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For Your Information: Many of you may be aware of the current online auction offering schematics and information involving...

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brill bedroom 28th October 2013
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Ok so to make it short power supply > large LCD tube mic > interface at 45db gain input > logic x 88.2khz 64bit >...

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Xander 28th October 2013
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I'm attaching a link to a video I uploaded some time ago showing the noise level when the Audiobox USB line/mic input is turned...

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sadsultan 28th October 2013
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I'm looking to buy an analog mixer from which I can handle both the live sound mix and send the output straight to my recorder....

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davet 28th October 2013
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I randomly saw this on Facebook and can't find anything on Google about it....

Tha Knoq
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Gonebytim 28th October 2013
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Hi When I run signals through my PM8 I get very noticeable hum and noise. The only thing to d to get the noise as low in...

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ConstantVoltage 28th October 2013
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Hey everyone, I am looking for an electric keyboard that is going to be fairly inexpensive and has some decent functionality. I...

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Kiwi 28th October 2013
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Hey everyone, I know a few companies sell basically the same ribbon mic with different levels of quality control and support...

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Xander 28th October 2013
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I bought an Electro Voice RE20 to be used for vocals and kick drum and anything else i really felt like and when i got it it...

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Herc 28th October 2013
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Hi guys, how you doing? Posted this on another forum, but no success... So, I've bought an Eventide H3000, D/SE version,...

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d_honda 28th October 2013
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I´m searching for smaller second monitors without the hyped highs and lows like the Avantone Mixcubes, NS10, Genelec G One...

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vincentvangogo 28th October 2013
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Hello I use a Tonelux otb16 with the Steinberg mr816, if I use the 1&2 outs for my monitors I cannot use the 1&2 channels...

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andrew caramia 28th October 2013
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I have an Neumann KMI body with an 84 capsule on it. The XLR prongs on it is loose. I can jiggle it around and when I do, there...

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Sunshy 28th October 2013
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Is there a burn in time for brand new tube mics? Or is this wind / air force one jet noise is my mic a sign of a bad tube? ...

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audiojunky2222 28th October 2013
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I am thinking buying BOSS SE-50 and using it for vocal effects. I am in aggrotech band and we need some vocal processing unit, so...

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Rust Creep 28th October 2013
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Using my first outboard compressor, looking to compress samples (kicks,snares,vocals) and send the new compressed file back ITB....

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Kiwi 28th October 2013
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Is +9 the correct reference level for rmg 900 or am I better at+6 also should I be over biasing by 4db at 15 ips

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wilshawuk 28th October 2013
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Ok first off i want develop a greater setup for home recording with having the potential to record a 5 plus microphone drum...

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stuartayre 27th October 2013
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Having some glitchy audio and unexpected behavior with an Apollo 16. Anyone know how to factory reset it?

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SRS 27th October 2013
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Hello! First-time poster here, nice to finally be a member of such a fantastically useful forum :D I am a university student...

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MrOrange1992 27th October 2013
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Hey everybody, I recently got all the pieces together to get my TEAC 85-16 1" machine up and running. Now, the issue is...

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joeq 27th October 2013
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I experienced serious hearing loss on my right ear (my "phone" ear). that is MATTER OF FACT coming from my cellphone....

George Necola
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joeq 27th October 2013
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Can someone tell me the correct operating level and over bias of rmg 900 Cheers Richard

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wilshawuk 27th October 2013
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Anyone listen yet? It's way more spacious. Doesn't make my ears bleed. Sounds like the entire record was made just this year...

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The Real MC 27th October 2013
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I know the insides of these units are totally different, but it seems like they might compete for the same prize. ...

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piersbaron 27th October 2013
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Man Yousendit is over. I'm done. Hightail is horrible. What's good? Something with a nice user account interface. Good for...

James Lugo
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gogar 27th October 2013
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Hi, Does anyone have any experience of using the TL Audio Ivory 5021 Dual Valve Compressor ? I've read a couple of negative...

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tenderboy 27th October 2013
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Hi, I recently acquired a Solidtube and had a look at its innards to see if the foam had been removed. During the process I...

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frans 27th October 2013
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Is Soundtoys present at AES ? Are they showing the Microshift , availability ?

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mfx 27th October 2013
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Looking for passive monitors. Any suggestions? I have a couple really good power amps with extremely flat frequency responses....

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Hjelmevold 27th October 2013
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Hi all, That gear itch is coming back. I have some go-to plugins for kicks and 808's but Im interested in getting an OB comp....

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herecomesyourman 27th October 2013
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Once again I need your help kfhkh I'd like to try a V72 or a V76. It seems sound of both are quite similar, or at least...

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Piedpiper 27th October 2013
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My client just bought some gears for a little studio he's setting up, and he chose to get the Apogee Quartet. I have to go to...

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dbjp 27th October 2013
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I'll be recording a 5 piece band live off the floor but the keyboardist (who has 2 keyboards, each with midi outs) has requested...

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The Famous Yard 27th October 2013
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Obviously when a bass track has overtones, low mids, generally because it's played that way, you have these tone options that...

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Wayne 27th October 2013
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I have been trying to use the search function all day with no luck. Just sits there spinning. Anyone know what is going...

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brightshine 27th October 2013
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those 1/8" to cassette deck adapters for cars got me thinking. does it contribute anything to sound? the head to head...

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EmirHassan 26th October 2013
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Okay Im going with a Furman ar-1215 or ar-15. But I have 3 questions. 1. Since my whole room is on the same circuit,instead...

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Dan O 26th October 2013
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Am I crazy? I was thinking that a pair of MD421s should be my next purchase and for some reason I had it in my head that people...

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edva 26th October 2013
Avatar for Fat dog

Hi My first post, used the site a lot over the years for lots of info. I was wanting to run my audio outs from my mpc through a...

Fat dog
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Fat dog 26th October 2013
Avatar for Rob Coates

Has anybody here done the Black Lion Audio mod to their Bellari compressor? Did it improve the sound in a significant way for the...

Rob Coates
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Avatar for Rob Coates
Rob Coates 26th October 2013
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Hello pros! I've been recording now for about a year and I'm getting my hands on heavier and heavier plugins, wich makes my...

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TurboJets 26th October 2013
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How do you guys like to track drums? Do you go section by section... or track until the drummer makes a mistake, and than punch...

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RCM - Ronan 26th October 2013
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This forum has sent me a warning (and deleted my earlier post) because I had posted a link to my web page where you could find...

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MikeRivers 26th October 2013
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Excepts known compressors like Distressors , 1176 what do you recommend ? I'm thinking about something from Joemeek line so...

janek 68
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Deleted d78e603 26th October 2013
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I have a Digi 002. I've cut many sessions and records with it, but I'd like to get a better final product. I've seen videos...

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BigShiid 26th October 2013
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hey guys i'm looking into getting another mic for my bass guitar amp. I already have a d112 but am looking for something...

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rodez 26th October 2013
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I'm willing to suffer the slings and arrows of all who will tell me not to bother them with this post, or to do a search, or to...

Mark Kaufman
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Customcomp 26th October 2013
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OK, let's take this topic one step further. I had to double check my calculations with one of my friends who is a mathematician,...

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Karloff70 26th October 2013
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so i have an 812 running to an otari mx 50-50. everything has been fine since i got new monitors. it seems my left monitor jack...

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damiza20 26th October 2013