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I have my BAE 1073-preamp mounted vertically under my desk. Can this position harm the electronics in the unit in any way? All...

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Doc Mixwell 7th June 2013
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Slutz, My old faithful, comfy, $30 chair i bought from Staples some years ago has seen better days. It squeaks and creaks too...

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jayson_p 7th June 2013
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I've got an older toggle switch 501 and recently I've discovered a problem with the limiter section. I know the limiter section...

John N
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gearlovinanimal 7th June 2013
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Hi there Roland tr909 question in track play mode, each track has 20 measures. is there any way of shortening the amount...

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rrrega 7th June 2013
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Hey guys looking for some advice for a set of new monitors. I've been using some Rokit 8's and the 10" KRK Sub for most of...

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dkelaart 7th June 2013
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Hi folks, Without going into too much detail, I have a new project that I'm working on, and I'd like to be able to perform...

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Kiwi 7th June 2013
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So I bought a 6 slot API Lunchbox, two Lindell Audio PEX-500 and have two Ocean Audio EQs on loan. I'm using them as an external...

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nickelironsteel 7th June 2013
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Hello, I have a MR816X which is a FireWire (FW) 400 based audio interface. Lately I've been thinking about future proofing my...

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drumdrum 7th June 2013
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my friend wants to bring his isa428 to mine to record with, we are in disagreement on how to hook up to my interface, he says to...

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acoombes 7th June 2013
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Couldn't exactly find the place to put this... I'm, as one of my final papers, needing to conduct a research paper. For my...

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frans 7th June 2013
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I'm wondering about the upper limit of quality I can get out of a track when using addictive drums. I find them rather difficult...

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BigKD 7th June 2013
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What other gear/software for use with Akai mpd24 pad controller would I need to create ambient beats? I will be running it...

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kw7910 7th June 2013
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Hi All, I'm looking for a front end for my PT HD system that has built in mic-pres and monitoring. I have 1 uln8 and it is...

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nigel saunders 7th June 2013
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yeah vs sounds a bit lame but you people know what i mean Anyways as I drifted off to sleep last night I had random beach boys...

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nrand 7th June 2013
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I've been trying to track down the source of a strange noise I've been hearing from my Adam A7X studio monitors. I called up my...

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louis.lbnc 7th June 2013
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Dear Slutz, i'm after getting another 80's reverb flavour to my setup (Something nice to complement an AMS RXM and Eventide...

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GearAndGuitars 7th June 2013
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Seeing as there are quite a few designs available, I wonder if I should concern myself with self-generated noise issues &...

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Analok 7th June 2013
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I was wondering if the overall tone of the Vintech 609CA is similar to other Vintech units like the X73i, or if its a different...

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LarsenRecords 7th June 2013
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I recently purchased an Apogee duet for mostly personal recording needs but also the occasional band recording (drum tracking is...

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theblue1 7th June 2013
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I have decided to spend some money on upgrading my studio. Right now I just make music with hardware synths and guitar, with...

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stalker5000 7th June 2013
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Hi guys, I just received my Blue Mouse back from repairs and am really excited to start recording with it. It's my first...

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Glenn Bucci 7th June 2013
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was just flicking through and noticed a few people with custom built consoles so i decided to build one! designed for Avid artist...

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shortstory 7th June 2013
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Hi all, This is my first time posting, so I apologize if I'm directing this thread to the wrong forum/zone. I appreciate your...

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danbrown42 7th June 2013
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So i was told that you can somehow take the output of the MINI MOOG and put it back in on the filter input in the back. Is this...

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e3p0 7th June 2013
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Hi guys! I have a Scarlett 2i2 and im a bit in chock over how low the max volume is on the headphone output! Its driving my...

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DannyMac 7th June 2013
Avatar for iamtherealmungo

Hello, I have a Focusrite Saffire pro 14 Interface which I'm currently using with a Mac Mini. I have set my Mac Mini's...

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original_min 7th June 2013
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any good for the money? they're 300 at sweatwater.

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rjo361 7th June 2013
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starting to upgrade my pro tools rig (which is way over due) atm I am mainly using a 003 desk for pretty much everything have...

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acoombes 6th June 2013
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I need to get my 1176 fixed - volume available to me at input stage has taken a massive dive for some reason. Can anyone...

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tvsky 6th June 2013
Avatar for hithere

Hey guys doing some vocals in an untreated room. I am picking up an apogee duet 1 to do some tracking between home and the...

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kingjoakley 6th June 2013
Avatar for muaB

Hey guys! In my first post I ask for a little feedback by you on my mix of a song by Nicki Bluhm that I did for this contest...

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muaB 6th June 2013
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Hi guys, I'm about to purchase some IEM's and am looking at how to connect the Shure P6HW Wired Body Pack to the Apollo Duo....

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Mikem 6th June 2013
Avatar for kevgees

Are the any mics for recording vocals on ipad and using as external mic with canon t3i camera? If so, which ones are the best?

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kevgees 6th June 2013
Avatar for calle.vs

Hello everyone! We have a pretty good business doing post production and music mixing. Now we are moving into a larger space. We...

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Avatar for John Willett
John Willett 6th June 2013
Avatar for Joeytpg

I'm in need of new monitors. I had the M-audio Bx5a long time ago which I switch for the KRK Rokit 5. Owned them for 4 years and...

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Joeytpg 6th June 2013
Avatar for hugo_zair

I have a pair of Philips LBB9050 cardiods which I never use and was thinking of selling. While searching tinternet for some info...

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Avatar for Euclio
Euclio 6th June 2013
Avatar for Poopypants

Yes, I did a search. Yes, I got a lot of results. No, I didn't (quite) find the answer (came close...) Easy question. For...

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Poopypants 6th June 2013
Avatar for Aaronjb1994

I am in a band, and there is only currently two members in it. I have struggled with this setup for quite some time, so i am...

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Aaronjb1994 6th June 2013
Avatar for Mystic Muse

I usually use AES/EBU I/O to connect my AVID 16x16 I/O to my d-box allowing me to use the Digital to analog converter on the...

Mystic Muse
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nst7 6th June 2013
Avatar for Palermo

I'm been leaning towards an Apollo or Metric Halo. Am I missing anything. I really don't need more than 2 ins and 2 outs and...

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Avatar for Palermo
Palermo 6th June 2013
Avatar for DHerdeSouth

Howdy, Thanks for stopping in So I have been getting some great artists in my home studio recently, they are all having a great...

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DHerdeSouth 6th June 2013
Avatar for Dopamine

I've ruled out the Big Knob and Central Station. Has anyone compared the SPL unit with the Dangerous. The Dangerous seems quite...

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Avatar for Quantum7
Quantum7 6th June 2013
Avatar for hugolast

I am nearly ready to start recording in my little bungalow studio, i feel like i need a better mic for recording vocals, i have...

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hugolast 6th June 2013
Avatar for Tanner.Danielson

Hey everybody. I am looking to add a few things to my 500 Series rack and want to know if you guys have anything that you love,...

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Tanner.Danielson 6th June 2013
Avatar for Anonymous_Bosch

So I'm new to guitar heads (I know it's a PA, but it's essentially identical to WEM's ER guitar series) and I got this one...

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Anonymous_Bosch 6th June 2013
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I have a session tomorrow and I am panicking as I am getting massive problems after swapping my LT-Adat card to LT-USB cards...

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anemicrock 6th June 2013
Avatar for Deleted 4d73b7c

How do you engineers deal with potential clients that want "sample mixes?" I personally think its disrespectful to the...

Deleted 4d73b7c
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Deleted 4d73b7c 6th June 2013
Avatar for Deleted 4d73b7c

I want to order/build a custom USB/FW rack mount. I've come across this site, Switchcraft : Home , which I've seen some of you...

Deleted 4d73b7c
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Deleted 4d73b7c 6th June 2013
Avatar for batoadmir

I need studio monitors for music production,I produce dance music so I was wondering what studio monitor is better KRK Rokit RP6...

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Avatar for ECM
ECM 6th June 2013
Avatar for Sotsirc

When putting a limiter on my master channel in my DAW and setting it to -0.1, the output is distorting the channels on my Zed...

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Sotsirc 6th June 2013