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I've done some research and only came up with the Art Institute. Any other suggestions? Thanks

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jason baliban 25th April 2013
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I recently read some guys here record a guitar amp along side of a standard bass amp and di to get a top end overdrive. It...

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gouge 25th April 2013
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I was impressed with video after video on youtube. Yes I know streaming and compression and artifacts affect ALL videos on...

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fuzzface777 25th April 2013
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I write EDM in the ITB using a Thermionic Fat Bustard Summing mixer linked to an Apogee Symphony. I have been looking at...

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sergioelectro 25th April 2013
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Deleted 4398cbead7db8ed 25th April 2013
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Okay I've been debating something lately and anyone who has tech background in microphone design would be helpful. If a mic has...

K. Osborne
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nutone 25th April 2013
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Anyone who has a good recommendation for cheap (around 300 dollars at most) active monitor speakers, as clean as possible...

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Moserobie 25th April 2013
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I got a 1U sized mic pre and noticed that the chassis overall is a bit crooked. Didn't want to push it back into alignment. It...

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achase4u 25th April 2013
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I recorded and mixed a project in 88.1 because I've never done so before and wanted to hear the difference sonically. all that...

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bummer 25th April 2013
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Welcome freshflowe! This thread is about me changing to a new pair of speakers. My journey with music has been long and...

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martinforest 25th April 2013
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Are these the same compressor? I was gonna try out Studiomaster until I noticed how much it has the exact controls. What do you...

glenn Taylor
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glenn Taylor 25th April 2013
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Howdy fellas, Came across a few posts about fake sm 57s from the bay. Two mics of my 57 collection (8) are actually from the...

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atticmike 25th April 2013
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So I got a fathead new a month ago and I'm in love with it. Some one is offering me one in a trade for some gear but he says...

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warhead 25th April 2013
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I have a pair KRK Rokit 8's that have started to make a bit of noise. Actually, they've been making noise for a while but have...

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Joeywhat 25th April 2013
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Anyone know where I can get production year of 2 Neumann 87's off of the serial numbers? The serial numbers...

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edvdr76 25th April 2013
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For the Semi-Pro, you know, local home town studios, could a combination of PT11 or PTHD11 paired with the UA Apollo series units...

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barryjohns 25th April 2013
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I'm sitting here making yet another mix of one of my songs. I think the main problem i have is hearing my own vocals and I always...

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jtaylor27 25th April 2013
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I want to offer a job on the section I am supposed to. But I can't seem to add a thread or do anything. I get a map and.. I...

The Vulture
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psycho_monkey 25th April 2013
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Hi, I am a little confused as to what is the problem is here. I have a brand new working pair of headphones in Headphones...

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rocksilas 25th April 2013
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Hi! Is there any commercial solution for galvanic isolation of wordclock connections? If not: Whats the suitables pulse...

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Elektrohamster 24th April 2013
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I need a switcher for two analog D-subs going into my audio interface. Would a switch box intended for Printers be a viable...

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kronos78 24th April 2013
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Hi Gearslutz First time post, long time lurcher. I recently purchased an old SQN 4 series iiia from EBay. I was wondering...

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Rolo 46 24th April 2013
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Hi friends. I'm working with a mix from my band. This is the first time I'm recording and producing myself. I'm mixing with...

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Musiclab 24th April 2013
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Hi! So i'm looking to buy a preamp with build in eq/compressor/gate. (separate units will work as well) I will be using it...

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D_Rosenqvist 24th April 2013
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Ok GS I need Some help with this. I need to know if the Orion 32 conversion is better than my Digi002 BLA converter/interface. I...

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Slikjmuzik 24th April 2013
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Doepfer A-111-1 vco 259e a-131 vca 69e MFB Modul Dual ADSR 98e Doepfer...

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Satanoid 24th April 2013
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Ok so after a few weeks of combing the internet on hundreds of midi controllers and hardware synths and I decided I would go for...

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pay1237 24th April 2013
Avatar for Dave Reid

Hi. I'm thinking of looking for a used Prism ADA for my set up.. I was wondering if anyone knows how easy it is for a ...

Dave Reid
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NetworkAudio 24th April 2013
Avatar for Nig

Hey, Last week I got a Waldorf Microwave XT and within 3 hours of using it my sound card died. It was an Echo AudioFire 12 and...

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Nig 24th April 2013
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Got this idea in my head last night and wanted to get opinions: Right now, I transfer my finished mixes to tape that's hit hard...

Rob Coates
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tekn0 24th April 2013
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Danny24 24th April 2013
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matty7594 24th April 2013
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pengh 24th April 2013
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Hi chaps, I am curious what sonic differences people have experienced when clocking their Alphalink with another clock source...

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Karloff70 24th April 2013
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ok, this seems to be a topic that i can't put my finger on the answer. what are the differences between a channel on a yamaha...

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UberJack 24th April 2013
Avatar for Monib

Hey Guys, I think I've found the answer to my question, but wanted to ask anyways. I have an Orville and a KSP8 (with ADAT...

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Monib 24th April 2013
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Hey guys, I have two pieces of gear that I love, but they drive me crazy due to the whining/humming sounds they create. These...

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Monib 24th April 2013
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Hi Next week I'm recording a band I'm producing and I would like some advice for micing the drums, since I have some...

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mordente 24th April 2013
Avatar for Ain't Nobody

As I keep hearing from more and more people that they've discoverd their favorite new artists through Pandora, I'm weighing it's...

Ain't Nobody
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Ain't Nobody 24th April 2013
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Hi guys! I’ve got a question about music in TV programmes. Let’s suppose the presence of a house band, located behind the...

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elty 24th April 2013
Avatar for Christof

Hi, does anyone know which converters are used for D/A in the Alesis IO-26? I have found on their page, that it should be from...

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manowar84 24th April 2013
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This one was probably butchered when they were a dime a dozen.... NEUMANN U87 microphone | eBay :facepalm:

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Slikjmuzik 24th April 2013
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Hi. Anybody know what these speakers are in the photos?

Bill Moriarty
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timgsun 24th April 2013
Avatar for plutol

Rittz - 'Questions' (Tech N9ne) 2012 Remix - YouTube Can anyone identify the mic in this video?

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plutol 24th April 2013
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Just thinking out loud here. I wonder how much we as mixing engineers, possibly "over-think" our roles and do excess...

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Deleted 651cf92 24th April 2013
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I record my own music in my bedroom and up until now I have been mixing purely on my Audio Technica Ath-M50 headphones. However,...

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hollydrummond 24th April 2013
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Hi guys, Just wondering if anybody is using the above to sync tape to Logic as in Brad McGowan's method, linked here to his...

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Viceroy is a cat 24th April 2013
Avatar for Thefife

Background: I'm looking to get a new channel strip to be used primarily for recording my own vocals. I currently have a UA6176....

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Avatar for the fxs
the fxs 24th April 2013
Avatar for prado escondido

(FWIW, found the answer. If the 'Sync Source' is set to ADAT, the A&H ZED R16 is in slave mode. Since no one has responded,...

prado escondido
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prado escondido 24th April 2013
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boomer81 24th April 2013