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Hey guys. I'm running into some issues with getting little pops when I record my synths through an ADAT Focusrite OctoPre MkII....

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adrianww 26th July 2013
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hope you're all well. I'm looking to buy a replacement power supply for my yamaha sy22. I was wondering if I'd be able to pick...

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macb3th 26th July 2013
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hey guys, i been thinking of getting the avalon 737 for months because of how many people say its a great preamp. i have a forte...

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butterfan214 26th July 2013
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Hey guys, I just got my Mytek Stereo96 DAC in the mail and got it home to hook it up. I hooked up a TOSLINK cable from the...

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jlcl 26th July 2013
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Hi there! So if you need a free keyboard track(s), I am willing to give it a shot. Not midi but real audio tracks, with real...

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Carcassonne 26th July 2013
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Hey guys, First of all I want to say I have learned an amazing amount of sh%t from GS over the past few years. Have always...

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dickiefunk 26th July 2013
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I surely don't own every pre out there (or even a small percentile), but I wonder if there's a better mic pre for rock bass than...

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1rechtien 26th July 2013
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Hey I'm currently in search of a patient and amazing vocal coach in the New York City area. I'm not sure if Donald Lawrence still...

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NoteHere 26th July 2013
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Title says it all, I'm looking to possibly sell my Yamaha PM1000 mixing console and would love some advice as to what a good...

Network Noise
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Jazzcrisis 26th July 2013
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Jason rocks 26th July 2013
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Hi, can i split the channel´s insert send return signal like this without problems: send 1: goes to a second mixer /...

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Flying_Dutchman 26th July 2013
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Hi Guys. I'm looking for service manual for AMEK BC2. does anyone knows where can I find a PDF version of it? Thanks grrr

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Roshgadol 26th July 2013
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Hi All, I've decided that I'm going to next work toward getting my rig awesome for tracking drums. I'm curious as to what people...

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heyman 26th July 2013
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hello i'm looking for some kind of "Tenori on" style plugin, only with more than 16 steps. any ideas ? ...

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invalidusername 26th July 2013
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SAE Institute will present its second annual Alumni Awards ceremony on Wednesday, July 31 from 6:00PM to 9:00PM. The ceremony is...

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SAEdood 26th July 2013
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What is the best method for cleaning a dirty/oxidized sealed pot? The last time I tried this, I drilled a tiny hole in the side,...

Rob Coates
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F.M. 26th July 2013
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Hey there, What's according to the prevailing opinion the best bass amp sim / emulation available? Mike

Mike Green
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ericsvizeny 26th July 2013
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Hi guys n gals Im a young engineer, who has become increasingly paranoid about his hearing. Im glad I have taken to this...

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Piranhadrum 26th July 2013
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On the SSL Nucleus, there is two optical SPDIF connectors, (input + output) I have a 1073DPD hooked up via SPDIF to my SSL...

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arjunchawda 26th July 2013
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Hi everyone, I am stuck right now finding the right studio monitors for my home studio. I have good acoustic treatment...

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Jomox 26th July 2013
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Hi All, I'm in the market for a good USB/FW DAC headphone preamp that also has a balanced monitor output with seperate volume...

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QuadLeo 26th July 2013
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Can't find any reviews on the web anywhere. Has anyone heard/owned them - what are they like? I'm looking for a similar...

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mindwalker 26th July 2013
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I want to trigger samples via MIDI, OSC or something else by slapping my hands on my knees and tapping the floor with my feet. I...

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deveas 26th July 2013
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Hi everyone. I'm thinking purchasing a dsi tempest but not sure if I should go old school and get a 909. A lot of people are...

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Monocoque 26th July 2013
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Recently I have decided to expand my home studio by setting up a 24 track console in conjunction with pro tools 10. To hook it...

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HeimBrent 26th July 2013
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systematika 26th July 2013
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HI all, I've been reading all sorts of things about using a patchbay and I'm having a very difficult time understanding even the...

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sl4zhz 26th July 2013
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Hey there I have a session coming up and the singer uses a harmonizer stomp box that harmonizes and pitch shifts his voice...

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Kiwi 26th July 2013
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wonder if the MS16 1" machine would be far superior against the 1/2" MSR16. anyone heard both?

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guitarguy8788 26th July 2013
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I am setting up a home recording studio for classical piano. I feel like a pair of good ribbons could be an interesting...

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Piedpiper 26th July 2013
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Let me put the question this way: What is a small (so likely SDC) version of the "cad m179", not that there is...

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Matti 26th July 2013
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Hi everyone, I've got a client who I'm currently in mix-revision mode with. The catch is that he's also just gone on tour and...

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Filthrill 26th July 2013
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Any boxes out there that do a similar job to the ADA8000? Need to augment my inputs via adat. Specifically looking for...

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mingustoo 26th July 2013
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if so,can you run a few of the plugins on the internal dsp without effecting the latency substantially?

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Kcatthedog 26th July 2013
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What Dynamic mic works good on drum overheads ? I read an article where a guy says he likes to use 421's when recording to...

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ProToCall 26th July 2013
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Hi all, I just bought the Fireface UCX. I'm using it in my video suite with a HP Z800 (12 cores @ 2.66 Ghz), 12 GB ram. I...

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ProToCall 26th July 2013
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This console emu is really great for rock guitar. Anyone else finding this? My favourite of the 5 for this application. Im...

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dodittydada 26th July 2013
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I have this problem with my cs-15d, sounds great and all, and just recently figured out how to get it tuned with the internal...

Deleted 7d6fdad
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elieman 26th July 2013
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In general, when using pre-delay - is it assumed that the predelay will delay BOTH the early reflections as well as the reverb...

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capproach 25th July 2013
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The question speaks for itself I think, although it's quite general. I'm looking to hear what gear you use to accomplish this-...

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garyboy2024 25th July 2013
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Just picked up the new Jose James album, "No Beginning No End" on vinyl. Really great music, and sonically stunning. ...

Jared Paul
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bdbender 25th July 2013
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The woofer on one of my Event ASP8s has begun to flutter. After reading on here and elsewhere I understand that this is a power...

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Indellable 25th July 2013
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Can I make my midi-keyboard wireless by connecting a transmitter to it like...

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TimOBrienFlorida 25th July 2013
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Why did the black one go away?

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Midasmouse 25th July 2013
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Can somebody point me towards the correct forum for selling gear? I've been searching for the answer for 15 minutes and have come...

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mishagolin 25th July 2013
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Hello, I am long time lurker first time poster. I am in the planning stages of putting together a Small but, Expandable...

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Isotalo 25th July 2013
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This mic MXL 910 Voice/Instrument Condenser Microphone is cheap, but is it really as special as a few articles and posts I have...

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rpagala 25th July 2013
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Hi all. Could do with a little help. I stupidly managed to break all the wires in the bottom of my SE2200A by trying to twist...

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JunkpileMat 25th July 2013
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Okay, so I have a question and I'm not sure I can answer it alone. Forgive me if this is the wrong place to past this, I spent 5...

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theblue1 25th July 2013
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So I am in the process of a home recording and can't afford a new mic (an SM7b would be better I know) All I have is a Beta...

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alexevans917 25th July 2013