack to...

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bambamboom 24th August 2020
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I thought a quick video might be in order here. There's a few microphones out there that fall in between small and large capsule...

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andersmv 24th August 2020
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Hi all, My Telefunken M410 (AKG made w/ D12 capsule) kicked the bucket last week, much to my own disappointment. I've been...

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chris661 24th August 2020
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Looking for a vocal mic to use primarily for live purposes, concerts and rehearsals. I've used e835 and SM58, preferring the...

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DistortingJack 24th August 2020
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I have been experimenting with acoustic guitar recording techniques, and am really enjoying the sound of a Coles 4038 on the...

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swafford 24th August 2020
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Hey guys I can't figure out what microphone The Petersens are using for their vocals. Here is an example:...

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MikeInOttawa 24th August 2020


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earwolf 24th August 2020
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i have an akai eie pro and windows 10 pc, what's the best way to play vinyl coming from one stereo jack? the inputs seem to be...

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blackwood1 24th August 2020
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Can anyone tell me how to pull this bass off? Sounds like a bass guitar with maybe a Moog. Any tips. Arrangement tips. Mixing...

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thethrillfactor 24th August 2020
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I bought a dbx 286s recently, and it makes a buzzing sound, with nothing connected but the power cable, and all dials turned to...

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Old radio bloke 24th August 2020
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Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the EV RE-20 and the EV PL-20? It's my understanding they are essentially the...

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kennybro 24th August 2020
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Hi everyone! I wondered if there is any possibility to control Ableton via the GS-R24M. Logic is working fine, but it seems as...

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Helmz 24th August 2020
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Hey Gearslutz, I'm living in a rental and can't use my Yamaha HS7 monitors at an appreciable volume (plus this untreated room's...

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oneninetyseven 24th August 2020
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Please understand, I'm not looking to start any religious arguments. I have a need of word clock to sync some devices between...

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pipelineaudio 24th August 2020
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I'm more of an artist than an engineer, so excuse the potentially dumb question. I have a Chandler Redd Microphone (with the pre...

naive newbie123
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szyam 24th August 2020
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I've had my D5's for quite a while (they're out of business, so obviously). I started noticing a weird noise, and now that I've...

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RockstarWizkidd 23rd August 2020
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Hi there, planning a few studio upgrades, including balanced power. I came across this site, they have a few options for...

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Leo Lucchesi 23rd August 2020
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Hi all, I am a novice bedroom producer and I just bought my first set of personal monitors. I didn't do any research and went...

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MufudziMunyawiri 23rd August 2020
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Hey guys, I'm looking for my first hardware stereo bus compressor. I'm going to have it as the insert on my SSL Fusion. I...

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R3KMUSIC 23rd August 2020
Avatar for Thomas TC Electronic

I've been a private member of this great forum for three years (topperf). Now I work as a consultant for TC and my job is to...

Thomas TC Electronic
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mfx 23rd August 2020
Avatar for Heyhellosup

I am upgrading to better monitors from the 4 inch ones I have now, up to a budget of $1k. I am looking for something that has a...

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Heyhellosup 23rd August 2020
Avatar for ST.Studio

Hey slutz, A friend might lend me his Carver PM 175 for my NS-10's. Does anyone have experience with this amp? If so, good,...

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Wayne 23rd August 2020
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Hey all! So I am getting together a home recording suite to start on some solo projects. I have currently obtained: -Behringer...

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Rick Dalton 23rd August 2020
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Hello, If anyone knows where I can find a manual for these Japanese tape echoes would be a huge help. Thanks Viceroy

Viceroy is a cat
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CFB4 23rd August 2020
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Hello there I have a question. I recently decided to use the digital ins and outs of my gear. I am learning. I am trying to...

Raza Syed
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Synth Guru 23rd August 2020
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I'm using a Rode-NT USB to record singing bowls, when I play the recording back it just does not sound right, lots of background...

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CFB4 23rd August 2020
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I ordered the ATH-R70x's and they came and they were defective. They were not getting loud as my MSR7s on the same amp and I know...

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kuasalogam 23rd August 2020
Avatar for nightchef

(Well, four, to be exact. But one will be a pair.) I'm ready to expand my mic locker a bit. Total budget: <$2500,...

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Progger 23rd August 2020
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Hi folks, I need some help, I've just got one brand new Auratone 5C super sound cube. For mono mixing only. Lot's of...

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saresu 23rd August 2020
Avatar for Leo Lucchesi

Hey guys, I'll try to keep it short. I'm working on my upcoming album which is in the 70's pop rock style. I'm really...

Leo Lucchesi
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hebjam 23rd August 2020
Avatar for drummerdan1988

I own the ksm 32, 44, and sm7b. is there any sort of sound or mic (that im missing) that would compliment these mics on vocals?

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chessparov2.0 23rd August 2020
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Hi, I am in the fortunate position to be able to reach a studio dream...but... Which one, an EL Distressor or Neve 1073? Thank...

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joeq 22nd August 2020
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this is going to the historical society ..don't know where this thread...

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chessparov2.0 22nd August 2020
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Hope can anyone help i have a vocal that was recorded that has alot of headphone bleeding. Any way to make it less. it is leaking...

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endorka 22nd August 2020
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Particularly interested in how these fair against one another on acoustic and electronic drums? Hairball REV A Serpent Audio...

Deleted bf054fa
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Deleted bf054fa36f2e1e7 22nd August 2020
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So last week I received a used pair of Neumann KH 120s but was disappointed to when I realized that one of the woofers was blown...

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axisdreamer 22nd August 2020
Avatar for Jesse Skeens

I usually leave this unit on all day and use as needed but recently I've needed to do some prints after it was off for a...

Jesse Skeens
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gixertrix 22nd August 2020
Avatar for Big Wings

Still searching for a portable voice over condenser for unforgiving makeshift rooms. Wondering which type is more likely to have...

Big Wings
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andychamp 22nd August 2020
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Hi all - I am strongly considering a 5059. I've read everything I can find about the 5059, and I have a few more questions for...

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Classic 22nd August 2020
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A Brand new product from Advanced Audio - the MT8016 Mic Preamp. Custom wound transformers, adjustable HPF. :) Advanced...

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cobrien80 22nd August 2020
Avatar for thewonders

A friend is upgrading equipment and has offered to give me one of his old reverb units. I can choose between a Lexicon Reflex or...

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Avatar for Quantumphysics
Quantumphysics 22nd August 2020