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How many apply EQ during tracking? Would you advise against it? Only use small amounts? If you're generally overdubbing and not...

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lobsterinn 30th July 2013
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DaveTDC 29th July 2013
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Cleaning out a box of old stuff that's been kicking around the studio for what seem like forever, I found several Neumann TV-a...

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AlgoRhythms 29th July 2013
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Hi there,i was wondering if any of you could help me. I had a couple of questions about the apogee duet and the way i am...

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Dorado 29th July 2013
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Dan 29th July 2013
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I will have to mix Noise/Rock/Electro (a lot of sub and electric guitars). The guy sad they are tuned down 6 semitones:) WTF any...

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trevoire520 29th July 2013
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In your opinion what type of tape sounds best? My only experience is with Maxell UD and Ampex 456. Anyone know what kind of...

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hibbmatt 29th July 2013
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I have been a big fan of the Voxbox for years and I decided to try it on a 2 bus. After getting a song in Cubase and bouncing it...

Glenn Bucci
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BuildaFriend 29th July 2013
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hey guys ive been searching for improve ad quality for my rme now ive found a benchmark adc1 how can i use it with rme im...

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risingson8 29th July 2013
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Im looking to see if anyone here has used some sort of material like foam, rubber, ext to help with tube vibration and rattle....

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e3p0 29th July 2013
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Now, on a lot of cheap/expensive preamps, there is a TRS instrument input along with the mic's XLR input. So is there any...

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John Wells 29th July 2013
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Maybe a strange question... Is 500series gear compatible with the x-rack. And is the SSL x-rack stuff mountable in a 500series...

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DaVogi 29th July 2013
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For Metric Halo ULN-8, looking for the ideal breakout/patch configuration. I ordered the necessary breakout cables to go from...

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ALLaboutMYsound 29th July 2013
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1. If I want to create a derivative work, do I first contact the publisher expressing my interest in creating a derivative work?...

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Inceptic 29th July 2013
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This is from a "vine" he posted. Just curious if any of you guys know what program that is? The pics are blurry but...

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fraserd 29th July 2013
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I have a synth, going to a Radial DI. I have the choice of sending it line level into my UAD Apollo, either into the Apollo's...

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morerecords 29th July 2013
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I'm trying to get a round up of some DSP systems out there as every one I have come across has been a revolution to me. I use...

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splitpoint 29th July 2013
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I'm looking for some feedback on this. How is the performance with an ipad and is the built in mic useable?

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Reverb 29th July 2013
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Hello. I currently use Adam A7 with Adam sub 8 for my current monitoring. Altho I am very happy with my current set up as far...

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Lenzo 29th July 2013
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Hi there, Firstly, thank you to everyone from who I've learned so much on this forum over the past year. I play in an...

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Vintageidiot 29th July 2013
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Lexicon 550 FX ProcessorDigitech TSR24S FX ProcessorAlesis MIDI Verb III FX ProcessorART VLA Dual-Tube Comp/Limiter (with...

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neirbod 29th July 2013
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I really want to know if you guys have any tools you cannot live without in the studio - for both mixing and recording. Tools...

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jrides 29th July 2013
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Im looking for a good mic for my voice in the $500 range. I've been looking at the rode ntk, it seems to go with the way I rap....

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ghosty999 29th July 2013
Avatar for AudioWonderland

Are any of you doing this? What are you using? My old Peterson for example had a sweetened temperment for guitar that worked very...

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AudioWonderland 29th July 2013
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I've been looking for a very good channel strip for some voice over work. I have a baritone voice. I sometime also record some...

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SolarAxix 29th July 2013
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I recently had a client that was reading about Bono tracking his vocals in the control room with the speakers really loud (To put...

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Faderjockey 29th July 2013
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I'm a videographer and I am looking for headphones to use in the field for monitoring interviews and also when I'm editing during...

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Labs 29th July 2013
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Just interested in getting some suggestions of albums that people find excessively bright and/or harsh. I guess...

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Aaron Miller 29th July 2013
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hey guys, im looking for good headphones to mix master my recording, i cant have my studio monitor loud in my apartment cause...

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MFW 29th July 2013
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So - a couple weeks ago I went over to a studio here in Nashville to hear a mic mod in the making on the CV4...The owner of the...

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SoundEng1 29th July 2013
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Hi all, I've been thinking really hard about which interface and mic to go with, and I was curious if the FocusRite Forte is...

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butterfan214 29th July 2013
Avatar for mixer guy

Hey everyone, I am thinking about moving to nashville and am looking to produce bands and solo artists of the R&B,...

mixer guy
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Gretschman 29th July 2013
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Unbelievable footage, and an amazing audio engineering feat. The Lap: oeO2q8FzcnM The Story: RVeSYyYzjhY Make sure...

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asagaai 29th July 2013
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Hi guys, I got an Focusrite Saffire 6 and an AKG C214 mic. I guess next step is an mic preamp, right? So, I was reading and...

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ccg 29th July 2013
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mikel33 29th July 2013
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Hi Gents, I jumped on the budget Reverb buying bus this summer. Got a Roland R880. It came with the 2.0 version program on it. I...

glenn Taylor
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glenn Taylor 28th July 2013
Avatar for drumdrum

Hi all, I've been offered a swap for my Adam a7xs for a pair of Genelec 8040a. Went have time to demo both, as it's a private...

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targa2 28th July 2013
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I'm doing some research on digital mixer / control surface hybrids, but I need some help discovering what products are out there....

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brncao 28th July 2013
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WHAT I HAVE i have a an iMac / BLA 002r rig. routing / monitoring: central station & furman hds i have some fun pres...

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countrymetalguy 28th July 2013
Avatar for SmoothVibe

If you would get any high end console or summing device for free, analog or digital, OTB or ITB, based purely on the most...

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gollumsluvslave 28th July 2013
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Software-controlled hardware processing integration. Inserts hardware processors into production workflow just like...

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disco judas 28th July 2013
Avatar for weiss2496

Hi all I would like to get some feedback from all UCX users out there on the reliability of the RME UCX interface. I.e. did...

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PirateCatAudio 28th July 2013
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1. (Volume Control) does not change (cmasiopPCIX) volume. 2. (cmasiopPCIX) does not have microphone input. 3. irritating...

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Jedinhopy 28th July 2013
Avatar for musicmixer04

anyone used them? looks interresting Pop Filter, Pop Shield, Dual Layer Pop Shield at Editorskeys.com

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rcb4t2 28th July 2013
Avatar for allaccess

The Studio Prodigy Master Class Series continues with Session Three: The Art of Recording a Big Band with Al Schmitt and Steve...

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allaccess 28th July 2013
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Hello guys, I am really uninformed about new trend in music biz concerning home studi equipment. could somebody tell me where...

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AllAboutTone 28th July 2013
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C&C Custom Acrylic Drum Set - Coke Bottle Green w/ Awabi Stripes - YouTube This, or really any of their videos, are great...

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nosebleedaudio 28th July 2013
Avatar for JPRich

So i've almost treated my room, I have a tube mic pre for some color, a few decent mic's...enough to get most jobs done. decent...

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travisbrown 28th July 2013
Avatar for Play

Is there some software available for PC which would work with this microphone for decoding?

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Play 28th July 2013
Avatar for 010110111

hey all. I've recently started recording bits and pieces from my PC to my reel to reel. I notice on bringing the audio back...

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010110111 28th July 2013