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Right off the bat, I guess I know the answer is "what sounds best" I recently did a recording with a big...

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Cintronic 23rd July 2013
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ajax.musik 23rd July 2013
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I put on a weekly podcast using my Mackie Onyx 1220i. I require a Firewire 400 to 800 converter. Lately I have been finding...

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chriswild1122 23rd July 2013
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So I have a list of Mics that I own or can get a hold of. Which mics would work best on what part of a Drum Kit and why. The...

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1rechtien 23rd July 2013
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I'd love to know if anyone can suggest a software media/audio player that has a built in or add on EQ. Something with at least 12...

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theblue1 23rd July 2013
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LeMauce 23rd July 2013
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trying to decide on dramastic obsidian vs. the nail. 80% of time, mostly going to be used for mixing stereo bus compression but...

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RCM - Ronan 23rd July 2013
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One of my tracks on my 4 track is currently broken, I wanted to record drums and bass to one track and then mix those two...

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Baronim 23rd July 2013
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Hey Guys, I am definitely 100% satisfied with my Presonus Eureka currently, it amplified my AT4047 GREAT with a Class A...

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Hendyamps 23rd July 2013
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Hi all, I am trying to find some good gear to buy for a professional home studio. I am a pop producer, and recently signed a...

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petenap25 23rd July 2013
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I'm currently writing and recording a song that sounds very much early Beatlesque to me, and want to try to capture that same...

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PRobb 23rd July 2013
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Anybody know what's happening with Spectrafoo? Will they release a loudness meter in EBU mode?

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Evert 23rd July 2013
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Hi, we´re a band from Spain. Next February we´re going to record an album in Red Kite Studios, in the middle of a forest, in...

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Titerote 23rd July 2013
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I've been looking at old Bruel & Kjaer tube measurement preamplifiers (specifically the 2603). They seem to have a massive...

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Timmytwang 23rd July 2013
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Hello, Having such configuration ProTools HDX with C24 and 3rd party MIDI interface - is there any way to control RME Micstasy...

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UnDeFiNeD 23rd July 2013
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Can I use a Hear Technologies Hearback while Tracking with a Tascam 388? Can someone give me a rundown on how to do so?

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curehardy 23rd July 2013
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Just set up our bays and they've been working great. The one bay I'm having problems with is a Behrigner PX3000. Every channel...

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Labs 23rd July 2013
Avatar for Studious

I am moving more and more toward LCR methodology in my mixes, but every now and then a situation makes me itch to pan in between....

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wwittman 23rd July 2013
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Is there such a thing as a wireless headset mic that sounds as good (or close to as good) as a dynamic stage mic (i.e.,...

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Kiwi 23rd July 2013
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I just upgraded my setup for home recording and wondering if anyone can suggest some good "go to" settings as a...

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strangeways 23rd July 2013
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Hey all, new to this lunchbox game! Done many searches but looking for some more current info including new offerings. Looking...

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Bryce 23rd July 2013
Avatar for gregovertone

I grabbed Logic X. Waves plugs aren't showing up. I go to update them....and i have to pay $100?! I somehow missed...

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AllAboutTone 23rd July 2013
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Hey guys, i could really use a better engineer than me for a problem I'm having. I just started double mic-ing a 2x12 cab,...

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Flymax 23rd July 2013
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Hey all, With what's available on the market today and Avid stopping support for 00x interfaces, is it still worth it to get...

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sam guaiana 23rd July 2013
Avatar for pwn

Just wondering if anybody else has seen this. I leave my JBL LSR 4328P's powered 24/7, and I turn them on and off via the front...

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Runnytofu 23rd July 2013
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When turning on a distressor should you be able to hear that the unit is on. I feel like I hear the internal stuff working its...

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aaronabeyta 23rd July 2013
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Hi, I'm currently doing voice overs and my microphone AT2035 for some reason comes with some kind of reverb or echo which can...

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lonrot 23rd July 2013
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Hey has anyone tried using dissimilar mics as overheads? Like a ribbon facing over the floor tom towards the snare and a...

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Marcocet 23rd July 2013
Avatar for alisa

Hi! Any recommendations for a good sturdy mic stand for an AEA R44CX? Thanks so much!

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Marcocet 23rd July 2013
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ZombieMorg 23rd July 2013
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Hi folks, So im about 3 weeks from finishing out a complete studio build and ive decided I want a mixing console. My budget...

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Kris Bang Boom 22nd July 2013
Avatar for isync

Title sais it all. Mid field or main monitors? never seen...

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Avatar for Storm Mastering
Storm Mastering 22nd July 2013
Avatar for Bionicmoz

I like doing the single mic technique on drums BUT, the way I do it is between the batter side of the kick and floor Tom pointing...

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Avatar for Poopypants
Poopypants 22nd July 2013
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The other day, I reached into my headphone drawer and pulled out my Koss Pro/4X headphones. It had been a while since I last...

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joeq 22nd July 2013
Avatar for bace

Any one out there that knows what tubes they use in the twintube?

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bace 22nd July 2013
Avatar for andrewh

I'm using an MCI JH110 with a 1/4" head-stack. I haven't used these smaller reels before. How do I put them on the machine?...

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PRobb 22nd July 2013
Avatar for harrichambers

I recently have purchased an Oktava Mk319. Its lovely. I have to carry it around alot and am a little worried I am gunna bump...

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afshinz 22nd July 2013
Avatar for rmgt

Hey guys! I was thinking, can a ADAT recorder be used to transfer the audio to a audio interface? (yes, but...) The ideia...

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theblue1 22nd July 2013
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nst7 22nd July 2013
Avatar for 3dsmatt

I have been doing research on patchbays and I don't understand why everything has to be so complicated. I'm exasperated....

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netsound 22nd July 2013
Avatar for sadgod

Hey guys, just got done recording my own vox. Haven't recorded myself singing in a long time and had to relearn a lot of things....

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sadgod 22nd July 2013
Avatar for TornadoTed

I was listening to some old music I made in the 90's and I loved some of the distortion effects I got from overloading the...

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Seamus TM 22nd July 2013
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poiesznbeats 22nd July 2013
Avatar for Qubs

So i got my self an MPC2000xl (Finally) and i am ready to **** whit this big ass mofo... My **** is upgrade 32MB and 8 port...

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Qubs 22nd July 2013
Avatar for dr_pavlic

Hi, all. May anybody show model of big vocal mic in Halestorm Live videos Halestorm - "I Get Off" captured in The...

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Avatar for dr_pavlic
dr_pavlic 22nd July 2013
Avatar for producerlawson

So I have a pretty old Behringer T1953 Ultragain 'tube' preamp. It's horrific; I'll admit that, however about two years ago I...

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producerlawson 22nd July 2013
Avatar for Jidis

Anybody know the story on that weird looking SM57 mount you see in pictures? Looks like it has a layer of foam or something in...

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Jidis 22nd July 2013
Avatar for aladdinsane

oi oi I wasn't sure which topic I should post this under since I'm really new here etc., but I would really really appreciate...

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aladdinsane 22nd July 2013
Avatar for Coldsnow

Hi all, In the past I used something at mix bus to add a color to the entire mix. I've recently went to having different colors...

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imloggedin 22nd July 2013
Avatar for Iridescent

Hello everyone, this is my first post here, so excuse me if this is not exactly the right forum for this thread (had my doubts if...

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Iridescent 22nd July 2013