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Dear All, the sommer special from MH makes me nervous. I have now a RME FF-400 for the last 6 years. I do only electronic...

Deleted 21e0168
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Deleted 21e0168311c84ec 10th August 2013
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Does anyone know much about these cables. are they any good ? What do they compare to ? Thanks

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jazz411 10th August 2013
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SIC001 10th August 2013
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Hi, I have acquired a couple of MCI 600 channels, any one out there who have racked these things? who did you do? I need to...

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nosebleedaudio 10th August 2013
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...Looking for Mary Wells-era style long-tail chamber verb. Using TL Space, RVerb, Altiverb, Space Designer and Revibe. Also...

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waldie wave 10th August 2013
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I'm a proud owner of a 1981 MCI JH-24. I was gonna name it "Brady" because it has that formica wood paneling like the...

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Demonslave 10th August 2013
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Hey guys, I do live sound and have been noticing something more and more on the music I buy off iTunes. Many of the songs have a...

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noiseflaw 10th August 2013
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Dear Folks, I'm setting up a 5.1ch home theater with Genelec G Four and Genelec G Three active monitor speakers and need...

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intgenx 10th August 2013
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Please and thank you :) Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I317

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GearAndGuitars 10th August 2013
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What is your favorite 'cheap thrill' plugin or virtual instrument? (The plugin that when you apply it is the studio equivalent...

Deleted 911ead9
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GearAndGuitars 10th August 2013
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Can anyone out there recommend a decent tech, ideally in the UK that has done or who would overhaul my CR 8000 with the analogue...

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stevee0303 10th August 2013
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Anyone know of a mass produced empty 500 series shell or enclosure that would be suitable for mounting an old API 312 card?? I...

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HarborCity 10th August 2013
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Hello all Just gt a pair of tm-1s to record my upright piano with. How would you guys have these set up? Is it worth also tring...

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Jcc61 10th August 2013
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Hey guys I'm looking into getting a headphone amp for the purposes of mixing. My circumstances dictate that I can't have a...

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Kyran 10th August 2013
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Hey everyone, I just got a pair of twins new and they have surface scratches on the clear coat here the bag and packing material...

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elvstudios 10th August 2013
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monoXstereo 10th August 2013
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I've looked around on the internet, but I can't find much information on the original Beta 87. Is it a hypercardioid pattern...

Hot Vibrato
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Malcolm Boyce 10th August 2013
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I currently using an Alesis io14 to drive some Yamaha HR80M monitors. I currently cant stand how the Alesis audio output...

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oretez 10th August 2013
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I need a smooth compressor for vocals. Anyone tried both of these, which will do better on the aplication. Im after something to...

John Z
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John Z 9th August 2013
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This question is for the professional mixing engineers and studio owners on this board. Have you ever been wowed by a...

Deleted 911ead9
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Deleted 911ead9 9th August 2013
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Have you ever done it? How would I go about it? Get the mic to a place where it doesn't pick up many highs and then boost the...

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joeq 9th August 2013
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K guys, I think I have read just about every thread on here and I'm looking at: 550a (probably the most talked about 500...

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Frenchie Smith 9th August 2013
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Hi, i have a M Audio Profire 2626 connected to my hackintosh (a pc that runs mac and windows). Im loocking for a professional...

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timstoel 9th August 2013
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Looking for more of a warm sounding recording. Been in digital my whole life. Is it possible to record analogue on a budget?? Any...

Johnny Martin312
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Johnny Martin312 9th August 2013
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Hi everyone im trying to make my vocals sound like a boys real time so if i want to perform in front of my school I could do it....

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tchibo 9th August 2013
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Hey there. I have a question about headroom. I have connected a pedal to the output of my interface. The maximum input...

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Ben B 9th August 2013
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Hey guys! I've always wondered what were the pros of mixing with a console instead of a DAW. I mean, every professional studio...

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Kenny Gioia 9th August 2013
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I'm watching a Chicago video. What microphones are the horn section using in this video? Thanks! Chicago - video footage of...

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Chaellus 9th August 2013
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Hi all, I've recently come into possession of a Meyer MS 1000 Amplifier, and I'm looking to sell it. I can't seem to find...

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satiesque 9th August 2013
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A news website posted this on fb: Sound Band - Finally, a headset without speakers! by Hybra Advance Technology, Inc....

Bruno Cubero
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Bruno Cubero 9th August 2013
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Looking for 500 Series recommendations to help warm up tracking into my Apollo a bit. Need Line inputs on them as well. I also...

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conflict151 9th August 2013
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Ive had delay problems with drumsampling that are driving me crazy. ive used drumexchangers before and it has worked...

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nixoblivion 9th August 2013
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hello there good people, I need to mix two electric guitars, on a funky / RnB track, both guitar takes play exactly the same...

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rtprods 9th August 2013
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Hi, Could I please ask for some advice... I'm in a small home studio with my amps in another room and it has become...

hemmick reef
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F.M. 9th August 2013
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Hello, I was working many years ago on Atari STe and have a bunch of Floppy discs with .arr files. I want to have them now...

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Shaolin 9th August 2013
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I've had this stuck in my head for a few days and now it's bugging me. It's an electronic/pop song with female vocals and the...

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nst7 9th August 2013
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I like the sound of the EHX Black Finger... Is there a similar spec. mono or stereo compressor that could be rack mounted for...

hemmick reef
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hemmick reef 9th August 2013
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I just got an email from someone about these new AMI F44 mics that are supposed to be pretty awesome. There's almost no info...

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floydisbest 9th August 2013
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I helped a friend with a dump run today and in his electronics recycling box was a Shure Brothers Incorporated 580SA Unidyne A...

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Unclenny 9th August 2013
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Hey, I was wondering if any of you lot had any reccomendations for a gritty, clearly digital synth.. aliasing etc. all welcome!...

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kpsiegel 9th August 2013
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I have completely rebuild my recording room and did a few recordings to find out where my drum overheads will sound the...

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Showcase 9th August 2013
Avatar for Edwards

I was helping a friend pick out a new live mic and we decided to try out the AKG D5 for ****s and giggles alongside an SM58 and...

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eio 9th August 2013
Avatar for lordward

Hello fellow slutz, I just pulled an old D12 out of a box that I've had lying around for years! I have not used this mic in a...

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travisbrown 9th August 2013
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Is it usually normal that a dedicated techno synth/sound module/drum machine sounds better than a general workstation keyboard...

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nickknack 9th August 2013
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Looking for some ideas here, as it seems that there is little consensus to be found in a forum search...

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lhama 9th August 2013
Avatar for JeromeMason

Hey Guys, I've got a 3124mb that I use to boost the output of my BLA PM8 passive outs and also I use the two remaining...

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JeromeMason 9th August 2013
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Do these make sense for US$399? Is that a good price?

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nuthinupmysleeve 9th August 2013
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Hi, I’m working on a huge personal project and I want it to be shared with you. It’s quite a crazy adventure 3 years long...

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Liumander 9th August 2013
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Hi guys, new here, but I was hoping I'll be able to get my problem resolved fairly quickly. It seems the woofer has gone out in...

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RightOnRome 9th August 2013
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Hello, Anybody...what kind of mixer is...

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sam guaiana 9th August 2013