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Hello I am very much trying to identify what some of the gear used on this bass recording is: Bass recording - YouTube. I...

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mariuste86 3rd May 2013
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soulfield 3rd May 2013
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swinxx 3rd May 2013
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Hey Slutzcooge I recently did a quick compressor shootout for mixbus purposes. The candidates are: - TK Audio BC1 Mk2 -...

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hannes77 3rd May 2013
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Copied from my article - 1) Rule of thumb: There are no rules. Play what you want & how you want. However, always try...

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fuzzface777 3rd May 2013
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I need some recommendations of professional engineers who're in London or surrounding area based to mix a US influenced indie...

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aidyhall 3rd May 2013
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In need of a 2 channel preamp or 2 single channel pre amps. My budget is 1000$. Shoot me some gear.

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margusalviste 3rd May 2013
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Sorry if this has already been discussed, I did a search and couldn't find anything answering my question. I'm upgrading my...

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yosemitesam 3rd May 2013
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hi guys, a friend of mine whos is the director of Hors Phase (Tape Op in French language) is doing the audiodays in France....

George Necola
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Hors Phase 3rd May 2013
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Long story short, I need to crimp two wires into one crimp pin. What I need to know is what gauge of wires can I reliably crimp...

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Quint 3rd May 2013
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Hey guys, I am saving up around £5000 for a studio. I nee some advice on how much I should spend on each price of gear, or...

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248566 3rd May 2013
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Hey Guys, My names Geoff- aside from being a musician- I'm a professional Graphic Designer who recently graduated college...

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Gumbie 3rd May 2013
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I just got a Mesa Boogie Electro Dyne head. I think the cleans sound incredible. I was going to buy a Bogner Shiva head and...

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Deleted f7b41d2 3rd May 2013
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I am considering getting an autoharp. I know nothing about them but I want one similar to this (depending on price of course)....

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RM27 3rd May 2013
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Recently i found out that my hs80m's fall short for both mixing and composing. 3 Problems i run into: -Lack of separation and...

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gizeh12 3rd May 2013
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According to the online specs the hs80m's have 120 wat bi-amp power. But when i look deeper in to the manual, i see the hs80's...

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gizeh12 3rd May 2013
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As a somewhat young engineer, my biggest problem right now is really getting the best guitar tone. This usually only happens when...

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Melodic Wave 3rd May 2013
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Focal SM9 "focus mode" is really useful for mixers. Far more useful than we anticipated when we picked up the...

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Flagfoot 3rd May 2013
Avatar for echo44

Hi I have a few audix om6 and om7 looking to upgrade what do you guys and gals think about the Neumann KMS 105 MT Condenser...

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Boschen 3rd May 2013
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Icon Collective Music Production School. Based in Los Angeles. Worldwide Icon Online Music Production Courses has anyone heard...

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konvention 3rd May 2013
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Hi all Could some one please give me some advice? Ive been looking at purcahsing a tascam dm 4800. Im hoping this would be...

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ps3 3rd May 2013
Avatar for RightOnRome

Im using an 8 channel unit audio micro *out to and back from* ch1 dbx 160 ch2 neve portico (just eq) out to distressor ch3,4...

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RightOnRome 3rd May 2013
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Am I the only one who feel that many threads that deal with recording or just sounds problems are neatly explained with long...

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psycho_monkey 3rd May 2013
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I’ve been mixing the new Bruce Bouillet record 'The Order Of Control'. Bruce is the former guitarist for Racer X. Absolutely...

James Lugo
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James Lugo 3rd May 2013
Avatar for Elvis Christ

Hello, I've been experiencing some intermittent headroom issues lately which has lead me to suspect that the power supply...

Elvis Christ
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Elvis Christ 3rd May 2013
Avatar for Maxuel

I know that theres probably a better place to post this thread but I can't really find it. I was just curious if anyone had...

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joeq 3rd May 2013
Avatar for allaccess

Studio Prodigy returns with Ross Hogarth hosting Session Two: Whatever Works at Universal Mastering Studios on May 4. Ross will...

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allaccess 3rd May 2013
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I am in trouble. It is my heart - of the studio - my Akai MPC 3000LE V3.11 I own this beauty for 10+y. I found out that the...

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jfg 2nd May 2013
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I recently picked up an LX308B line mixer on the used market, mostly based on people' recommendations here. I got it to sum all...

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dtirer 2nd May 2013
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So After a months of reading a few threads here on GS and doing extensive research I finally decided to make my own thread asking...

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Tommy D 2nd May 2013
Avatar for tensionsplash

Mackie's Onyx 24.4 live console has direct outputs immediately after the preamps, before the EQ, auxes and faders. Mackie has an...

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tensionsplash 2nd May 2013
Avatar for JeromeMason

When I was doing some research into how Shipley recorded the instruments on Allison Krauss's record I was really intrigued by the...

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rkopald 2nd May 2013
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Hello, I was just wondering if there's a cheap SPDIF to ADAT converter out there? I just need to convert either one coax or...

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madmaxmarchhare 2nd May 2013
Avatar for Vendetta V

Hey everyone, Been lurking this forum for awhile, finally registered. Just wanted to ask if anyone has tried out these...

Vendetta V
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Vendetta V 2nd May 2013
Avatar for Ty Ford

Here's my blog entry including a review of the 4080, pix of its use and a link to sound files. Blumlein is very...

Ty Ford
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Ty Ford 2nd May 2013
Avatar for AnalogPhoenix

I was wanting to use my black lion audio summing mixer as a small rideable line console. What I was thinking was use the points...

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disinfor 2nd May 2013
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Eevi 2nd May 2013
Avatar for mcveighp

I have around £500 to spend on a mic, I already have neuman U87 and would like another large diaphram condensor and would like...

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Avatar for Eric Dahlberg
Eric Dahlberg 2nd May 2013
Avatar for chumusic

Anyone own these TLA100's? I'm considering to get a pair of these or Distressors!! Dunno if someone have both, and can tell...

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BillSimpkins 2nd May 2013
Avatar for Wiinberg

Hey Guys! I'm about to buy a brand new, "Seck 1282" (from 1984-88) Mixer for my studio. But the "but"...

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Wiinberg 2nd May 2013
Avatar for nuxnamon

currently running d-box> ubk fatso> api 5500> burl adc was thinking of getting a ssl clone for 2 bus.. i would still...

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gmajor 2nd May 2013
Avatar for echo44

Hi I have a practice space where the monitors are at ear level looking for the best solution to decrease feedback? I have a...

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echo44 2nd May 2013
Avatar for anguswoodhead

Recently bought the Relab LX480 Complete reverb plugin. I am loving this Verb - lush and beautiful. Here is a track I mixed and...

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Avatar for psycho_monkey
psycho_monkey 2nd May 2013
Avatar for PirateCatAudio

Hi guys, just acquired some NS-10m with a P2201. Is my placement any good? Pointers would be...

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Avatar for Mike Green
Mike Green 2nd May 2013
Avatar for Joeywhat

I'm looking for some good reading material (either books, or online articles, etc.) on synthesizers. I'm kind of looking to know...

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Joeywhat 2nd May 2013
Avatar for iamkentz

Hello, I was wondering if I am able to make the nice stratocaster sounds heard in pop music from a cheap squier guitar For...

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Amber 2nd May 2013
Avatar for PaulTaylor

Hi chaps, So im thinking about picking up the Lindell 500 series "1176 inspired" compressor module, 7X-500. Im just...

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sparqee 2nd May 2013
Avatar for Tucan

moving to the right forum sorry everyone :facepalm:

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Tucan 2nd May 2013
Avatar for Mordent123

Ok have you guys ever heard of a tannerin? It's basically a theremin that has a rod with a slide attached parallell to a diagram...

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theuse 2nd May 2013
Avatar for eftime

Hi guys, Here I have an offer for a pair of Neumann KM150 for around 550 euro. Never used mics like these before. Beside...

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Avatar for eftime
eftime 2nd May 2013