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In my never ending search for sonic improvements I want to add yet another compressor for vocals productions that should be...

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sixtiksix 12th June 2013
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I own and use an RME babyface and a KORG R3 synth. From time to time I use a condenser mic on the left input channel of the...

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coajinx 12th June 2013
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Hello Gents, I bought an old Sony R7 vintage reverb unit with a low battery. It has a 2034 3volt battery about the size of a...

glenn Taylor
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claveslave 11th June 2013
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I was just able to score a pair of Auratone 5S's for 40.00! kfhkh Can anyone recommend a power amp for these? I read one...

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gusegruv 11th June 2013
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I'm working more and more mobile these days and my only let downs at the moment are the UAD Satellite (which I will sell soon)...

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Jorg 11th June 2013
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Thought I "knew" this but woke up this morning not sure... My setup is: Lexicon AD-16x and Mytek AD96 for input, a...

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79strat 11th June 2013
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Hey all! Just bought a used pair of KRK v6 Series 2 monitors for $150 to replace my now ancient (and anything but flat) Rokit...

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nugznmugz 11th June 2013
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Does anyone know where should external preamps be connected -to tascam dm 4800 -in order to bypass the dm's pres?Is it the...

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hasbeen 11th June 2013
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Hello all ;-) I'm looking for a condensor to record mainly vocals and acoustic guitar, and i stumbled across this MXL that is...

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rpagala 11th June 2013
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Dr.Poon 11th June 2013
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Anyone else get a postcard/coupon for Guitar Center's Father's Day Sale? I'm not by any means a GC hater like a lot of folks...

Brent Hahn
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Brent Hahn 11th June 2013
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Hi, do we think the conversion and onboard mic pres are about the same thing on these two pieces? I know there's not much love ...

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amost 11th June 2013
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There's much info out there if you're talking Otari, MCI, Studer, Revox, etc., though has anyone at all come across a Byer 77...

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Littlestreet 11th June 2013
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Hi guys, Has anyone seen or heard these new mixers from Yamaha? I'd be interested to know how they sound, as I really liked...

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Proaudioxchange 11th June 2013
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Hi all, I have a Tascam TSR8 1/2" and am looking to set up a small analog tracking and mixing station. Looked at the toft...

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Piranhadrum 11th June 2013
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So, I do all my mixing ITB. I'll be working with a Fireface 800 which already sports solid preamps, but I want to expand and I've...

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kokeboka 11th June 2013
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I've posted this in Post Pro to in error so hope the moderators are kind to me! I'm producing an artist from Australia who...

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MiguelDamas 11th June 2013
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I just bought the Adam Sub 7 and am using it with the older Adam ANF10 satellites being powered by a Carver amp. The main signal...

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danewb 11th June 2013
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Hey all, So I have a question about the practicalities of compressing a stereo buss with a comp such as the Daking FET III...

Everland Studios
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Everland Studios 11th June 2013
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I have a feeling some might laugh at this question or say… WTF that is a really odd way to do it… But here it goes: I have...

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Everland Studios 11th June 2013
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I've been doing some research on a two channel mic pre with digital, preferable S/PDIF, output (still haven't settled on one yet...

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charlieclouser 11th June 2013
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I've been spending a lot of time recently trying to study and emulate the mixes of several respected rock mixers (primarily Terry...

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therock 11th June 2013
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Is is possible to find better AD conversion than my TC Electronix Konnekt 48 for under $500? Exclude Apogeee Duet - I need...

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cserrano 11th June 2013
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I have a Ibanez 5 string bass to work with. I have a GR 500nv pre,trakker comp, a ma 5 pre and a dbx 160 comp. And IM getting a...

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BigKD 11th June 2013
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Did anyone buy this altmustech | um-q110 ? Looks interesting.

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jeff2013 11th June 2013
Avatar for SuperiorInferior

So as the title suggests I have a Kaoss KP3 that I've had for a while but never fully got around to really using it. I basically...

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SuperiorInferior 11th June 2013
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I've been looking at buying a Satellite Quad unit for a few weeks now, but noticed that almost every shop is clearing out UAD-2...

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electroshift 11th June 2013
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I been using the Focal Twins for 3 weeks now (6-8 hrs) daily use and was wondering how much juice do these draw in. I know they...

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madbrain 11th June 2013
Avatar for acoombes

thinking about getting a trident 80b channel strip, my interface is a digi 003, can someone suggest better AD converters I can...

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acoombes 11th June 2013
Avatar for beefybassandsub

actually, i'm just about to get my first set of mid range nearfield monitors. Adam A7jkthtyrt. So obviously I am trying to...

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darksidez 11th June 2013
Avatar for CherryFive

Hello folks, I wanted to gather a couple of thoughtful opinions on the difference between these two mics for the bass drum. ...

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CherryFive 10th June 2013
Avatar for Johnkenn

Anybody tracking vocals with figure of eight? I could get off my lazy butt and just go try it myself...but I would miss some...

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littlesicily 10th June 2013
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- firewire - 24bit/192 kHz - 19", 1U - 8 line inputs - 6 line outputs - 1 midi in, 1 midi out - 1 or 2 headphone...

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sd-cd 10th June 2013
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I've found a variety of answers spread across the threads. I know that ultimately doing what "sounds good" is most...

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entraind 10th June 2013
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A colleague is starting to question the noise present in his AT 4060 tube mic. Any comments from AT4060 users about this? The...

Deleted User
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Avatar for Ty Ford
Ty Ford 10th June 2013
Avatar for in the garage

I finally got to audition the event opals at a local audio dealer.I was prepared to be totally knocked out by these speakers and...

in the garage
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Fleaman 10th June 2013
Avatar for mikoo69

Need 16 balanced XLR to TRS Cables (8M, 8F). I found Monoprice for around $100 total, and Mogami/Neutrik (thinner cable wire) for...

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Avatar for jrides
jrides 10th June 2013
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Avatar for Altermax
Altermax 10th June 2013
Avatar for Joseph_84

Hello, I am interested in a digital/analog hybrid rig. I am considering either the SPL Neos or the RND 5060 What is...

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Joseph_84 10th June 2013
Avatar for Indellable

Random question. I showed my 3 year old daughter the video for the original We Are The World and couldnt help but notice (among...

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Avatar for Colonel Blues
Colonel Blues 10th June 2013
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Jfunk66 10th June 2013
Avatar for SmoothVibe

I think that in any engineer's history of engineering, there comes a moment when you have only sample (VSTi, keyboards/synths)...

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psycho_monkey 10th June 2013
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Curious what peoples day rates are these days and how busy they are. . . . Where are you? What is your day rate? How...

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Simultaneity 10th June 2013
Avatar for theleo

Hello. I'm new to posts because always have found what I wanted browsing and reading around here. But now I'm in a different...

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Dr.Poon 10th June 2013
Avatar for goloka

Need help to choose a good eq for vocal when mixing in the 500 serie batch. Thx in advance..)

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Avatar for Johnkenn
Johnkenn 10th June 2013
Avatar for GeorgeElder

Hi, what good stereo delays GUITAR PEDALS are out there. I know about the DL4 is it good for recording? What are my other...

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lhama 10th June 2013
Avatar for Murray

Have any tests/comparisons have ever been done on such a concept. :) There's all those every DAW nulls arguments, and this...

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Avatar for Dr.Poon
Dr.Poon 10th June 2013
Avatar for Midasmouse

Got this from a guys basement. Any ideas?

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drbob1 10th June 2013
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good afternoon to all from cyprus for the last few days i was reading through the forum all the posts regarding dat and nearly...

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Avatar for John Willett
John Willett 10th June 2013
Avatar for dogma

This just needs its own thread - soon to be released - you can currently get it for $145 at sweetwater QuNexus Have a look...

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Avatar for drbob1
drbob1 10th June 2013