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I know you can have them this way but the tweeter isn't at ear height, in fact my ear is level with the bass port! yet i can hear...

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musikmaschine 4th May 2013
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I know this has been beaten to death before but I can´t get it out of my mind. I have Klotz and Avid digisnakes between my DAW...

Deleted 546c5f9
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ejsongs 4th May 2013
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Deleted 99dc753 4th May 2013
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nst7 4th May 2013
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Hey all: I love the Pinkerton album so much (very formative in my youth for me) and I want to know what was the gear used on...

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YouWouldKnow 4th May 2013
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Has anybody else run into this problem? The first 1/2 of a second or so of my music is cutoff when I record to a cassette. I...

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theblue1 4th May 2013
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So today I walk into a guys house after making a deal on a 192I/O. Very nice guy who does voice overs and jingles for radio. He...

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ddageek 4th May 2013
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onespecial 4th May 2013
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mydoghuntslions 4th May 2013
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Spartan Man 4th May 2013
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I am looking for a sturdy pad controller for drums and also to use as a midi trigger device. The one I was leaning towards was...

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gkillmaster 4th May 2013
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It's that time of year again. Here's your chance to show off your new studios! diddlydoo Post your pictures here. ...

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Quantum7 4th May 2013
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natere2 4th May 2013
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I have a m201 and really like it on guitar and vocals but it spends most of the time in front of a guitar cab so was thinking of...

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alexevans917 4th May 2013
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This post is specifically about the new Shure Beta 98a vs the Sennheiser e904 and e905 mics for use on drums. Setting is a Church...

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tribedescribe 4th May 2013
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Please help, I am in a real pickle. I have to record a kit tommorow and have very limited mics to use. Got some good ones form...

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Mike Green 4th May 2013
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Hi fellow geeks. Im looking for a four channel pre for mostly drumrecording. I been reading many threads about different...

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Janesaid2me 4th May 2013
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I'm sure a few of you browse reddit, this popped up tonight: alexdingley comments on This sound is interference caused by the...

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andersmv 4th May 2013
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Hey, I have the new Mackie Onyx 1640i, and things are going pretty good with it. It's a great little board. However, after I...

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234064 4th May 2013
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Hey everyone, Im looking for a super mint condition of ns 10 m studio monitors. If any one knows of any besides the ones on...

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elvstudios 4th May 2013
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Hey. So I just found this mixer (PMC 802) at a music shop for 80 dollars. I'm really excited about it, haven't tested it...

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LizardFather 4th May 2013
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Killer in-studio cover of Outkast's 'Prototype' and I'm loving that little white synth/drum trigger/??? What is it?! Watch...

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rossta1 4th May 2013
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I recently picked up a pair of Equator D5s and a Yamaha HS10W, but there's a constant noise from the monitors. This is a...

JH Music
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JeromeMason 4th May 2013
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Hello friends, I'm into financial problems right now, but you know when GAS attacks, you can't do much about it (if I already...

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mordente 4th May 2013
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Where can I get the final Pro Tools sessions from famous songs? I want to be able to mix the song from start to finish and...

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Oldone 4th May 2013
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I have a 1/4" 2 track ampex 440. Ive heard of people using four track 1/2" tape machines as stereo by using two...

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Richard Salino 4th May 2013
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I am picking up some new Focal CMS 65s. ...

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Melodic Wave 4th May 2013
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I just picked up a couple of Millennia HV-35 pre's and looking for a 500 Eq to pair with them. Mostly record acoustic music. ...

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brightshine 3rd May 2013
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Longtime VO guy and have mostly used a Peluso 2247LE/Great River combination for a few years...tho i've got a closet full of...

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mikeshep 3rd May 2013
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I've got a couple guitars.. a gretsch electromatic double jet, a simon and patrick luthier acoustic (cant remember which model),...

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jtaylor27 3rd May 2013
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nikss5000 3rd May 2013
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So, my 5 year old son has ambitions to make music and films. Check out this instructional video he made (with dad's help) on the...

Big Drill Car
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Doctorgun 3rd May 2013
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Does anyone know of a website for buying/selling/trading new and used gear and or connecting with likeminded gear...

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Led Music 3rd May 2013
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I see a lot of expensive setups with nice monitors sitting on what looks like MDF shelving above mixers. How come the hifi lot go...

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hardcoreCAP 3rd May 2013
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Duesenbert 3rd May 2013
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After soooo long, finally I have some HS50's on the way and looking to spend $5000 on a tracking setup. I am still using my Mbox...

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musicminister187 3rd May 2013
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My band has recognized that sloppy timing is an area that is holding us back in the studio and is an area we want to work on in...

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skyshaver 3rd May 2013
Avatar for thepilgrimsdream

Going from a Yamaha PM5 console to protools via RME HDSPe RayDAT for live recording. We want to split the signal to send to 2...

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S21 3rd May 2013
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I think im ready to move from my mobile setup and get into a real studio setup..... Im currently using my maxwall 1141VB But im...

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Colajohnson87 3rd May 2013
Avatar for Popsicles987

I have an Apogee Symphony 8x8 with Thunderbridge and I'm looking to get a Dangerous D Box to use for monitoring and the summing....

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DonSpacht 3rd May 2013
Avatar for TeamContra

So I'm tracking a band in a studio that has some crap pres, presonus or something and I wanted to know. Would it be dumb to run...

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TeamContra 3rd May 2013
Avatar for loscolorados

is there any "rule" how loud should you mix (in decibels) something that all frequencies are the same (you know that...

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kafka 3rd May 2013
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I'm picking up my first bass guitar soon so I'm going to get a tube DI for it. So I'm looking at getting either a REDDI or a...

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johnclassick 3rd May 2013
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I'm trying to decide between the IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R200 and Ultimate Support MS-80. They're the same price, and based on...

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dasoundjunkie 3rd May 2013
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Hello I was looking for an alternative to Redco in Europe... because taxes are so high importing from the US Usually I buy...

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elan 3rd May 2013
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I got this iamge from BeatGear Cavern which is a cool Beatles gear and music forum. The discussion was about the Beatles Twin...

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Ephi82 3rd May 2013
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Johnkenn 3rd May 2013
Avatar for Whitecat

We're very happy to announce that the legendary mastering engineer HOWIE WEINBERG has agreed to do a Q&A. He's mastered...

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Whitecat 3rd May 2013
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Hi guys this is my first post so hopefully I'm getting it in the right spot. I produce dance and pop music in my home studio...

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kidvybes 3rd May 2013
Avatar for Arksun

One of my favourite tracks, both musically and technically is Joni Mitchells 'Both Sides Now', the later 2000 LP version. What...

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Avatar for Arksun
Arksun 3rd May 2013