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What do you prefer and why? Go! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I317

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ryanvegas 15th November 2013
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I recieved my new Seb 4000e preamp today. And have to say GREAT PRE. I used it on overheads, snare and bassdrum. It kills!!!

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amiotcqss 15th November 2013
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I looking for a device that can send a midi clock out to sync up a looper I have with my Roland SP-404. Currently I'm using...

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troswalt 15th November 2013
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Any of you guys know any big records where the vocals were tracked using a U87 AI? This microphone gets so much hate its...

Adonis Martine
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TheLastByte 15th November 2013
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I don't know much about guitar/amp signals; more of an electronic/keys guy. I helped my dad get some studio monitors for a...

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drewspuppet 15th November 2013
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I was going through a bunch of stuff I bought and came across this. The MX 1+. Huh? Sorry, I nor Google have no idea what...

Cajun Bob
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Cajun Bob 15th November 2013
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Saw this in a video tour of Eric Valentine's studio. Some kind of frequency monitor or something?

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TML 15th November 2013
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two guys playing lots of old synths seek anybody who knows electronic drums and sequencing and things...... we need a brain....

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bitchhaus 15th November 2013
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Hey guys, I am completely new on GS and I'm hoping to get some advice. I have been living in the Nashville area for about 8...

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Bob Olhsson 15th November 2013
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edyer 15th November 2013
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So originally I wanted a tlm 103 for vocals but found there are better mics out there and I was also interested in the akg c 414...

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krheatman 15th November 2013
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Not the religious group but the Steve Kilbey band. The album I really want to know about is "Priest=Aura" I think it...

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Kiwi 15th November 2013
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Hello everybody I really like the effect this guy is using but I can't figure out what it is Is it done in the post or you can...

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Kiwi 15th November 2013
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I'm taking my podcast on the road and would like to put together a setup that is less bulky and more flexible, and preferably one...

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ndisdabest 15th November 2013
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So I bought a used Pro VLA II a couple months ago. I tested it (worked perfectly), then set it aside until a couple days ago when...

john john
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Travst 15th November 2013
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Ok, so there's some obvious answers to this, but isn't there some sleepers too? EV has been around for a long time (30's?). What...

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concreteblue 15th November 2013
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For the Sennheiser 650HD: What preamp, headphone amp, dac, and audio interface to get the full potential out of these cans? Will...

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KBOXX 15th November 2013
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The RNC is my first and only hardware compressor. Lately I've done a bit of upgrading and am now (for most applications) going...

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StarfishMusic 15th November 2013
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Hi Gang, I recently acquired an API 2500, and am immensely enjoying the seemingly infinite universe of possibilities contained...

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mike vee 14th November 2013
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Been doing alot of research on these monitors but still not sure what to get.. They only have a A7X to demo and not the A8X in...

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Prabha 14th November 2013
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Hi there, any of my fellow Aussie Slutz going to the Face The Music conference in Melbourne, today and/or tomorrow? Jules

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jrakarl 14th November 2013
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Hey Slutz! I am a Director of Technology for a good sized church. We're doing a large building upgrade and now is a great time...

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mightyeskimo 14th November 2013
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I would imagine that similar questions have been posted around here in the past, so I apologize in advance for any redundancy!...

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GQPianoGuy 14th November 2013
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Hey there, I've been wondering about this for quite a while... I keep switching between the clock of the card and the internal...

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jeremyglover 14th November 2013
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First real post here, so hello from a long time lurker! So I'm going to be getting a new Mac Pro when it's out. My old and...

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afterworks 14th November 2013
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I'm looking to find the best way to distribute these multi-tracks "legally" on the Internet for people "like...

Kenny Gioia
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alternating.bit 14th November 2013
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I want to get something to add.. Something.. To the mix buss. I was thinking maybe that rnd tape emulation or something like...

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Kyleseglin 14th November 2013
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Looking into an electronic drum set and module combo for live and pre production drum tracking compatible with my EZ drummer plug...

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williamseric 14th November 2013
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Hello, I'm mixing a kind of Disco thing and I want to get a real oldschool sound on my drums in the bridge, to start with, I...

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damien 14th November 2013
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I'm not sure if this is the right place, but I just got an announcement from TC about giving $5000 for your Lexicon 300L, 480L,...

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Rick Carson 14th November 2013
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If there's one sentence that forever seems to appear on this forum about various pieces of kit it's "So do you have a...

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FireMoon 14th November 2013
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A friend of mine wants to hook up a 24 channel desk to his mac. He doesn't need the preamps on the interfaces. So I suggested he...

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mixedbyolivier 14th November 2013
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When reading the user guide of my Soundcraft Ghost mixer i saw that this mixer has 'balanced' inputs and 'ground compensated'...

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Seamus O' Bottle 14th November 2013
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Hi, I'm kinda new to mixing. I make progressive house/anthemic music. My mix is sounding really messy, and my pads and synths and...

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Getafix 14th November 2013
Avatar for Chase Orion

Is there a way to set the apogee rosetta 200 so that when you turn it on it automatically goes to 44k? Right now it always sets...

Chase Orion
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Slug1 14th November 2013
Avatar for taiko

Very happy RME user here; multiface was great; now loving the UFX. Some semi-random questions/thoughts, thanks for your replies...

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lou latch 14th November 2013
Avatar for rodez

Hi, I'd like to buy a U67. Should I buy a vintage one or should I try to get one of the reissue Neumann made in the...

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rodez 14th November 2013
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HI, I'm trying to achieve this vocal effect found in Mark Knight - Your Love Mark Knight - Your Love (Original Club Mix) -...

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iamthepuma 14th November 2013
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scb89 14th November 2013
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Hi - save for putting up something on one's own server, what is the best way to share mp3s? I don't want to do SCloud, because...

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work2do 14th November 2013
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How do i link the play pause record and transport buttons to fl studio 11. I cant figure it out. Help me please.

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Batteryz 14th November 2013
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I've got a patch bay coming my way - a buddy heard I was looking and he's gifted me a DBX patchbay he had lying around. Happy...

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nms 14th November 2013
Avatar for Tacoboy

I'm looking at replacing my Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 setup and getting some Studio monitors for use with my Win PC. I live in an...

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Tacoboy 14th November 2013
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this is my first post hopefully someone can help . i have a panasonic ramsa wrda7 that i have had for several years but never got...

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classictunz 14th November 2013
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Hi guys! I recently purchased a pair of KRK Rokit 8 monitors. But a little later I discovered some ripples on the yellow woofer...

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johnhmiller 13th November 2013
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So, i know this question has been posed and while I am researching a buy on NS10M's, I am entertaining options. I mean, we're...

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Heartfelt 13th November 2013
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Anyone here have any and care to comment on them? i just heard about them today on another forum and did a search here but...

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fmk2000 13th November 2013
Avatar for thepilgrimsdream

I hear clips of them in shootouts, and they sound phenomenal on everything I've heard. Every once in a while there will be one on...

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hasbeen 13th November 2013
Avatar for wilshawuk

Hi I I want to align my 24 track 2" for 15ips. i have an mrl tape at 250nw/m should i be setting the vu's to 0vu?

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tinn 13th November 2013
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My bedroom studio is pretty tight and I can't fit my monitor stands in a good position, so I am stuck with either wall mounting...

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Dervish Riff 13th November 2013