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Hi everyone, I am a voice actor and I've recently upgraded my booth. So far I have been using a Sennheiser MKH416 (my booth...

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The0 28th August 2020
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This looks interesting. Their 500 series mic pre and EQ are insanely cheap and offer a lot of features and seem to be based on...

Mr Funk
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ZEF 28th August 2020
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Does anyone know what John Martyn's Vocal Chain was on Solid Air? And what equipment was used for the acoustic guitars, if...

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Karloff70 28th August 2020
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Hello, Any info on a possible 1073EQ clone by Klark Teknik? Yeah I know... "uh no, the world doesn't need another...

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bgulian 28th August 2020
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Hi! I have an analog mixer which has 32 Insert I/O ports. I am planning to buy an Orion32 to be able to do multitrack recording...

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voodoo4u 28th August 2020
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I have a crappy load box with a line out I use for guitar practice, but I'm looking for the best way to record guitar amps for...

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coso 28th August 2020
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Hi there I have recently restored a Tascam M-600. All is running pretty well but an unusual issue has just popped up. I noticed...

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pelagos 28th August 2020
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Saw them :) Anyone here own a pair, they seem to be priced in the range of Genelecs,Adams etc.. ie Les Paul 6 Studio Monitors...

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Gutz 28th August 2020
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Hey all.. trying to decide between the Mackie Profx3 usb mixer vs the Soundcraft Signature 10 the Mackie is about $100...

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captain54 27th August 2020
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I had a chance to listen to a friend's SR-325 about 12 years ago. I loved it. It sounded great just through my iPod at the time....

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sprshkr386 27th August 2020
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hey guys I was wondering if any of you have experience with grotrians for recording - of course they all sound different but I`m...

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pete 27th August 2020
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I know I've asked about this in the past, but did anybody buy one of these 500 series? Someone has one for sale and no one has...

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Ox Han 27th August 2020
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Gear died, looking for the manufacturer to have it repaired/schematics but can't find him? Welcome home! I'm looking for...

Skamm Goodiez
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Skamm Goodiez 27th August 2020
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Hi, I tend to have a voice timbre when I sing, where all strong consonants (P, S, T, K, C, F) sound very loud, sometimes even...

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edva 27th August 2020
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looking to purchase, anyone knows of where to buy let me know. thx Martin

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mortimersnerdy 27th August 2020
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I have to put some items into storage, anywhere from a month to a couple months. Most likely in a POD, which they say they store...

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Meter 27th August 2020
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Anyone here would like to show furnishing they nest their gear in, that they've made or custom made. No premade, slap on together...

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DeadPoet 27th August 2020
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Hey fellow slutz, I tried the electrodyne 501 pre a few years back and was blown away. I produce and mix ITB at the moment...

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Swillis 27th August 2020
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Hi guys, Long time lurker here finally writing my first post. I was originally about to get some new Adam A7X for ~1000usd but...

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cheu78 27th August 2020
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Will direct sunlight damage a condenser capsule?

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Matti 27th August 2020
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Long time lurker first time poster, just curious if anyone has any experience with this picked it up in a thrift store this week....

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Sunnjunky 27th August 2020
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Hi, I'm looking to purchase a spring reverb tank for lo-fi send effects. I plan to send a signal from my interface to a...

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leaf00 27th August 2020
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So I dunno if this is a Harrison https://i.imgur.com/K12WCTJ.jpg I found a really resourceful list of stems, some are bunk AS...

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TikkoRome 27th August 2020
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I'm looking for an eq that delivers that nice dusty top. A little bit of sand at the top of the beach if ya know what I mean......

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robotchicken 27th August 2020
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hello! I got this speaker at a very good price because of the crack which happened whilst in transit to the customer - the...

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monkeyxx 27th August 2020
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I'm in need of new headphones for tracking and mixing (mostly electronic music). My current cans AKG K-702 and Denon AH-D600 are...

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mamm7215 27th August 2020
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Calling all sluts with experience rockout. I record/track myself . So singer songwriter writer music. Acoustic driven. Sometime...

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johannburkard 26th August 2020
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I met a eccentric old irishman a while ago who claims to of been quite the engineer in his day. He told me of these boxes (which...

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TVPostSound 26th August 2020
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Hi - I just purchased a Yamaha pm2000 and I need to find a table or stand for it. It's a beast, around 400 lbs, and I'm not sure...

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telecasterrok 26th August 2020
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Hey all, I'm a guitar player that's been recording at home for a while - this is the sound that I've been trying to get...

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m.laurence 26th August 2020
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Sounds good to me. Is that Haas? Thanks. kfhkh Oh, and please stand for the unofficial German anthem. ...

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Matteusz 26th August 2020
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My old Samson Servo-170 (85 Watt) amplifier has died and I need to power my 95 Watts RMS (8Ω) studio monitors. I can see a...

Boba FET
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Boba FET 26th August 2020
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Hi. I'm switching from my old Mbox 3 Pro to UAD Apollo Twin X Quad soon. I need a solid direct guitar and bass sound for pop and...

Dr. Fleischman
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remiserogilmour 26th August 2020
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I just bought a Shure M67 and I was wondering if anyone knew how to find the exact year it was made. Does anyone know what year...

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milanandre 26th August 2020
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There used to be a company called Invisible that made modular stand systems. I was wondering if they're still around. Thanks.

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Antaren123 26th August 2020
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I know that is cheap and small, but don't you think the 2.5mm is way too weak? Sooner or later earphones have to go to the bin...

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PiriPiri 26th August 2020
Avatar for Funkfish

I'm looking to get a DB25 to XLR snake to connect my Redco patchbay to a synth rack I'm building. Pretty much every synth on the...

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David Rick 26th August 2020
Avatar for Rob Coates

I have a vintage Grommes mic pre on the way. The mic inputs put out 12 volts of phantom power that can't be turned off (or...

Rob Coates
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JLast 26th August 2020
Avatar for Rentzen

Howdy Does anyone know of a good cheap shock mount that fits the m201tg? I am in Europe (Denmark) so I am thinking something...

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Rentzen 26th August 2020
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I'm buying a couple of studio monitors for playing my guitar through them with a modeling or a load box like Suhr or the Two...

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Mayhem13 26th August 2020
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Hey y'all. Just curious to see what you recommend for

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sulaha 26th August 2020
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Hey all! Looking into getting a good EQ. Any opinions between the two? Or do you have one you recommend more? Thank you so...

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sulaha 26th August 2020
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Can't seem to find it anywhere, so I'd highly appreciate it if any one of you could be kind enough upload a copy for me. heh

Arnab Siddiqui
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5meohd 26th August 2020
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I'm considering this mic against a few others in its price range and was hoping to get some user reviews as there is not much out...

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jblaisdell 26th August 2020
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Can different mic types (i.e. a pair of ribbons and a pair of small diaphragm condensers) be blended together when recording a...

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Snake220 25th August 2020
Avatar for howstrange

I've been having this problem recently with just one of my Dynaudio BM6A (originals) monitors. Occasionally a high pitched...

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howstrange 25th August 2020
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I have a 30 year old pair DT150s that are very comfortable and perfect for my usage. I've just bought an extra pair, and although...

Mark Ambler
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Mark Ambler 25th August 2020
Avatar for audiphreak

Just curious about other KRK 6000 users out there what your opinions are on these discontinued monitors diddlydoo

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ginetto61 25th August 2020
Avatar for Sry

I’m thinking about getting a pair of Neumann KH 120 monitors but am a bit hesitant for a couple of reasons. I’m currently...

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kennybro 25th August 2020
Avatar for strangelove262

I'm helping a friend with a voiceover setup and we're both stuck on how it should be wired. He has an audio adapter with L/R...

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ShelGef 25th August 2020