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I'm trying to use it to control a Novation Supernova 2, I read the manual and I can't figure it out. I'd very simply like to be...

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DispoReflecTriad 28th August 2013
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I need a polyphonic synth for pads and soundscapes. I'd like to find something under $1,000. I'm not ruling out keys but I have...

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Dr.Poon 28th August 2013
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Hey everybody, this is my first thread. I ask to post here the images of the frequency response graph of the monitors you...

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ddz 28th August 2013
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I am currently in the process of purchasing studio monitors, like many others on this site. From the research I have done, I...

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ddageek 28th August 2013
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Hi, ...I'm new to this, so please put up with me! I'm just testing out my new living room speakers - M-Audio BX5 D2s,...

Dan B
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Dan B 28th August 2013
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Does anyone here know how the pan law in Cubase 7 is implemented? When is it engaged? Issue 1: When is it engaged? A)...

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SmoothVibe 28th August 2013
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well im moving up from forte, but dont knwo what audio interface i should get, i was thinking about rme fireface UCX but i think...

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desotoslo 28th August 2013
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Hi guys, So my TLM103 has basically kicked the bucket for the last time. It needs a new capsule, I'm sure of it. Anyone...

Mo Facta
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Mo Facta 28th August 2013
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Hey all, I was wondering. Is is possible to reamp through a talkbox, either passive (Heil) or active (Rocktron...

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vaas 28th August 2013
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Hey, I've tried to contact Native w this question, but so far no luck. I was thinking of getting the Guitar Rig Kontrol and...

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LieS 28th August 2013
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I don't know where to put this thread, sorry if it's not very accurate. Does anyone know whether iTunes is selling mp3 or...

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nickknack 28th August 2013
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A fairly interesting information display, presented for your delectation. Nice to have actual revenue data rather than...

Empty Planet
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pan60 28th August 2013
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I am trying replace a cable for a small LCD field monitor. At first glance it appears to be a standard 3.5mm TRRS (4-conductor)...

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Boschen 28th August 2013
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Hi people, I got a lead on a cheap second hand 81 but it doesn't have the slits on the side of the head.... Anyone seen this...

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ashmundo 28th August 2013
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I'm going to post a statement here that I think people will have quite different reactions to. But it would be interesting to...

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nept 28th August 2013
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Anyone have any info on Terry Thomas? He's produced/engineered/mixed some of my fav. records. Tesla's Bust a Nut came on my...

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popmann 27th August 2013
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Hey there, Me and my band just started recording for our second-album. We found a snare-sound we realy like, but I have no idea...

the Lob
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Mike Caffrey 27th August 2013
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Hey guys, New here... Which of those would be best for tracking? I want something that has a somehwat flat response. Im also open...

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euphoria89 27th August 2013
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Hey, I'm about to upgrade my home studio. The core of my setup is currently logic 9 on a MacBook Pro mid 2010 with a Duet 1...

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LieS 27th August 2013
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Hello, Sorry if this is the wrong forum section for this, but I'll shoot anyway I've had the Akai MPK49 for around 2 years...

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BitseK 27th August 2013
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Hey guys, I am having a good time after my reverb buying binge last few months. Got a Sony R7, Roland 330, two Behringer V Verbs...

glenn Taylor
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glenn Taylor 27th August 2013
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Hello, I currently own a Blue Robbie Mic Pre. I use a Shure KSM44 mic with an MBOX Mini 3rd generation. The stock tube sounds...

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ludditeaudio 27th August 2013
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Howdy! I'm at a loss here...and running out of time for ordering. Heading out to China for 2 months, and trying to keep a...

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jamesrode 27th August 2013
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So a guy sent a email asking how much I charge for a full production , I offer him 250 hrs for tracking plus mixing and mastering...

Jimmy kiddo
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Jimmy kiddo 27th August 2013
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Okay so I'm looking to get a few dynamic mics. I already have 2 SM58s, 2 SM57s, and I got a bunch of mics for free 4 PG58s, 2...

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taylorro 27th August 2013
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Hi everyone. First post! Well I know that "is this gear good?" threads do tend to take over the forum, but after...

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digidan 27th August 2013
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Hey, I have a quick wiring question. I have a mobile recording rig in a mixer/rack combo case, and I want to be able to...

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260642 27th August 2013
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I'm pretty set on picking up a ULN-2 to seriously record some music that's been in the works for a while, but I'm a bit confused...

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verbcrunch 27th August 2013
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Hi all, So I've popped my hardware cherry with a Roland R-8M drum module yesterday and I've got a couple of questions if...

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gongbass 27th August 2013
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hello! i want to buy a hardware to do some acid house stuff. i choose x0xb0x as a synth but can u tell me which one is the...

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drbob1 27th August 2013
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Hi there, UREI model 950 ANCA: Ambient Noise Controlled Amplifier... Ah... Just got given one of those by a friend who didn't...

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makeitwork 27th August 2013
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Yo guys, I've had a look through the forum and a few people seem to have experienced similar problems to this, not sure if its...

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kae0r 27th August 2013
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I have been looking to get some of Audio Technica mics known for their versatility, but I can't afford to get them at the store....

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nosebleedaudio 27th August 2013
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mynaemisjonas 27th August 2013
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In this case it is a sampled solo violin. Also,suggestions for thin sounding lead guitars are appreciated as...

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targa2 27th August 2013
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hi gearslutz can anyone help me to find some informations about the modules on the pics below? there is no label or name on...

sos basement
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sos basement 27th August 2013
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Hey guys and girls, I'm having some issues with my recently purchased Tascam US-600 interface. It's working perfectly on my...

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arrdent 27th August 2013
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I've read a few older threads on this and am not getting a clear answer. I am adding a sub to my monitoring setup, I would...

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Tristan.miller 27th August 2013
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Anyone know of any good resources to hunt down the instrumental versions of pop songs from the last ten years?

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lurker94 27th August 2013
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I am using a 166xl and I like pretty good on kik and snare. However, I would like to get something to use on the mix buss and I...

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foamboy 27th August 2013
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Hi all, I've been looking around at stands, for Mackie mixers, and while I've seen some for the 24 channel, I'm wondering if...

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Nebakanezer 27th August 2013
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Is anyone else still awaiting their upgrade? I had PT9 that came with my interface. Then I got he PT10 Student cross grade...

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herecomesyourman 27th August 2013
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Recorded some vocals with a Beta 58a last year and want to go back and redo some parts. Problem is....no more Beta 58a...

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JLiRD808 27th August 2013
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ok so i have a tascam dm 3200 with the firwire interface card.i have everything routing like its suppose to be, ch 17-32 inputs...

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DHerdeSouth 27th August 2013
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HELLO GS I've been looking everywhere, truly have. Can't seem to find a vocal sample library/site/pack that has the samples...

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Gurglesplat 27th August 2013
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So, this is one of my favorite albums of all time, and I guess I am just curious on how they got the sounds of everything on this...

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DrFrankencopter 27th August 2013
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I was just wondering, do the 500 series modules sound as good as the full rack versions of higher end preamp? I just wonder...

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doulos30 27th August 2013
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Hi- so, I have an iMac. Serves me really well, it is about a year old. My interface is a Digi 003. I am planning on getting some...

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templejazz82 27th August 2013
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Buying a lynx aurora tomorrow. Wanting to make sure it works. Not familiar with stand alone converters. I have an rme...

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DrFrankencopter 27th August 2013
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I've just bought a JoeMeek MQ3 for peanuts in the hope that it will give some warm mojo that everyone talks about in the Warm...

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NBattistone 27th August 2013