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Hello, I was looking for Classic Api VP28 audio samples, specially of voice and but I cannot find anything, only about...

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ecolleno 16th May 2013
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Hello everyone, As per the title, I'm interested in buying a synth from America but it's 60hz only. Will this make a...

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TheLastByte 16th May 2013
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I was wondering what mic was this from Chance the rapper Video NaNa. It looks like a Sterling Audio mic. But I'm not...

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HonaCostello 16th May 2013
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TheDigs 16th May 2013
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Looking to upgrade a Profire 610 for voice over work (don't NEED multi-input monster but more than willing to go that route if...

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branima 16th May 2013
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note235 16th May 2013
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I just got a used Digi Pre and have it connected to Protools HD 8.1.1 via the MIDI I/O of my 11Rack. I can get it to respond,...

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barryjohns 16th May 2013
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Does anyone have a tried and true method for attenuating these high-mid spikes when mixing vocal takes (ie., Vocalist singing...

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TheDigs 16th May 2013
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Hey guys. I've recently discovered a few studios near me re-amp exclusively when tracking electric guitars. Literally having...

The Roy Factor
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psycho_monkey 16th May 2013
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Buy it now price of 650 .....kinda sketchy but doesnt ebay have buyer protectiom..... Should I grab it?

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ryanvegas 16th May 2013
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I need a mutli-fx pedal for the bass I play on a couple of songs in our live set. Nothing fancy, but nothing crappy too .....

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lolalola 16th May 2013
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Friends, quick question. Just upgraded to the Adam A7x. Previously had the Krk Rokits RP8 G2's. While we had a good run...

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antony 16th May 2013
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Hey! I just got a Soundcraft 600 and a few of the knobs are missing. Does anyone have any they might be able to sell? I may...

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Derrick 15th May 2013
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I posted this in another thread, but need as much help as possible. Hello all, I really need some help. Particularly with...

Melodic Wave
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DanGo 15th May 2013
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Hello! I own an old dbx 165A, it seemed to work fine but when I feed more than -20 dB FS, sounds like crackling and...

Mr. Lau
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Mr. Lau 15th May 2013
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Does anyone know where I can get a good sample for a ground-stomping effect? I'd record it myself, but my space won't make for a...

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Boogaju 15th May 2013
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Just becase YES! always <3.

energizer bunny
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antony 15th May 2013
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anybody try out replacing the opamps in their ovation circuit? i shielded the **** out of this bad ass and it turned out...

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sameal 15th May 2013
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Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I don't see a forum where we can post an article and then have a discussion about...

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woody reed 15th May 2013
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Hi there, I have had a Tascam 38 up and running for a while and im having the same problem over and over. I have plenty signal...

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unfiltered420 15th May 2013
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Due to some savings and some disposable income coming my way, I'm at a point in my wee home studio where I think I need to make...

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gollumsluvslave 15th May 2013
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Hi Slutz, I'm trying to get a list together of the best places to buy used gear from in the UK. Please get as many people...

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SourOceanGrown 15th May 2013
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Hey y'all, I wasn't sure where to put this (mods feel free to move!) but here goes: When you're recording a singer/songwriter...

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catawbawine 15th May 2013
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Hey all, I have a pair of these that I love but can't seem to get rid of a nagging few noises that I believe are coming from the...

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cubehead 15th May 2013
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My first post here.. I am a pianist/guitarist looking to get into orchestration. I have already decided on my monitors and...

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camer138 15th May 2013
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Hear from the experts at Prism Sound, SADiE, DPA and PMC to learn about truly professional audio design. Discover how...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 15th May 2013
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joel from australia here glad i found this forum.. so much handy info on here its not funny! cheers

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j0el 15th May 2013
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What mic is Mr. Dave Grohl using in these pics? I see the Blue Mouse mic, but what is the one directly shown? confoosed Any...

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201252 15th May 2013
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I bought a pair of mackie mr8mk2 speakers last month. I only plugged them in for the first time last night. They seemed to work...

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holdmyfinger 15th May 2013
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Hi everyone. I'm looking for a mixer/control surface. I would like to route the tracks from Sonar X1 into the mixer for summing,...

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hasbeen 15th May 2013
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I'm currently recording an acoustic guitar averaging at 16db and peaking at around 10db. At what db should my input audio for a...

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rocksure 15th May 2013
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Hi all, I'm trying to find the weakest link in my studio setup at the moment, and right now I would have to say its gotta be...

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Maschinenraum 15th May 2013
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Toymaster 15th May 2013
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What would we be posting here if it were 1995?

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STLHsinchu 15th May 2013
Avatar for innermusic

I want to upgrade my home studio - used to run 3 DA-88s synced for 24 tracks of digital audio. Now I'd like to continue to use...

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Twosocks 15th May 2013
Avatar for 12ax7

. A lot of times, a piece of gear is developed with some specific use in mind, but then finds itself being used for something...

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Mr. Lau 15th May 2013
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Hey guys, I have been carefully crafting my tunes in my home-studio and I just want to know what your opinion is on mixing at a...

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Storyville 15th May 2013
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Hi this is my first post here, so please redirect me if I make a mistake. Love the site and have causally browsed it for a few...

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old ghost 15th May 2013
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Hey, guys. I'm a new member (literally just now registered). My gear: AT2035 into a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 into Reaper on...

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bisszerk 15th May 2013
Avatar for ryanvegas

came across this on my local craigslis, seemed interesting. what do yall...

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Matti 15th May 2013
Avatar for Eq_1084

I have a small setup at home without a recording booth, so I play and record in the same room with headphones. I need to get a...

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Eq_1084 15th May 2013
Avatar for gabe_jbmb

I have a Roland SPD-SX sampling pad and I want to start/stop protools 10. I have little time and I've been working on this for a...

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gabe_jbmb 15th May 2013
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What is the best technique, plugin, piece of information you wished you knew years ago? A trick, piece of gear, piece of...

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unfiltered420 15th May 2013
Avatar for sixfour

It's time to upgrade from my M-Audio 410. I'm thinking of spending around $1000. Seems like a lot of people love the Apogee...

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alexevans917 15th May 2013
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i was just wondering if you had your pick of 20+ year old RCA/1/4" cables, obviously used, or buying new ones and on a...

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sleepyhollos 15th May 2013
Avatar for karyat

I have searched for this and couldn't find a proper answer. So I am hoping someone can help me out here. I have a Focusrite...

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karyat 15th May 2013
Avatar for Deleted 1846071

I wrote this response in a thread in High End, but I thought it should be more widely read. I'm not trolling, just asking what...

Deleted 1846071
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theblue1 14th May 2013
Avatar for SoZo

I struggle with drum overheads. I tried, xy, ORTF, Glen Johns, AB, now the Massenberg technique. I can't seem to get a good...

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Tonycamp 14th May 2013
Avatar for haz

Hi, Im totally new in the world of speakers, im currently using a Monster Beatbox iPod dock to listen to music on. I do not...

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TGV 14th May 2013
Avatar for highlander

Hi Just bought a pair of Sennheiser 650 headphones. I need some amp to drive them but just looked on the headfi forum and saw...

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Bill Way 14th May 2013