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So this is my first post here, and I really like to shake things up, so we're gunna go straight into the realm of...

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friseruse 21st August 2013
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I keep seeing these eBay: NS10's pop up in the eBay ads next to the forum posts and I'm just wondering should I go for it? I...

Ol' Betsey
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Jeb A 21st August 2013
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Hi All, So I have trawled the forums for this answer but cant find exactly what I am looking for. I am new to home recording...

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dudeitsree 21st August 2013
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Anyone have any audio clips from the Apex580 of acoustic guitar or vocals? Can't find any demos anywhere. Anything negative to...

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lucid1ty 21st August 2013
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For anyone who knows both of these monitors... I auditioned the S7R's recently and really loved the 3D depth and imaging and the...

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analogjeff 21st August 2013
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I have a pair of KRK VXT4s in my home writing studio. They're good, and defined, but they're a little bright and don't have much...

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dtirer 21st August 2013
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claveslave 21st August 2013
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Ok a little 4.5 min challenge for anyone who's interested. If you can find a better track with a better, more consistent bottom...

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nuthinupmysleeve 21st August 2013
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Hey everyone, It's becoming more and more common in the film industry for productions to request actors submit a...

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doncaparker 21st August 2013
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I have a chance to pick up Shure SCM800 auto mixer, and plan to use it only as preamp thru direct out. How are the preamps on...

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TS-12 21st August 2013
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8/20/13 update: I sold it for $250. so I have a mint condition Technics SL-1710mk2 turntable with the original box &...

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jwpotts 21st August 2013
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Hey there. Looking for my first analog mixer. Originally was researching the Soundcraft Spirit Studio, but then heard a lot of...

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jimelectric 21st August 2013
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This is from their website: Dear Open Labs Creators, The team at Open Labs holds the highest appreciation for the...

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cherrymusic 21st August 2013
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Hey guys:-) Please don't bash me for this because it may sound like a stupid question, but i just purchased the 500 pre from...

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xavi 21st August 2013
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I see someone selling these locally and was wondering how they would be for studio monitors. Anyone familiar with these models?...

Lazer Toms
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Lazer Toms 21st August 2013
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Hi I am getting ready to purchase my first piece of analog gear, namely some type of synthesizer and then possibly a sequencer...

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drbob1 21st August 2013
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I see on Ebay people claiming that the Echolette D14 is a rebadged Sennheiser MD409, yet it appears to be an AKG D14s. Also I...

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DirkP 21st August 2013
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I have a Peavey/AMR 2400 console in mothballs right now, purchased used about 8 years ago. It was taken out of service when I...

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Tomiboy 21st August 2013
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i found one on ebay that went for only $85... but didn't realize it was from australia, so will be 2-3 weeks before it gets...

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patshep 20th August 2013
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Looking to buy a single Active Avantone Mixcube, preferably in the UK. Wondering if anyone is getting rid of one or has a pair...

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JamieOxford 20th August 2013
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I'm looking for any midi controller that has modwheels.. ideally one with just knobs+faders+a modwheel or two. I just like the...

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maxiedaniels 20th August 2013
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I bought a used Telefunken ECC801S from ebay (that tested strong on their tester) a while back to replace the tube in my CAD...

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MusicManic 20th August 2013
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Currently I'm running on bad sins by using the Behringer Multigate Pro, which let jump on the band wagon; it's diabolical .. It...

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producerlawson 20th August 2013
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Anyone have experience using these. I had and older ashly from the 80's I think that was pretty cool. It would be nice to have a...

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nick8801 20th August 2013
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The panning of the left and right mics in the Glyn Johns method of recording drums is still up in the air for me. I know what I...

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AwTAC 20th August 2013
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Hi, Are there any cons of using Apogee Rosetta 800 with RME AIO via ADAT on PC? I'm in a market for used adda (min.8 analogue...

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sd-cd 20th August 2013
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Hey guys, hope everyone's well? Could one of you 1176LN (blackface) connoiseurs help me out with this little query? I brought...

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Banalism 20th August 2013
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I have a pair of KRK V8 Series II monitors, have used them for a while so am used to them. Figure it's time for an upgrade to...

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johnnyc 20th August 2013
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Can someone in here help me find a working Kawai xd-5? If you have one and want to get rid of it, please PM me.

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gurujon 20th August 2013
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Hello, I'm looking to record both electric and acoustic guitar through my Chandler Germanium preamp. However, I'm currently...

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elambo 20th August 2013
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I'm looking for a stomp-box style FX pedal that I can use to get T-Pain/Bon Iver style live autotune effects on my vocals. Not...

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peanutismint 20th August 2013
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Hello! I recently bought a Studer A810 which lacks the MP unit card. The serial number of the recorder is 4503. Does...

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tomkin 20th August 2013
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Hi guys, I just have a quick query thats been driving me nuts all morning. I bought a 2nd hand Echo Layla 3g for a great...

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nathansweeney 20th August 2013
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Had my heart set on a Two Rock amp, and have narrowed it to the 22w combo series. Any opinions on the studio pro VS the studio...

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Doc Goodin 20th August 2013
Avatar for neon

I want a good Boombox or mall Micro System to check my mixes in the "real world" something in the style of...

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nickelironsteel 20th August 2013
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I bought the DMG equilibrium a while ago. I think it's a superb great sounding EQ! After some mixing sessions I realized I...

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j2dafo 20th August 2013
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Yes I know - "use your ears" "whats good for you may not be good for me" - "there are no rules" etc...

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StEvE1961 20th August 2013
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I want to but a new mic in my home studio I search long time, and I found some list sounds good Avantone CV12 Neumann TLM102...

Deleted f28f754
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Shaolin 20th August 2013
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Hi, I'm be in a compulsory gap between my studies soon where I have to go to work for a year, I don't really want to leave the UK...

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Whitecat 20th August 2013
Avatar for gunther

Hi, I use an AC30, which I love. The only complaint I have about it is that, while the highs are chimey and gorgeous, the bass...

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WinnyP 20th August 2013
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TheLoud1Please 20th August 2013
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Hi, I am looking for stereo speakers for my living room. I was using M-Audio AV40s in my college room and they were easily the...

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loom91 20th August 2013
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AndreGood 20th August 2013
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So right now I'm currently using a Peluso 22 251--Avedis Ma5--Mytek 192 Ad stereo I have narrow down everything to two...

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cheu78 20th August 2013
Avatar for auralart

Every night I've been having dreams of acquiring new gear. A few nights ago it was an SSL desk, the next day it was a bunch of...

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auralart 20th August 2013
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Just bought a pair of MP-500nv preamps and one 512c in an API 6 space. I was previously planning on the Great River pair and...

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mattg082 20th August 2013
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How much do they differ. typically? I seem to notice chorus's that ramp up around 2-3 BPM often. Anyone heard stuff that...

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Avatar for corybrunnemann
corybrunnemann 20th August 2013
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Hey guys, I live in New Orleans and am trying to get a board from Houston. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on...

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darbyclash34 20th August 2013
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I have a $500 condenser mic, AKG Perception 820 Tube Mic I have a decent mic pre, the digidesign Pre I have a decent converter,...

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enginefire 20th August 2013
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So I was given this box of stuff I'm trying to record. I've got a kazoo, a glockenspeil, a few pots and pans, tambourine and most...

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timtoonz 20th August 2013