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G'day all. I am 40+ year recording studio veteran. I am going to be relocating to the Sydney area in the next 3-6 months. I will...

Time Tech
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TheLastByte 24th April 2013
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Hey all - we are installing a Matchless and mostly things are fine, but I'm having an issue with the patchbay. Half-normalled to...

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rcb4t2 24th April 2013
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Any users out there? Just curious why no talk about the 01v96i? It seems to me that it pretty much has everything that a lot of...

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jusdel 24th April 2013
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I'm hoping someone can shed some light here. I have a session on Thursday and someone recorded all their parts on a Yamaha...

Dean Landon
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Ward Pike 24th April 2013
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Hello, At the studio where I'm working, we are using a CS3000 mixer with mixview 3.2, and we have also a CS2000, the aim:...

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Vintageidiot 24th April 2013
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Hey all, I apologize if this has been discussed before, but I think I've got a slightly different angle. I'm building my home...

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Puffer Fish 24th April 2013
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Hello guys! So I'm in trouble with this question... I've searched in this forum for a long time and I found out that Steinberg...

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viktorvous 24th April 2013
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Hey folks , I am an electronic music producer and want to add sone nice tools to my arsenal , im considering getting the jdk r24...

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fuzulu 23rd April 2013
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Hi! I just picked up both of these album this past weekend and was curious if anyone knows of any details about the making of...

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Jack P 23rd April 2013
Avatar for RealityRecording

Hello, I am looking for suggestions on how to deliver final mixes to a client via the internet. How are others doing this? ...

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bluehouserec 23rd April 2013
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Hello, I'm planning on recording a composition which has three "sections". Orchestra: strings, woodwind,...

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SonicAlchemist 23rd April 2013
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Hi everyone, I have a question for ya'll. When mixing within DAW's such as Logic and ProTools how do you deal with the "no...

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RKrizman 23rd April 2013
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Hey all... After a long Ebay search, I finally purchased a Lexicon LXP-1 effects processor. Strangely, after using for a...

Mr. Kelly
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Mr. Kelly 23rd April 2013
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renaud 23rd April 2013
Avatar for Providence

I have a portion of the user manual but I can't seem to find anything that tells me about the I/O connections. Are the front trs...

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Avatar for Philip S Bova
Philip S Bova 23rd April 2013
Avatar for ramjac

I'd like to reduce the amount of noise in my control room. Some pieces of kit seem worse than others but the clues are pointing...

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ramjac 23rd April 2013
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iDhmy 23rd April 2013
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Hi, I want to get the Blast Pad pop screen for my KSM44. The KSM44 has a weird sloped body. How can I find out if the Blast...

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hasbeen 23rd April 2013
Avatar for Syne Cosyne Dan

Not that I ever planned to start panhandling on subways, but do tiny battery powered amplifiers exist with a reasonable enough...

Syne Cosyne Dan
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Kas 23rd April 2013
Avatar for turquoisesummer

Hi I am looking for tips on achieving a Broadcast, Focus Group, analogue psychedelic sound. The daw I am using is logic, with an...

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Mighty_Zoltan 23rd April 2013
Avatar for 248566

Hey guys - I have only just setup my new recording studio with the addition of a new mixer, and already after about three days,...

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hasbeen 23rd April 2013
Avatar for bleeding ears

I've spent some time searching, but haven't been able to find an answer to this. I've recently bought a used TT patchbay, and...

bleeding ears
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bleeding ears 23rd April 2013
Avatar for NoobSlut

Hey guys, I recently acquired a Mackie 32/8 and I want to basically use my DAW as a big tape recorder and run it into my...

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devinroy 23rd April 2013
Avatar for strazza

Does anyone have an audio clip of a Peluso 2247se unprocessed and on male vocals?? (or best you got, if processed or...

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Tone Laborer 23rd April 2013
Avatar for Analogue Mastering

Yesterday i was trying to calibrate my API 2500 as my left channel seems to be between 1.5db (balance screw at 12.00h) and 0.5db...

Analogue Mastering
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Cea 23rd April 2013
Avatar for fafu

Hello there slutz. I got a house recently and I've been working on building my studio on the second floor. I had crazy troubles...

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ddageek 23rd April 2013
Avatar for MarkF48

I see a few people here buying a new mic with the intention of having it modded/upgraded by someone. This of course adds to the...

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Slikjmuzik 23rd April 2013
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So fortunately, I can play music all day when I'm at work at the office or lab. I'd use cans, but sometimes they get...

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doncaparker 23rd April 2013
Avatar for drumdandrum

Based on this video put up by Pro-Tools-Experts I deduced that if you have Pro Tools (so you can make aggregate devices),...

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drumdandrum 23rd April 2013
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Ok so after a few weeks of combing the internet on hundreds of midi controllers and hardware synths and I decided I would go for...

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pay1237 23rd April 2013
Avatar for chessparov

The gearslutz bug has bitten me so I'd like to actually be PAID for my addiction for knob twisting. Seriously, I'm...

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lbennett001 23rd April 2013
Avatar for Jazzbassist

I recently purchased a used Apogee AD-8000. In searching for ways to get a my digital signal in & out I came across this...

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Jazzbassist 23rd April 2013
Avatar for dogzstar

Hi, Here is a very basic question: What's your strategy and signal chain when tracking hardware synths? I am not a...

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Avatar for Eric Dahlberg
Eric Dahlberg 23rd April 2013
Avatar for griff71177

I am getting one of theses mics for vocals. Which should I get? Mic pre is a joe meek 1q.

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Avatar for archfrenemy
archfrenemy 23rd April 2013
Avatar for Dangerous Dave

Get this... TR option will be available as a download for £2500 + VAT, from late 2004. Peace DD

Dangerous Dave
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Moheb Milad 23rd April 2013
Avatar for matrix

Does anybody knows a superimpose photo with live camera app or software? I want to take a photo of my console, keep it in the...

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Moheb Milad 23rd April 2013
Avatar for jr30

Dear I use Allen & Heath ZED 12-FX Mixer and bought a new Lexicon MX300 to have more hall/reverb effects available. In...

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Avatar for jr30
jr30 23rd April 2013
Avatar for drummerguy103

Hi, I've been working on the new gsr24m desk at uni and have realized that the faders have been catching and not registering...

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drummerguy103 23rd April 2013
Avatar for maestrontas

Hallo! I want to buy a midi master keyboard and I'm between the following M-Audio Axiom 61 M-Audio Axiom 61 (2nd gen) -...

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Avatar for qwertio
qwertio 23rd April 2013
Avatar for Mike Green

Howdy fellas, I'm looking for a new member to my LA3A family (pair), a comp that's great on electric and heavily distorted...

Mike Green
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Avatar for WasserSpitzer
WasserSpitzer 23rd April 2013
Avatar for jetboatguy

I have a broken capsule but the body amplifier works fine.. tested it with another undamaged capsule. anyways, if I was to sell...

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Avatar for jetboatguy
jetboatguy 23rd April 2013
Avatar for bbaasszz

Hi all, I'm a singer-songwriter and do some demo on my own, with a Yamaha MOX synth/workstation and motu 4pre + rode NT2a. And...

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Avatar for bbaasszz
bbaasszz 23rd April 2013
Avatar for Devon8822

Why do some EQ plugins have more than one high pass band?

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Avatar for Bristol_Jonesey
Bristol_Jonesey 23rd April 2013
Avatar for gabeltron

What are options for dealing with a cracked cymbal in a mix? The cymbal (crash) in question isn't entirely horrible sounding upon...

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Avatar for Brownsound
Brownsound 23rd April 2013
Avatar for sebdj

I hesitate on buying Harrison 32c from UAD (Plus a UAD Card) or the 500 series from Great Rivers Harrison 32c For the price...

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Avatar for Dean Roddey
Dean Roddey 23rd April 2013
Avatar for rainstick

hope this thread is in the right place... I have some AKG Q701s, and they sound a bit quiet (approx 10db) in comparison to my...

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beingmf 23rd April 2013
Avatar for andersmv

:EDIT: Change in tactic since I can't seem to get one response to something I thought people here would be more enthusiastic...

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Avatar for The Famous Yard
The Famous Yard 23rd April 2013
Avatar for maestrontas

Hello! I've recently ordered my MOTU Track 16, and I want to benefit from it's digital I/O. I'm Looking for a Mic Preamp to...

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Avatar for The Famous Yard
The Famous Yard 23rd April 2013
Avatar for dwbkeys

Hi, I don't know that much about matching components. Realized I need a subwoofer to help me make more balanced mixes with my...

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dwbkeys 23rd April 2013
Avatar for m_gant

Do you charge standard hourly rate everytime artist asks to take home a rough mix after the recording stops? I'm doing realtime...

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drBill 23rd April 2013