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Hi ia m buying new monitors. I am thorned between genelec 8040 , neuman kh120, and focal solo I want the one with most flat...

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manoob 26th April 2013
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Hey folks, not sure if this is the correct area to post this question, but here goes: I am currently mixing a song for a...

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catawbawine 26th April 2013
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DBX 263X DE-ESSER STEREO PAIR ( RACK MOUNTED ) / SSL NEVE AMEK SOUND In complete tears right now LOL Really its the de...

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agershon 26th April 2013
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Guys, Not sure where to post this so thought you high end guys may have an idea. I have a rack mounted 1/4 inch TRS patch bay...

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[email protected] 26th April 2013
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Hi there I bought a couple Sony jh 110 mono machines in the spring. The guy threw in an ATR 800. Looking at it tonight it...

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Antonio_4346 26th April 2013
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Hey, I'm thinking about relocating to the Salzburg area. Since I'm living and working in Berlin, I'm a but worried about the...

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kosmokrator 26th April 2013
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Hello, This thread is to report a problem I heard about on a french GS-like forum, between mic AKG C-414 BXL II and...

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wpaldridge 26th April 2013
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Alright so I've just purchased a Dangerous DBox and I'm going to need a patchbay to have easy access to my outboard.. Thing is, I...

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studiomood 26th April 2013
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Hello everyone, I am looking forward to building a talkback footswitch for easier communication with clients and talent. What I...

Zanza Barland
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Zanza Barland 26th April 2013
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So i bought an ART Pro VLA 2. Got it the other day. Set it up. Running like this> UA Twinfinity 710> ARt Pro Vla2>...

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sheriff 26th April 2013
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I've looked around extensively for threads on this topic but haven't found anything that specifically answers my...

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uphillstudios 26th April 2013
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I've been farting about with some distortion on drums tonight, just to get them to come through a bit more make them alittle...

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Zmago Šmon 26th April 2013
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Hi I have the Roland JD-800 synth... it has the dreaded red epoxy of death where the glue melted, weights fell off, keys are...

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wavewalker 26th April 2013
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Hey guys, have been doing some searching and can't find a THING about using the Apollo with a Dangerous monitor ST. I can find a...

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KBOY 26th April 2013
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Hi all, I have a slight dilemma. I have a modest project studio made up of a MacBook Pro, Cubase, Behringer Truth monitors...

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Hughman666 26th April 2013
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Hey, I am moving into a console for the first time. This will be a Ramsa WR-4416 upgraded by Creation Audio Labs with a cocktail...

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Subbuffalo 26th April 2013
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We all love new things but seriously I'm having trouble embracing pt11hd. Many of my plugs will be lost and while I'll gain some...

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jumpnyc 26th April 2013
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Just inherited it...Dust and all lol Sent from my MB855

Chris Dean
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Rob Coates 26th April 2013
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How do you guys run your sm7b for make vocals I.e are u using the bass rolloff/mid hump switches, leaving the windscreen off/on...

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Yetti 26th April 2013
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Does anyone know of a plugin or one close enough to imitate it? I'm looking to purchase the hardware in a few months. But for now...

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RightOnRome 26th April 2013
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Who makes a good DIY 500 mic pre kit? Thanks,

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beau_mckee 26th April 2013
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someone sluttier than me should buy one and report back to the group! !/2 rack space (not lunchbox) single channel 512-like...

John N
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guitar012001 26th April 2013
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Hi, I have bought a Moog Slim Phatty from US new. I use 220 V in my country. Is the power adapter that comes with Moog an...

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e3p0 26th April 2013
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hey all, i have been wanting to get a stereo eq and compressor setup in an api lunchbox. thought about going full 19 inch rack,...

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Marogru 26th April 2013
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Products - 12 Gauge Microphones But why?

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Joeywhat 26th April 2013
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Is there an attachment I can buy to make my 3 tier synth stand a 4 tier?

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Roman 26th April 2013
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Hey guys, First off I just want to say I don't intend this to be an API vs ZED R16 thread as they are two different things...

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DRMS4LYFE 26th April 2013
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Hia there, I'm new to the forums so hopefully this hasn't been answered before :) I'm looking to buy a Focusrite Saffire Pro...

Virginia Page
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Virginia Page 25th April 2013
Avatar for Virginia Page

Hi there, Firstly sorry if this is in the wrong place, feel free to move if it is :) As a portable studio I carry around my...

Virginia Page
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Virginia Page 25th April 2013
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Hi everyone, I bought an active MixCube and I'm trying to figure out how to connect it with my Apogee Duet. I guess there are...

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Kvochko 25th April 2013
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Is there any difference in sound/noise between tracking with a hardware compressor vs. adding the hardware compressor AFTER the...

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Deltones 25th April 2013
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it's all i ever read about them, that you should only own a pair if you have another monitor but do not use them as the main...

yaniv m
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theblue1 25th April 2013
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Me and and a friend of mine are trying to cover 'Desecration Smile' by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Red Hot Chili Peppers -...

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e3p0 25th April 2013
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Hey, so I'm in the middle of a multi-year quest to figure out why the hell all my recorded content comes with a gratuitous amount...

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trappar 25th April 2013
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Fellow slutz, I'm a writer recently given the task of narrating my own audiobook. Available gear: Wunder CM7 microphone (M7...

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Sensater 25th April 2013
Avatar for DR Music

I have $1700-$2000 max for a mixer i could mix OTB with, i'm basiclly looking to use the EQ's. Direct Outs would be a...

DR Music
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DR Music 25th April 2013
Avatar for MegaDon7

Hi guys. Im working with protools 8hd, 192i/o, Reason 4; ppc g5 mac. Motu midi express xt usb. Im trying to use my mpc 4000 as...

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MegaDon7 25th April 2013
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i am cooonnffuusseeddddd,,, i am trying to use the compressor section of the Portico II on the Stereo Mix. how do one do this...

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mopmop 25th April 2013
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Hey fellaz, Iv got an m-audio Axiom 61 for about 3 years now. Iv taken perfectly care of it and it worked like a charm all...

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sbechristos 25th April 2013
Avatar for Whitecat

So we're based in hall 5.1 - if there's anything you guys want in-person pics of or questions answered about I'll do my best!...

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Whitecat 25th April 2013
Avatar for Watagushu

I'm looking forward to buy a ssl type mix compressor. Anyone who has used this SSL clone? Regards to everybody.

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tekn0 25th April 2013
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Hi, I'm wondering what the next step up in converter and preamp quality would be from the Focusrite Saffire...

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dickiefunk 25th April 2013
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Budget Tape Machines & The DAW - Questions I currently want to step into a hybrid Budget Tape Machine / DAW based setup,...

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tekn0 25th April 2013
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Hello. I was wondering how many of you apply subtle M/S processing when mixing a track? Or do you think it's best left to...

mike vee
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mike vee 25th April 2013
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I'm guessing this is a stupid question.. am a novice recording engineer with aspirations to be more than that someday. My day job...

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rcook349 25th April 2013
Avatar for drezz

Hi Folks, I remember seeing pictures and a website for a studio in the states (i think it may have been in the bay area SF)...

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Avatar for shortstory
shortstory 25th April 2013
Avatar for loscolorados

yesterday my Waves plugins started to load slowly, when i open vst, it takes 10 secondes to load GUI ( i have i7 procesor) i...

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loscolorados 25th April 2013
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*edit* XLR/TRS, not RCA* I have an ART Pro MPA II Reference Series preamp with XLR and TRS balanced outputs. I also have a...

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Travst 25th April 2013
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I don't know who this guy is, but this made me laugh. Check out this unboxing of a D-18. Check out around 5:40 BonaTube 2013 -...

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Johnkenn 25th April 2013
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Does anyone know of a good forum where I can link my mixes to get some opinions (hopefully good) on them? I am completing some...

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agershon 25th April 2013