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Hi everyone! *I'm not an english speaker, sorry for this :) Recently I got Mackie Control Universal Pro in my posession.I t...

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melgib 5th November 2013
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I noticed a recent post regarding how to get a good "crack" out of SSD. I didn't want to hijack the thread in the...

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kittonian 5th November 2013
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Hello, I need to upgrade my audio interface and my max budget is around 1500€. Some retailers suggested me to buy the Apogee...

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andy00 5th November 2013
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Hi All! I was browsing world wide internet for couple of days and could not fine anything decent in terms of mobile synth...

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Genshi86 5th November 2013
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In a couple cases recently, I have been coming across tracks with a pretty ugly "snap, crackle, pop" going on. In one...

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skylantern 5th November 2013
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Does anyone know of a simple 2x AES i/o to USB device that works off CoreAudio drivers? I'm trying an iPad setup with Auria....

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travisbrown 5th November 2013
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I used to have a dav bg9. Great obviously. I sold it because I needed 2 channels. Usefully the di had a normal xlr output and a...

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Shaolin 5th November 2013
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Hello there :) I have been researching this for a while now on these forums to try and decide what converter to get to compliment...

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Labs 5th November 2013
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Not the most exotic topic but I asked on the computer section and no one replied (I don't blame them lol). Would profire...

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hugolast 5th November 2013
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Your fav dynamic for vocals and not counting the Sm7b is...

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nickelironsteel 5th November 2013
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Just got 16 SCA N72's delivered. Its going to be a marathon to build all these...

jason baliban
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jason baliban 5th November 2013
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Dear Gearslutz, I'm looking for a home studio-friendly upper middle class preamp, and sonically and practically, the Daking...

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fusebop 5th November 2013
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Any recommendations on a good headset (wired or wireless) or lapel mic that is unobtrusive, used for singing? I presently have a...

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Toddskins 5th November 2013
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I'm planning to purchase the EIE Pro(or some other audio interface) and using it in a way where I'm putting my computer(OS X) to...

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ZombieMorg 5th November 2013
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So, I've been using Slate trigger for a few years and been very happy. I find that when using the plugin in the mix the triggered...

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Spede 5th November 2013
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Does any one know if I can use the DAW control- faders and transport - simultaneously with FW400 out of X32 compact and FW800 out...

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Jeff D. 5th November 2013
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Hey gear guys! Question: Have any of you had experience with the original Roland V-Synth? (not the GT or XT version). #1. Ive...

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Joe Porto 5th November 2013
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I've got a UA Apollo and I'm looking to get an Audient ASP008 as a means of adding 8 more channels through ADAT. This will bring...

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drumdrum 5th November 2013
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Hey guys, I am constantly having issues with a pair of SM81s whenever micing guitar up close. Any puff of wind or movement nearby...

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wcx08 5th November 2013
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budget is tight so a hi end digital mixer is out of the question. i was looking at an allen heath gld series, did some small...

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Mikeitloud 5th November 2013
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Been checking these out, but it seems every place has the 16 for about one thousand dollars less than the 8...what gives?? Anyone...

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xavi 5th November 2013
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I have PT HD with a 192 patched into a 96 tt bay. All my pre's go from live room/vox booth normalled to the inputs of PT. I have...

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LeMauce 5th November 2013
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HI All, Not sure if this is in the right place but I am looking for an Oxfordshire studio preferably into singer/songwriter,...

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Kristofer Harris 5th November 2013
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Hey everybody, It's been a while since the last time I posted here. I've been extremely busy. My career's back on the rise and...

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Rick Sutton 5th November 2013
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am wondering what it is about gear design that provides a 3d sound??

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studerian 5th November 2013
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Hi guys, First post on the forums! I'm a complete beginner but I would like to start producing music on my computer. I've...

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musicrabbit 5th November 2013
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Hello, I was thinking about creating a podcast that simulates an AM radio broadcast fidelity-wise. Does anybody have any ideas...

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scrubs 4th November 2013
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For the context, I'll start by quoting things these guys said. Like a lot of guys here, I'm mostly by myself when I track...

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Jules 4th November 2013
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I've had an artist mix for about 6 or 7 months now, and I almost never use it. Initially I thought having faders and knobs would...

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blackmajik2021 4th November 2013
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To all the engineers, do most big and small time artists take alot of vocal takes to finish a record? Wondering about this...

Adonis Martine
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slaves666 4th November 2013
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Hey german Gearslutz, any recommendations on american or other european retailers outside of Merkel-Land??? I'd love to get...

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andrewj 4th November 2013
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Have you guys seen/heard this thing? Oly Reviews: SM57-USB - YouTube

NF Audio
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NF Audio 4th November 2013
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Hey guys! Have you checked out KOL's latest album "Mechanical Bull"? Beside incredible songwriting, I was completely...

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ludvista29 4th November 2013
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I just bought JBLs Control 1 (8 Ohms 50W) as my 2nd pair of monitors. Do you know what amp is good to power this monitors?...

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simon_rst 4th November 2013
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Hi, I'm about to buy a used Allen & Heath GL2 … don't want to rackmount it, but rather have it sit on my desk. I saw in...

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lxj 4th November 2013
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Hey guys! I was curious as to how you guys go about automation. I mean, people are always saying they ride faders a lot, A...

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149117 4th November 2013
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I know Canares has different kinds of cable. Is the starquad the best or is it the lower level stuff compared to what else they...

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matias_thinKing 4th November 2013
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Hi. Sorry if this is not the right place to post this. I will be in NYC (Manhattan) for a couple of days later this month. Can...

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djejnyc 4th November 2013
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Hey guys - There's an older thread from 2008 that details a situation very similar to mine, however I wanted to get a bit more...

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KRStudio 4th November 2013
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I've been using an Apogee Duet 2 for the past 18 months and am relatively pleased with it. Whilst going through my attic, I...

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emjaytee 4th November 2013
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I am purchasing my first midi controller, primarily for songwriting via Logic X. I'm looking for a controller with pads and EQ...

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Travst 4th November 2013
Avatar for Joringgg

Hi everyone, I'm in France so buying in USA is a big fight with sellers, shipping, etc... Can you recommend me some of the best...

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andrewj 4th November 2013
Avatar for Citrus Fresh

Hi Slutz Being a fanatic dub / funk and soul / rock fan I've found I'm chasing the sound of recording to tape. I've been...

Citrus Fresh
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drbob1 4th November 2013
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I am looking for some midi and audio in/out help... I have a Juno 106 Maschine Sh 201 HS 10s Technic 1210 Pioneer...

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CJ Mastering 4th November 2013
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Hi I'm about to get started installing a Harrison MR4, but unfortunately the previous owner seems to have lost the manuals for...

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russjf 4th November 2013
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Hello I am looking to buy a microphone for recording all kinds of things such as bus ,doors, People ,Spirits ring,...

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skandal 4th November 2013
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Minimalism is something I like to implement in everything I do, certainly audio engineering. Who are some engineers that take the...

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omnialinx 4th November 2013
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Has anyone used the Beyer TG I50d? Looks like it was released earlier this year. I can't find much info on it. beyerdynamic TG...

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col 4th November 2013
Avatar for computeruser

Hypothetically if you programmed a drum track using Korg DDD-1 samples in a computer software program then used the line out on...

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Karloff70 4th November 2013
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223559 4th November 2013