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1st speaker is fine, showing the comparison, second is messed up one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_84FjBsDaE they...

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loopy 22nd July 2013
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Hi, I have a first generation (firewire) Apogee Duet that I'm happy with, but sometimes I wish I had more channels / preamps....

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multivir 22nd July 2013
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Can I plug such big bodies Neutrik TRS plugs into 2 or more adjacent sockets of RME products? e.g. M-16/32 AD/DA, ADI-8 QS,...

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Helge 22nd July 2013
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Looking for a reasonable DI/Reamping Box(es). Is it necessary to have a separate box as my DI and another for Reamping or is...

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nosebleedaudio 22nd July 2013
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Deleted 1846071 22nd July 2013
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a friend has a chinese restaurant and asked me to make a load of "pling-ploing" muzak for him. (making, not using the...

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dirkierendie 22nd July 2013
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I know it all depends, all relative, but in general are there ranges you tend to cut often? Any that stand out as harsh,...

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mitchiemasha 22nd July 2013
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Hey guys, I have tried googling and searching gearslutz for this but have not been successful so I apologize if this topic has...

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Topsoe 22nd July 2013
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Just a heads up, that I can now fix a bricked eeprom....so if you were worried about firmware updates, dont. can be fixed, and...

Louis Bernstone
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Louis Bernstone 22nd July 2013
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Hi, fellows, i am searching for DC2020 schematics. i"ve just tried Alex (audiocreation), and soundcraft ......

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andremattos 22nd July 2013
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Sennheiser HD 800 - only $1,499.95 http://www.sweetwater.com/images/items/1800/HD800-xlarge.jpg I'll just probably stick...

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TheBrightSide 22nd July 2013
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Uh-oh, another active vs. passive DI question *raise the flame shield*. There are dozens of threads about this, but I still can't...

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subspace 22nd July 2013
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Trying to control my MV sounds with my Fantom. Also want to control my soft synths with my Fantom X7 butt using the MV to...

Dark star Balla
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Dark star Balla 22nd July 2013
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Hey gang I bought an M2600 recently and would like to know if anyone has any experience fixing a few problems I am having with...

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e_just 22nd July 2013
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I wanna record my band from my old Yamaha power-mixer (EMX 5000) into my Zoom H4N and the power-mixer has no XLR outs, only...

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DCtoDaylight 22nd July 2013
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Highs of speaker should be high as you ear, right? So why are most speaker stands 50, 60 cm ???? trying to find ones that...

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rhythm ranch 22nd July 2013
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hey slutz, I use Ableton, is there a way, without using mouse and browsing my folders to insert plugs? Im looking for a...

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joeq 21st July 2013
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Quote: To fix the volume loss problem - The feedback resistor in the input gain stage is R6, 5k6 - change to 10k The mixing...

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vandercauda 21st July 2013
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I really need some help to find out a great pedal that could compliment my Boss BD-2. I have a Yamaha PAC012 and a clean only...

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AbhinavBairathi 21st July 2013
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How to you increase the size/depth of your sounds ? Just more interested in go to boxes you use when you want to make things...

Deleted d22f2ee
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theblue1 21st July 2013
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I just want to ask something that's been on my mind for a while now. What can I expect from a professional studio in terms of...

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Frenchie Smith 21st July 2013
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Who has pretty quick turnaround for recapping/calibrating gear and has reasonable fees?

Rob Coates
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hasbeen 21st July 2013
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Hi. I have a Mackie Onyx 1220i mixer. I'm having 2 issues when trying to record my podcast that I'm wondering if I can fix....

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chriswild1122 21st July 2013
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Hello there, I was wondering how you could achieve this sound? I'm aware he is using reverb but what kind? Room, hall bla...

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johsjohs 21st July 2013
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I want to upgrade my home studio and I was curious as to whether or not the zed r16 is a good option. I feel like it fills a lot...

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AdamB420 21st July 2013
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I was wondering since there is one knob for the controls, like for volume, headphone volume, mic gain. Is it a push button to...

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bgrand 21st July 2013
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ive had my atb 32 for a couple years now and although i love it dearly, its just too tweaky for me. It confuses me and I don't...

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YOHAMI 21st July 2013
Avatar for Cloud One

Hello I'm in a mission to build simple home studio to produce electronic music. My plan is to keep everything super simple....

Cloud One
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Cloud One 21st July 2013
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I'm looking at getting my first console. I'm using it to sum and do a bit of OTB mixing, but I do record full bands and it'd be...

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Dutchy15 21st July 2013
Avatar for DPramz

Hey Guys, I'm currently in the market for a new pre and the Shadow Hill mono GAMA has really caught my eye. Shadow Hills Mono...

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NathanEldred 21st July 2013
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I have just blown one of my speakers. I have used them for years with my mbox2 pro and no issues. As soon as I get the RME one...

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cavern 21st July 2013
Avatar for Piranhadrum

Anyone know of this guy? His adds have been popping up on CL alot, offering mixing and mastering. Tried to do some research but...

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Piranhadrum 21st July 2013
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Looking for a distance room mic to cover the whole room, high clarity / signal-noise ratio, pretty clear and nuanced, detail mic,...

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asdfdsa 21st July 2013
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What would you guys recommend are the best sites to try when searching for band members? Unless i've overlooked it, i've not...

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psycho_monkey 21st July 2013
Avatar for CRYPTICprod

Hello, I have had the opportunity to start my own studio, at first I thought ok SSL Console but I have not got that money as...

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csauter 21st July 2013
Avatar for walth

Hello, Does anyone know what types of synths, drum machines and effects empire of the sun uses on their albums. They have a...

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psycho_monkey 21st July 2013
Avatar for Wesley.Apple

Hey guys, Been working on this problem for a while but can't get it licked - its time to ask someone wiser. I'm using Ableton...

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Wesley.Apple 21st July 2013
Avatar for ryanvegas

I just picked up a pair of Jbl 4238's on craigslist and they sound amazing. BUT! After a few weeks one of them now is making a...

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ryanvegas 21st July 2013
Avatar for Ahellam

Anyone else think it sounds fantastic? jkthtyrt The drums and bass I am especially fond of... there seems to be a nice sounding...

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bee 21st July 2013
Avatar for RP23

Hello, I was hoping that if anyone can help me out on this one. I have found some information but nothing specific to...

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tvent 21st July 2013
Avatar for SDB_12

Hi! I currently have a Midas Venice F16 and am looking to scale up a bit as I enjoy mixing on an analog console. I'm looking...

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Dutchy15 20th July 2013
Avatar for JAY D

I am a singer with a baritone voice. I mainly record folk/western/jazz..... anyways, I'm looking to take my first plunge into a...

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mds 20th July 2013
Avatar for producerlawson

So I'm wanting to change the pads on my DT770 Pro headphones for the third time (in two years). Currently they're fitted with...

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producerlawson 20th July 2013
Avatar for RBBT

Just wondering how many folks (if any) enjoy using dynamic's for overheads. If so with what have you had most luck with. Thank you

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Wayne 20th July 2013
Avatar for LBTM

Have anyone listened to that album? It sounds so damn good! Full, big, trashy and yet not harsh at all. IMO it's one of the best...

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Avatar for LBTM
LBTM 20th July 2013
Avatar for gurujon

Hello slutz! I recently bought a 1602 mixer and Im pretty happy with it. Ive bought some vintage effect racks and want to...

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gurujon 20th July 2013
Avatar for 340.29

One of my band mates just gave me a pair of old-school large powered monitors--make by Trekaly. They look like military grade...

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340.29 20th July 2013
Avatar for Providence

So I've read about as much as I can find on this mixer. I understand people love it and hate it. I've read that Jim Williams...

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Avatar for ward
ward 20th July 2013
Avatar for Squidbret

I'm going to be purchasing my first high-end ad/da converter in the next few weeks. I plan on using it for mastering services,...

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bendermastering 20th July 2013
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Hi everyone, I could really do with some advice. I have 24 channels of TDIF (3 Cables) connected between my RADAR and a couple...

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StudioKing 20th July 2013