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I produce electronic music, which is pretty much 100% digital distribution via mp3. Therefore the music automatically converts...

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catawbawine 7th May 2013
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Hi, What is your go to setup for tracking vocal and acoustic guitar or piano at the same time? Mics, mic position,...

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ND_Sound 7th May 2013
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Just wondering what people's thoughts are on this subject. I've had experience doing both but in some ways I feel like the...

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catawbawine 7th May 2013
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Can you suggest me some mics? ( is a jazz into a bassman )

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Silent Sound 7th May 2013
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My complete NAMM show report is up. Apparently I'm not allowed to post a direct link to it, but if you're clever, you'll find it...

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MikeRivers 7th May 2013
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Here's a question (I don't ask things often, but this one just hit me from left field today when a client asked me the same...

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STLHsinchu 7th May 2013
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I have a lexicon PCM 60 that I hadn't turned on in a few months. . when turned it on the meter is pegged in the red, whats up any...

Tan Toes
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kosty 7th May 2013
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Does anyone recall the thread where J. Williams posted all those modification suggestions for the TOFT ATB series. Spent two...

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isma 7th May 2013
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Opinions? Gregory Scott - ubk

u b k
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Ain't Nobody 7th May 2013
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Hey fellow slutz, I am looking for a good condition analog tape machine. Let me know if you have one or know of one. I do...

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FW Harper 7th May 2013
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Hello I'm trying to get stable midi clock sync between logic 8 and a lexicon mx400. Tempo in logic is set to 120. On the...

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gibsonl6s 7th May 2013
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Hi I'm about to purchase one of the midi controllers from Livid instruments. Here's the questions 1. Can I purchase the product...

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Plutron 7th May 2013
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I have a ux2 and I want to improve the quality in my DI guitars and vocals, should i get summit audio 2ba-221 or replace the...

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HassanIqbal 7th May 2013
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Hello I have a Driverack PX. There are some options on the auto-eq function that are not well explained in the manual. From...

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rufusdisturbed 7th May 2013
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Hey all, I need someone who can track a kids' choir for a single I'm working on. Age & style like on Pink Floyd's The...

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kosmokrator 7th May 2013
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Hi, I want to knew if theres any way to Connect the SPDIF out of my interface to my headphones

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Basite 7th May 2013
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I want to get 16 pres and eqs to replace my AH Mix Wizzard. I have 3 MOTU 2408 MK IIIs, 24 channels of I/O. I record all styles...

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initself 7th May 2013
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Which would you choose? PreSonus Monitor Station | Sweetwater.com Mackie Big Knob | Sweetwater.com

Keith Moore
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Bruce Wayne 7th May 2013
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Hey everyone! Here with a pretty basic question I suppose, I love how lush and vintage Lana Del Rey's vocals sound, what would be...

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LFO8 7th May 2013
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hi everyone, im new to gearslutz but ive been reading it for years now I recently ordered this item - Nickel 10x XLR 10x 1...

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socialproduct 7th May 2013
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Anyone have first hand knowledge of the new cardiod flea next47 or next49 mics ?? They are supposed to sound exactly like...

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carival 7th May 2013
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Looking at the two, there are very, very similar. Obviously, I know they're not exactly the same...but didn't someone open them...

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Huslito 7th May 2013
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Being offered to buy a pair of Adam P11A's for 500. Was wondering if you guys think that's a pretty good deal considering that...

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mystik010 7th May 2013
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Hi Currently using an m-audio fast track pro, I wanted to upgrade to something with some better pre's I don't need many...

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caveman101 7th May 2013
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can anyone give me a link to a place that sells these things. ive searched all over and cant find anything. ive also heard that...

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mlody0607 7th May 2013
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I'd like to keep my mixes from going into "loudness war" level, but I'm slightly confused if that means I should stop...

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tubtubwubwub 7th May 2013
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I am curious to know if anybody has heard these yet. I am particularly interested in the HS 7 model. The rumor is that this...

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foamboy 6th May 2013
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so i've found something out and would like to get your thoughts on it. i find that if you push a sound into something. like a...

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Granny Gremlin 6th May 2013
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Hey all, I'm putting together a 16 channel setup for mobile and location recording at the moment. Right now I'm running a 003...

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alexevans917 6th May 2013
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Have been preparing a presentation on the sad decline of liner notes and while doing some research I stumbled across something I...

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NathanEldred 6th May 2013
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Hey everyone, I am looking for an amp that I can buy new to use with the ns10 studios I just got. Maybe options across the price...

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drtechno 6th May 2013
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I'm recording a live rock session in a few weeks and I've been mapping things out a bit. As it turns out, I'll be using nearly...

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edva 6th May 2013
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PB+J 6th May 2013
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Hello, I want to know in Europe what web are useful for buy/sell second hands gear or have forums about gears like...

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ecolleno 6th May 2013
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I have a Tascam TM-D1000 that I need to get audio in on channels 9-16. As far as I know, TDIF is a digital only format, so the...

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ASC77 6th May 2013
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Hey friends. Thought I would share some recent experience with DIs and recording bass lately. I've been in this huge...

K. Osborne
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ronned2tm 6th May 2013
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Hi! Could I completely get the max out from an AKG K272 HD with my E-mu 0404 USB interface or should I buy something that will...

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bocsori13 6th May 2013
Avatar for Audio Child

Anyone find themselves running digital sounds/drum samples thru api's pres would you get much coloration or juice from a...

Audio Child
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Brent Hahn 6th May 2013
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scolfax 6th May 2013
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This is actually my first post on gearslutz. My apologies if someone has already posted about this in the past. I have an X73...

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DLundberg 6th May 2013
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Hi Everyone -- I'm using Logic (still on v8) and I have some very nice external hardware that I would love to use during...

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mishagolin 6th May 2013
Avatar for mrsoul83

Hi all, I'm about to buy a pair of AKG-701 for mixing (I know its not ideal to mix with headphones, but due to small...

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EL_HERALDO 6th May 2013
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Have a listen to the song to refresh your memory: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Anyone know of a similar sounding piano patch?...

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tomwatson 6th May 2013
Avatar for alexevans917

Hey all, Right now I'm working on building a small mobile recording setup to track bands in houses and other non-standard...

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Spiritworks 6th May 2013
Avatar for Vonoom

Hi GS, Long time reader, first time poster. I have a Waldorf Q which has served me well for a long time. It's been sitting on...

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Vonoom 6th May 2013
Avatar for smoovemode

My application is a Home recording desk for use with Logic Pro Studio One or Pro Tools. I'm leaning towards the DM 4800...

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smoovemode 6th May 2013
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Hello, I'm looking for a new edition to my home studio and i'm thinking either another mic or a 500 series compressor. I...

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pan60 6th May 2013
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Hi, I currently have a Soundtracs 24-8-16 from about 1985. I am considering a Soundcraft 600 to replace it with 24 ch. in good...

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Derrick 6th May 2013
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Is it possible to tell from this picture if these heads are in good shape? http://t.co/UiGbTCoVf8

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Drumsound 6th May 2013
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theblue1 6th May 2013