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So this guy seems to have a lot of synths, on what appears to be an ikea bookcase. I've always wondered if there's some sort of...

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dtirer 20th August 2013
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Hi, I'm posting this to see how much time you spend on getting rid of extraneous noises and which noises you watch out for and...

Christopher Bay
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AllBread 20th August 2013
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I realized that I previously posted this thread in the wrong section, so hopefully someone can help ;) I am looking to upgrade...

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markymarcm 20th August 2013
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Yup, 23 years and down the tubes. Is there a way to get assessed value for used gear so that lawyers would be satisfied...

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DrFrankencopter 20th August 2013
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Looking for a synthesizer that comes with its own loaded sounds that I can take on stage that also has the ability to download...

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DispoReflecTriad 20th August 2013
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I'll start. Uplifting music: Vince Gill - "Go Rest High On That Mountain" Vince Gill - "Go Rest High On...

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SmoothVibe 19th August 2013
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I have an apple 27" Cinema Display that connects one to my 2011 MBP mini DP port. However, that is the only connection this...

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gar_lei 19th August 2013
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I know there are no rights and wrongs - if it sounds good it is good etc... but in a typical rock/pop mix...

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Drumsound 19th August 2013
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Need to find a carrier to pick up and transport a 2` tape recorder from Birmingham AL to Nashville. Anybody who can recommend a...

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HonkyTonk 19th August 2013
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Hey guys, I found a lot of great threads on here regarding recording acoustic guitars. However, the mic recommendations were...

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DBmixman 19th August 2013
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is this rack screws for quik lok rack? Amazon.com: Raxxess PTSW25 Rack Screws with Washers (Pack of 25): Musical...

disco judas
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disco judas 19th August 2013
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Hey, So the drummer hit the mic..... :( My experience with the pencil tool is non existent and after a couple of tries I can't...

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Matti 19th August 2013
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Hi, I have just sold my Alesis microverb 3 on ebay. I have the power supply but I have misplaced it as I am packing to move...

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alisonb 19th August 2013
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So I was recently watching a video on the Dangerous Music Liason, and I was thinking to myself "what a great product"....

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ltjohnrambo 19th August 2013
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Hi everyone, this is my first post. I just went out and bought a Scarlett Focusrite 2i2 to start doing some home recording. I...

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s.d.finley 19th August 2013
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Hi Folks, Currently use a steinberg MR816x. Good sounding unit, bit as I'm getting more analog gear the inability to bypass...

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GYang 19th August 2013
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markwick 19th August 2013
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So, I've been playing around, in the very limited time I have and with the very limited toys I have, with some ideas that I think...

Dean Roddey
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Dean Roddey 19th August 2013
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Good news!! I have finally gotten in touch with Tony after a few years of frustrating failed attempts. The phone number and email...

Fred Mann
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MARTIN FEVEYEAR 19th August 2013
Avatar for overman

Has anyone tried clip nuts (link below) in place of cage nuts? I'm thinking of trying them out, but am slightly sceptical of...

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schmuck 19th August 2013
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Hi, I'm just wondering if you could have up to 3 contrasting preamps to cover a wide range of sources at any price what would...

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CJ1973 19th August 2013
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My current Hafler P1500 is starting to die.. no idea why... but I may replace it anyway, I've heard it isn't the greatest amp to...

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the keester 19th August 2013
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Hey Guys. I want to discuss about a problem that has occured to me a couple of times when iam mixing. lets say that we have a...

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Wayne 19th August 2013
Avatar for Play

Is there a LDC which will work well for covering both of these aspects? I want to be equipped to do some ADR and vocal recording...

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Earcatcher 19th August 2013
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What do you think has the besr response in low frequencies? I heard tannoy system 12 dmt ii/ old krks (7000b/9000b) are the...

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ryanvegas 19th August 2013
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Anyone have a any experience with this desk? 32 inputs, 8 stereo returns, 8 aux, 8 groups. The idea was to use this as a...

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espenwestbye 19th August 2013
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Hello everyone - This is my first post here. I am not a professional musician, but I have a friend who owns a studio and...

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theblue1 19th August 2013
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Anyone use the Portagig 50? I just got one and it seems to run a bit hot, was wondering if anyone has had any...

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celticrogues 19th August 2013
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Could you guys recommend me a good preamp companion for my Pacifica and LA610 MK2? I need something that'll complement these...

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Vintageidiot 19th August 2013
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Hey Everybody! I've looked through the forums to see if anyone has had this same problem- but it doesn't seem that common, so...

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acos1 19th August 2013
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Hey, anyone know of any mixing rooms in the Dallas area that have great monitoring? I work at a studio but it is too booked for...

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dudeitsree 19th August 2013
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Hello! Building my desk tomorrow and I'm planning on including rack spaces on the desktop. Just to be clear I am going to...

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ddageek 19th August 2013
Avatar for 146029

Hi there. Anyone out there willing to part with theirs or perhaps point me in the direction of a source? Thanks

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ElMadScientist 19th August 2013
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I've been wanting to buy a good set of monitoring headphones as a supplement to my main home studio monitors and for tracking. I...

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ElMadScientist 19th August 2013
Avatar for Jason rocks

I know this Behringer/Midas mixer is very good for live setups and several churches i know use it and are very happy with...

Jason rocks
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Jason rocks 19th August 2013
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I have $500 to buy two mics for cajon recording. What would you recommend?

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Djembe 19th August 2013
Avatar for Megalith

Hello, All, I'll be receiving a pair of KH 120 A tomorrow and am unsure as to how I should be adjusting their controls. They...

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drtechno 19th August 2013
Avatar for Deleted a99ecae

Hi guys, I bought the Roland TD-30KV last year so that I can practice more at home and now I want to start recording,...

Deleted a99ecae
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Deleted a99ecae79f3dd9c 19th August 2013
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Hi, first post on here. I have Mackie 1640i which am using with Reaper which in general has been working fine. However, we are...

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areeetha 19th August 2013
Avatar for Kabby

I'm interested in starting a dialog about driving preamps into saturation. My question is: When driving a preamp to the point...

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Kabby 19th August 2013
Avatar for BrandRecordingCo

Just curious...how much money can an artist like John Mayer, or other big bands/acts like that make per gig. I know that live...

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ScoobyDoo555 19th August 2013
Avatar for Melodic Wave

Hi All, as usual, and as a good number of you, I'm in the market for low end theory miracles. I was wondering if any of you have...

Melodic Wave
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adam_w 19th August 2013
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thought this was cute It never occurred to me to make a choir of theremins their intonation was not anywhere near as good...

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Kiwi 19th August 2013
Avatar for Camnitdameron

My room is roughly 10 by 12 ft. so I'm looking for a mic or two that can capture my groups rehearsals & my drumming scratch...

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Melodic Wave 19th August 2013
Avatar for cryophonik

Does anybody know of an adjustable-angle keyboard stand that clamps to a desk? I'm thinking of something like the add-on tier...

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Avatar for dtirer
dtirer 19th August 2013
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Hey Guys/Gals, I'm in the process of remodeling my studio, well actually adding to what I have already. I've thought about adding...

Melodic Wave
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Avatar for Melodic Wave
Melodic Wave 19th August 2013
Avatar for nerdxvana

Trying to find settings for the amp and pedal for this sound...

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Avatar for Kiwi
Kiwi 19th August 2013
Avatar for lifesize

just wondering who's used the charter oak compressor. i know it's supposed to be transparent, just control dynamics. any...

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lifesize 19th August 2013
Avatar for mckaymental

Hi Guys! I have a Firepod and aslo have a BBE Sonic Mazimizer and a TC M300 Delay and unit reverb. I want to know how I can...

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kochane 19th August 2013
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Quick question in regards to sub. I have a HS10W paired with a pair of BM6a. I have the crossover on the sub set to 80. When I...

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Vasquez3 19th August 2013