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Hey guys, I have done a video review of the QuNeo 3D pad controller by Kith McMillen. Its an interesting design you can check it...

Rupert Brown
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Rupert Brown 1st July 2013
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Hi all, I am new to subs, but not at all new to acoustics and monitoring. I just purchased a PMC TLE1 sub, the dream match to...

Xen Ochren
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Xen Ochren 1st July 2013
Avatar for Louis Bernstone

Looks like the updates they did over the weekend may remove some licenses you own if you sync. There is a thread on the main...

Louis Bernstone
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Louis Bernstone 1st July 2013
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I know this is an 8 track recorder but could it be used as a two track master? Or is that not a good idea and would it be best to...

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theblue1 1st July 2013
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I've seen him using an AKG C12, Blue Kiwi, and a Blue Bottle in the past. It seems he's got something new. He posted a picture...

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_Mark 1st July 2013
Avatar for Providence

Just what it says. Does anyone have a recommendation for a pm1000 desk or stand? Pictures would be awesome!

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Providence 1st July 2013
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Hi guys, I'm heading down to Melbourne from today (1st July) until Tues the 9th of July. Call me a bit forward, but I...

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Hadeed 1st July 2013
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I've spent the last week listening very closely to Wondrous Bughouse, the new album by Youth Lagoon. I'm really astonished by the...

Kid Andrew
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alexevans917 1st July 2013
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Sad news for us here at Foxy Studios (John Feldmann's studio). We had someone break in and steal some valuable pieces. If...

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HermanV 1st July 2013
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With Yamaha introducing the new HS5/7/8 studio monitors, I see that Musicians Friend is now selling the HS50's that have been...

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ECM 1st July 2013
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Hopefully this is the correct forum to post this - I'm curious as to how everyone handles clients who pay invoices late. And I'm...

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mishagolin 1st July 2013
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They have 3 mics of Ziggy's voice , SM58 , SM7 and a condenser . I wonder if they blend them to get a certain sound ? I thought...

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amishsixstringe 30th June 2013
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Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good shipping company I could use to ship items to and from England and...

glenn Taylor
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glenn Taylor 30th June 2013
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My first two multitrackers, Yamaha MT3X and MT8X, just dug them out of the closet and they still...

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MoBeach 30th June 2013
Avatar for madehumble

After purchasing my Apogee Symphony I/O. I decided that although I had a Tascam DM3200, that it was time to add a patchbay to my...

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madehumble 30th June 2013
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Hi fellows! I did a search to find any sound clips of the APB-Dynasonics ProRack studio/live recordings but with no success. So...

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Stokesperc 30th June 2013
Avatar for thesolipsist

Hey All! Long time lurker, but first time poster. Since there's not shortage of opinions on this board, I'd love to hear some....

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sleepyhollos 30th June 2013
Avatar for thedommer

Couldn't find any threads on this so thought I'd ask your thoughts. Looking to buy an electric kit for home...

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thedommer 30th June 2013
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So, my church has elements of our services that include scripture readings and testimonies by average members of our...

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Woodwindy 30th June 2013
Avatar for Guitarwhisperer

I bought two matched Oktava mk-12 mics a few months ago and I'm considering having them souped up at Oktava Mod. I'm wondering...

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Guitarwhisperer 30th June 2013
Avatar for highland

I was wondering if there is any Analog Hardware that makes the sound quality better or in other words have that professional...

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PRobb 30th June 2013
Avatar for ryanvegas

Theres a local cable place and was wondering if its okay to cheap out in this department? Thanks! Sent from my...

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DCtoDaylight 30th June 2013
Avatar for TNORTS

Hello fellow producers and musicians. I am new to gearslutz, but have been lurking for awhile. This fall I will be going off to...

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CJ Mastering 30th June 2013
Avatar for AmbitotPuPhang

Hi! I have PT HD2/Mac Pro rig. I need MIDI interface (for general applications, like sending midi to synths and drum machines)...

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CJ Mastering 30th June 2013
Avatar for thuntley

I have most of the major VSTs, Massive, Sylenth, Omnisphere, Predator, and will be getting some more soon (probably some arturia...

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thuntley 30th June 2013
Avatar for RickGobe

Sold most of my gear last month, bought it all back and than some! I bought a high-end camera for shooting comedy skits and was...

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RickGobe 30th June 2013
Avatar for imma3k

So i have these to choose from given my budget and what not: M audio Ozone Alesis QX25 M audio Oxygen49 M audio O2 MidAir...

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yourmajesty 30th June 2013
Avatar for burythebeast

Listing my Rosetta 800 for the slutz before I put it on Ebay kfhkh these converters are awesome. they can be tricked out to no...

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Runnytofu 30th June 2013
Avatar for nuthinupmysleeve

Scientists use plastic wrap to make a wall "sonically invisible" This just makes my brain hurt.

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nuthinupmysleeve 30th June 2013
Avatar for gusegruv

I found online a guy selling some 2 foot bass traps. I already have some in my room, but I was thinking if I should add more to...

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kiopo 30th June 2013
Avatar for Metallica

I was looking some Metallica's videos and I can't understand which overheads Lars Ulrich is using during the pre-show rehearsal....

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hobson 30th June 2013
Avatar for Play

rdfh_RTyfjo I think I have a Gearslutz first with this topic. I'm hoping to get an electric chanter such as the one above...

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Kiwi 30th June 2013
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jwh1192 30th June 2013
Avatar for dkelaart

Hey guys i've been using 2 c214's or 2 Rode NTK's for my drum rooms for quite some time now alongside a matched pair of 414 BULS...

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Beardhead 30th June 2013
Avatar for Rev. Robb

Anyone with some real experience with the mic pre side of the UA 6176. (I am very familiar with the 1176) How would the tonal...

Rev. Robb
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Yfoiler 29th June 2013
Avatar for Rob Coates

I've asked this before but didn't get a definitive answer: would there be any issues to watch out for if I use my 4 track reel to...

Rob Coates
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Avatar for theblue1
theblue1 29th June 2013
Avatar for DarylWise

I'm trying to figure out how to assign multiple "parts" (performance mode) to the *same* midi channel (layering)....

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DarylWise 29th June 2013
Avatar for onrozr

After using Manley varimu several years, I am planning to go for GML 8900 which was my dream to have . My question is simple...

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jloyer 29th June 2013
Avatar for chiefr_suthrland

Hello my fellow sluts, lol. I've got a little dilemma. So I got all the samples in FPC with the "cut/cut by" set to...

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chiefr_suthrland 29th June 2013
Avatar for 234064

So, I know it's a good rule of thumb to do most mixing in mono & use stereo as a reference, so as not to get fooled by the...

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Avatar for GearAndGuitars
GearAndGuitars 29th June 2013
Avatar for chessparov

Thought it would be cool to start a thread devoted to the brilliant R&R/Blue-Eyed Soul group, The Rascals. IMHO they've been...

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chessparov 29th June 2013
Avatar for Tomiboy

I've noticed more & more ATB's showing up for sale all around the place in varying degrees of dilapidation. Are they turning...

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travisbrown 29th June 2013
Avatar for Amber

So on his site I think he says they are all public domain samples etc. Some people on KVR had issue with him using someone else's...

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Amber 29th June 2013
Avatar for Philip Parker

For functionality and price, this is the monitor controller I've decided makes the most sense for my current setup. The only...

Philip Parker
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Philip Parker 29th June 2013
Avatar for sage691

Just wanted to see what some of you other slutz thought about this ? Been noticing some things lately whilst soloing my...

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NAJ89 29th June 2013
Avatar for TonyD

Hey guys and gals, Just finished up a mix in Pro Tools 9 on a system I've been mixing on for eons without problem. I always...

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Avatar for TonyD
TonyD 29th June 2013
Avatar for ThatGuyintheBack

Does anyone find they have any phasing issues when using a Fathead and LDC on a single cab speaker? Specifically if the LDC is...

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Avatar for Xander
Xander 29th June 2013
Avatar for soundcard91

Hi all, i produce mainly electroacoustic music and contemporary music, i need some good monitors i was thinking about genelec...

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soundcard91 29th June 2013
Avatar for Progmatic-Studios

Hi, Could someone please explain the difference between the Neve 1073 and 1081 EQ plugin? Thank you.

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Progmatic-Studios 29th June 2013
Avatar for germandan

First of all, I'm not completely sure this is the right place to post this. So if it isn't, forgive me :P :P So anyways, a...

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ulysses 29th June 2013