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I was cleaning up my studio and plugged in my mf-101 which I hadn't used in ages - man I love this thing! I used it as effect...

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jzip 19th August 2013
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Has anybody used the vurus ti2? Would you suggest it as a good buy? Prophet 12? Roland x6? How does anybody know which one...

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Royaldeadman 18th August 2013
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Hi guys! The total beginner about audio gear is back and needs your help. :cool: I want to buy a cheap MIDI controller to...

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tsukeyomi 18th August 2013
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Fizzyhair 18th August 2013
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I want to use Morphestra which is used in kontakt for live performance and want to know if the Korg nano Kontrol works with it on...

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georg102 18th August 2013
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Just picked up a pair of these and wanted to say how much I like them. I find them very clear, detailed, and clean. Anyone...

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DigitMus 18th August 2013
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So i finally thought after a few years i should show off my DIY clone builds a bit. I love themjummpp! Thought some you fellow...

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iamproof 18th August 2013
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Hello to everyone, I have own some studio speakers,Klein and Hummel 0300 in january 2012.And really,it blowned my head.With...

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DCtoDaylight 18th August 2013
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My 121 seems to have a "haze" to the body and I wipe it down but it comes back. This is in non-smoking home studio....

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Ibenhad 18th August 2013
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Im looking for tape for my Tascam 38 8-tr recorder and i am wondering is this RMG SM911 1/2 inch tape any good if you compare it...

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vincentvangogo 18th August 2013
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Hi, am a big Daniel Lanois fan, as musician and producer. I have recently seen in youtube his video demoing (and endorsing) the...

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GearAndGuitars 18th August 2013
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This K2 does not have the signature black band at its base. Is this a change made for newer K2's?

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Caramel 18th August 2013
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Man, this Ifet looks like a great offering. I was leaning towards new kick sounds with Yamaha Subkick and Beyer M88TG internal. ...

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GrooveMerchant 18th August 2013
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So, just some info: I have no equipment and just recently ordered the Presonus Audiobox Studio... I do, however have a Kohler...

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krushing 18th August 2013
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Hey guys, Well after searching for too long on what seems to me a simple question, I gotta ask the gurus. So on my small mixer...

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Kiwi 18th August 2013
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spurratic 18th August 2013
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Hi guys, I'm just wondering how to get this two sounds. I'm trying very hard but no results. If you listen to this song Rizzle...

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Liumander 18th August 2013
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Hi, do you know how can i find some information about reggae production, I'm fascinated by drums sounds and i don't know how to...

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Liumander 18th August 2013
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I was wondering if anyone's seen heard, or know of some way to diagnose this. I have a Waldorf Microwave XT, and recently, any...

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madmaxmarchhare 18th August 2013
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hwutHPYGgfU Hope you guys enjoy the video.

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Chaellus 18th August 2013
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I'm having a bit of a problem that I cannot figure out. I've got a pair of QSC K10 speakers and if i plug in a keyboard either...

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moogalieri 18th August 2013
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HI there folks- Long time lurker. I have an interesting monitor situation, and could sure use your input. I primarily am going...

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PersonaNonGrata 18th August 2013
Avatar for Network Noise

I'd like to get a nice DI and have been looking at the Ferrite Passive DI and the VP 312DI. I've already got some VP26's that...

Network Noise
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Network Noise 18th August 2013
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Hi I recently bought a used Alesis D4 unit, and something seems to be wrong. The output volume is way low, and there's a loud...

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HSLand 18th August 2013
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I just decided to mess around with my Dad's old TEAC A-6300, thinking that while it might may not be considered a "pro"...

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iacntspell 18th August 2013
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hey yall, looking for info about the chess records studio. particularly IN LOVE with the stuff produced there, specially stuff...

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Boogie Bill 18th August 2013
Avatar for ShierlingAudio

The radio station I work at is thinking of putting a Presonus StudioLive 32 ch in their sound studio where we have bands play...

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Wyllys 18th August 2013
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Hey guys, in the past year or so I've started summing my mixes with the D-Box (love it BTW). I used to be totally ITB and ran...

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Kcatthedog 18th August 2013
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the focusing illusion creates a bias in favour of goods that are initially exciting, even if they will eventually lose their...

Deleted 230b1c7
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Deleted 230b1c7 17th August 2013
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We've been having a strange noise issue in the studio, and can't seem to suss it. We've eliminated every piece of gear as a...

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SproutCityRusty 17th August 2013
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Hey Guys, Needing to help a touring band outfit themselves with a solid monitor desk (on ears) as cost effectively as...

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cgrain22 17th August 2013
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A thread for any dubheads out there. I'm into reggae/dub massively, and one studio that has fascinated me is Wackies that has...

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DAH 17th August 2013
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I need a new mic and I don't want tube. I want to spend around $1500 max. I need it for acoustic guitar and male vox once, but...

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Elationmiclab 17th August 2013
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Recently got an american audio Encore 2000 unit but it wont support certain usb devices well. Some of you know which USB...

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Arnoud87 17th August 2013
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Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums. I'm a novice engineer and a beat maker of 6 years. I just recently went to a...

Sleepy Biggs
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Sleepy Biggs 17th August 2013
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If this question has been answered already, I apologize, but I am unable to find it. What microphone is Paul using on this 1968...

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patlaw 17th August 2013
Avatar for EDF

Kind of messed up with my MBox 2, but I can get a Mbox 1 at a decent price. I mainly record rap vocals and production. That's...

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nst7 17th August 2013
Avatar for DrFrankencopter

Hi folks, I'm looking for suggestions for a low profile snare mic stand. I don't need tons of positioning options as this is...

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DrFrankencopter 17th August 2013
Avatar for Kris Pohl

Hello! I am about to order Sound Anchor,monitor stands and was wondering about the ideal height as they are custom made to your...

Kris Pohl
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woodsman 17th August 2013
Avatar for jtvrdy

anyone using JBL 4307? sound?

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jtvrdy 17th August 2013
Avatar for Rufuss Sewell

I've recently moved from a Rosetta 800 with Symphony Mobile to a Quad Apollo. The Symphony was on a PCIexpress to Thunderbolt...

Rufuss Sewell
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limey222 17th August 2013
Avatar for Callison

Yesterday I received the bad news that I have to move out of my studio (Debaser) in a month. So on the look out for a new place...

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Callison 17th August 2013
Avatar for shrimpbait

Does anyone know what mic this dude is using for vocals? James mercer that is ..... Thanks

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gevermil 17th August 2013
Avatar for RichardMaple

I am looking to start using rta software or equipment to eq my live system. Rather than buying a speaker management system I am...

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RichardMaple 17th August 2013
Avatar for MREVOL

Looking at these and wondering if anyone has a/b'd? I like the control on both, plus hpf is a plus. Have read a lot and this...

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j2dafo 17th August 2013
Avatar for 88fingerz

Good day to all! This is KILLING ME!!!! It's not even cell phone useage in my studio (I have an "ALL CELLS OFF"...

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dale116dot7 17th August 2013
Avatar for Synthophia

Dear Pals, I just purchased an Arturia analog factory 32 MIDI keyboard. Right after connecting that to the computer using a usb...

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Synthophia 17th August 2013
Avatar for HSLand

There was a thread on here called "Why do pro mixes sound 'far away'?" or something like that. The guy said that pro...

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HSLand 17th August 2013
Avatar for Xcaliber

EDIT: I should have done some more research before posting this, it looks like Scott left Jackson and went to Washburn and the SG...

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bicasaur 17th August 2013
Avatar for word_play

Hey guys, I've recently ordered some new gear and I need a 6U rack. Coming is a Vintech x73i pre and a dbx160a compressor....

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Avatar for nickelironsteel
nickelironsteel 17th August 2013