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Is there a sonic difference between these two? I'm considering purchasing a 49 for vocals. I've found samples of the FLEA...

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Texum 27th May 2013
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I'm gonna be producing a record for a band for 3 weeks at Pony. I'd love to hook up with some gearslutz. I'm their from May 12th...

James Lugo
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James Lugo 27th May 2013
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Had some normal citizens visit my studio today. They could not believe how putting a song together actually happens. Made me...

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monkeyxx 27th May 2013
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OK so I want to create a space where I can record high quality vocals, but on a low-budget. The vocals would be mixed and...

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James Lehmann 27th May 2013
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Had my first experience reamping a synth track the other day through an old Alamo model 3 Amp.......I'm hooked, it sounds so...

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lunar151 27th May 2013
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Yo come check me out. royaldeadman on USTREAM: making music. Folk

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Royaldeadman 27th May 2013
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I'm looking to get a roll around rack cart for my Revox PR99. I've come across several models that will get the job done however...

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drbob1 27th May 2013
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Maybe a strange question, but much of the seventies music had such an atmospheric vibe, whatever genre. I wonder how much of the...

hemmick reef
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unfiltered420 27th May 2013
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These guys are awesome. I am not the biggest Radiohead fan, well I own most of their albums, but they excel at what they do for...

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monkeyxx 27th May 2013
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I have a Mexican made fender jazz bass and my saddle keeps sliding down the screws, I took it to L&M and the tech said it was...

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PB+J 27th May 2013
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wurliuchi 27th May 2013
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Providence 27th May 2013
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Howdy Folks! I'm currently chasing down ghosts in my Trident and compiling a list of things to repair. Sounds awesome, but has...

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APK 27th May 2013
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Hi, I am having trouble with my burl b2 sampling rate. I have my mic plugged into my preamp >> when goes out into my...

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Sniperschool 26th May 2013
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It's difficult to compare both basses but in this video you can hear the character of each one. R7Ye_12Oc_k Basses are...

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MisterMark 26th May 2013
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Tired of my old furniture. Need an upgrade! Any suggestions?

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mizzle 26th May 2013
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i have a cheap AKAI 4000 DS MKII reel to reel, and i've tried bouncing drums to it, to get some of that tape saturation...

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theblue1 26th May 2013
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newly landed here in berlin. i have a defective blue mic capsule i wanna get serviced. any hints where i could go? also any other...

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jeremyglover 26th May 2013
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Does anyone out there know of a software for Mac that will determine the sample rate of your entire sample library?

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cloudydaze 26th May 2013
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Hey guys! To show my love in recording, I have made an animated YouTube series about a dog and mouse that run a recording studio....

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Dunnzilla123 26th May 2013
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IMSTA FESTA Los Angeles 2013 Sunday, May 19th | 11AM to 6PM | SAE Institute On May 19th, the International Music...

The Press Desk
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GearAndGuitars 26th May 2013
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My first time initiating of a thread with the slutz, Ha! I was wondering if anybody could help to clarify this: I have a...

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Wizurd 26th May 2013
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I am producing an audiobook for a novelist friend of mine. I am used to engineering/producing music and not spoken audio...

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PapaSon 26th May 2013
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I'm planning on stepping up my interface game whenever that Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 comes out. I currently use an old mbox 2 mini,...

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Sabored 26th May 2013
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I had my apollo and dbox set up as per the Fab Dupont Puremix videos and it was working fine. Occasionally I have had to reset...

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Kcatthedog 26th May 2013
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Not sure if I'm the only one interested in both SSD4 and Taylor Swift here but I'm fairly sure there are a load of these samples...

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Kcatthedog 26th May 2013
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Hi I have an orion 32 tunning in Mac with cubase and when i start the program i have a very high noise in the channels,i...

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pacoloco 26th May 2013
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Hey guys Getting ready to clean my DDA Forum console and need help doing so. I will attempt to clean this board cosmetically...

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Bassmankr 26th May 2013
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Anybody have opinions or info on these cabs? How rare are they, how would you describe their sound, etc?

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Raw7 26th May 2013
Avatar for uuuhu

Hi friends! I'm really obsessed on distrotred bass sounds. I'm wondering how I can archive a sound like...

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MORDICUS 26th May 2013
Avatar for Nik Drown

I'm wanting to get the 18 channel in and outs from Presonus 1818. What would be some good and relatively inexpensive ways to do...

Nik Drown
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Nik Drown 26th May 2013
Avatar for Rev. Robb

I am looking for another set of headphones to compliment my Sennheiser HD600. (used for mix/reference, not tracking) I really...

Rev. Robb
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krheatman 26th May 2013
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Hey Guys, I am writing this for a friend of mine from Armenia. This is what he wrote to me and asked to post it here on...

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Hovak 26th May 2013
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have somebody expirience in fieldrecording with a minikaospad2? i need a mic first before i start. the mic must be selfpowerd...

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e-smile-z 26th May 2013
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Can I just start by saying I've never even tried recording before, but I'm assuming it uses a lot of CPU? Both recording and...

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alexevans917 26th May 2013
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Whats the average Latency of converters these days ? Right now I'm using a Digi 002 , I set the H/W buffer to 64 . I looked...

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DavePiatek 26th May 2013
Avatar for Xavier G

So after reading 34 pages of threads from the original ATB post (as well as some other threads) it's now been about 5 years since...

Xavier G
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paul rivard 26th May 2013
Avatar for Exis

Hi, I currently own an M-Audio Fast Track Ultra 8R with a pair of JBL LSR2328s. I've been thinking of upgrading to a much...

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Drumsound 26th May 2013
Avatar for blackbirdstudio

Howdy. There's a lot of different opinions about this out there.. I guess as long as there's no clipping, you're ok.. No problem...

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blackbirdstudio 26th May 2013
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It would have been a funny story if it hadn't taken so much time. I ordered a new IO Dock from a popular web store. Got an...

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billkahler 26th May 2013
Avatar for TheShaman

Bump : https://gearspace.com/board/geekslutz-forum/840358-funktion-one-studio-monitors.html

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ddageek 26th May 2013
Avatar for JohnBobAudio

Hi. I'm about to buy an sm7. Should i buy another vocal mic to go along with it (AT4050)? or a better pre to use with the...

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Avatar for Eric Dahlberg
Eric Dahlberg 26th May 2013
Avatar for yoyokidz89

I've read that your ears can "last" longer mixsessions, if you listen at lower volumes. But the ears are also sensitive...

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superwack 26th May 2013
Avatar for drumzealot

What is the functional difference between the two? For example the Telefunken V376 is a mic preamp, but the V372 is a line...

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Beato 26th May 2013
Avatar for deni

Hey All, I recently conducted a ribbon mic shootout. The contestants were as follows: Coles 4038, RCA 44, Cascade Fathead II...

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deni 26th May 2013
Avatar for sixfour

Looking for advice on which mic to add to my little arsenal. I already have an AT4040 and a Shure SM7b. I also have an AKG C...

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sixfour 26th May 2013
Avatar for Guitarzan

I'm looking at buying some new monitors. I'm pretty much sold on the Equator Audio monitors. I see that they're about to come...

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Avatar for Rightclick
Rightclick 26th May 2013
Avatar for LindenGarcia18

Still set on getting a pair of KRK 9000b's. There seems to be a fair few around, but they have the Focal tweeters in them (the...

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LindenGarcia18 25th May 2013
Avatar for madehumble

Hi, I just sold a UA Apollo today to someone and want to know if they can use it today. I already did the ownership transfer. So...

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madehumble 25th May 2013
Avatar for claudemorrow

Yeah, yeah, .......I know its a Peavey, but I have a Peavey VMP-2 and it sounds pretty good. And I got a line on a Peavey VCL2...

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Avatar for henryrobinett
henryrobinett 25th May 2013