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does anyone have any insight about the sounds on this track. i'd love to forestall the usual...

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turing 21st November 2013
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Hi all. Just dug out my tascam msr 16s after years, gave it a clean and demag but seems a couple of tracks have a not very nice...

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vincentvangogo 21st November 2013
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Hey guys I'm looking for a talkback unit for my studio. Is anyone selling a unit like the Brainstorm or something...

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McAulayK 21st November 2013
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Hi all I have wanted to upgrade my interface for some time now I own a presonus firestudio project and an m audio project...

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Drummerbman 21st November 2013
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Which would be an ideal midi controller to run both Ableton Live Suite 9 & Komplete 9 Ultimate together? I would like to be...

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KBOXX 21st November 2013
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Hi, just wanted to see if this would be an okay combination for a home studio and what I would need to connect everythiny...

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BVMD 21st November 2013
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Just wondering what would be a great midi controller that can use both Ableton Live 9 Suite & Komplete 9 Ulltimate...

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Diastro 21st November 2013
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Hello everybody.... thanks for reading my post. What studio speakers would you consider buying, used tannoy precision 8D or...

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lesa 21st November 2013
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I'm not sure where to put this thread but doood! http://losangeles.***************/lac/muc/4204084287.html I know this...

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psycho_monkey 20th November 2013
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This is on the front page of ableton.com today. Anyone know what the white console is? http://i.imgur.com/WiOrCSV.png

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fazealigned 20th November 2013
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Let's be honest, does the UA reissue get a ton of hate because it really is a bad unit - or is it because it's just massively...

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Seditionary 20th November 2013
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Deleted f25ebd2 20th November 2013
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Hi, I need to replace a power supply (wallwart) and need to find a 12vac 1.2amps psu. I can't find a place where they sell...

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Dyonight 20th November 2013
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Hello. I've been trying to produce electronic music for two months using FL Studio but I recently bought the Logic pro x cause I...

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Venedetta 20th November 2013
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So, a month back I bought a TAB U74, mostly out of interest (and a good buy price on ebay), and I only just wired up tails for it...

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drtechno 20th November 2013
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Hi all, Just got an amazing deal on an original AD16 last week. But it got me to thinking... if I sold this guy, they seem to...

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NeveSSL1 20th November 2013
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What do you guys think of this device? Is it worth the money? Is it better to get another interface with a similar price? If so,...

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titetrax 20th November 2013
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just writing a bit about things that affect audio quality in recording devices, and was wondering if there is a reason why most...

Aaron Butler
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Aaron Butler 20th November 2013
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I was recently asked to write an article for ProToolerBlog.com. So I decided to write about a song I co-produced, recorded and...

Tony Shepperd
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bayouland 20th November 2013
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Hi guys, I'm planning to buy a Toft ATB24 in order to go from ITB to OTB. However, the direct outs of the console are post...

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CyrusTse 20th November 2013
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Hi Folks, Anybody have any recent news on shipping time from Ross Martin? From searching other threads it looks like things...

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craigb 20th November 2013
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Hi guys and gals, Currently I have a rather convoluted setup using a soundtracs mrx 34 channel w/patchbay, a lynx aurora 16, a...

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Dowsed 20th November 2013
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SSL 4052 E Console - Chris Lord-Alge (Used) - Used + Vintage Consoles - Used + Vintage Consoles & Mixers - Used + Vintage -...

Aaron Rash
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cowboycoalminer 20th November 2013
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Hello I have an effect unit from 80s , and some fucntions are not working properly. Glad that, all the chips inside has...

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The Real MC 20th November 2013
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Has anyone else experienced better sound quality from there iPhone or android phone compared to some audio interfaces costing...

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RickGobe 20th November 2013
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Hi. I'm trying to measure the acoustics of my room with Room Eq Wizard. Has anybody used there dm's with this...

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laverton 20th November 2013
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Any recommendations for a high end audio interface with amazing preamp, headphone amp, and DAC capabilities? Must be able to plug...

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Deleted 1aa3d4676f73940 20th November 2013
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Hey, I am about to buy new monitors. I will decide between Dynaudio BM5a mk2 or - more likely - Neumann KH120 A. Please try not...

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Karloff70 20th November 2013
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I know, there is so many threads about 2nd bus compression but please give me a help to choose... I am after compression for...

Deleted 1aa3d46
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Deleted 1aa3d4676f73940 20th November 2013
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hey guys. im in the market for a new/used interface. i just upgraded my monitoring system to a blue sky 2.1 with...

cali flower
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cali flower 20th November 2013
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I have the chance to get Neuman TLM 49,Peluso P12 or Miktek CV4 but there no way for me to get a chance an test these mics i...

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quiettfxgt 20th November 2013
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Hey all, I'm looking at buying a set of binaurals in the next week (I'm visiting Guatemala for 3 weeks on Dec 14th and need them...

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FramingNoise 20th November 2013
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Hey everybody. Sadly my father passed away earlier this year. He was a really cool guy, loved music, played all the time, and...

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burkowitz 20th November 2013
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I'm seeing some conflicting stories about this from older posts. As I understand, a free version was made for Mac not so long ago...

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304 20th November 2013
Avatar for Mike Green

Howdy fellas, In order to compare my pultec clones to the original (1S3 / 1a), I need the frequency response at the following...

Mike Green
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theBF 20th November 2013
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I've just spent a week reorganising my home setup for optimum workflow (heck, spare time is at a premium). I also decided for a...

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Gonebytim 20th November 2013
Avatar for Parkinson

Do you think is it would be a good investment if i spend the money on a new bigger monitors (i currently have the M-Audio BX5A...

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Timusic7 19th November 2013
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I am wondering if anyone knows how to use this preamp for vocals. I am having trouble figuring out why the output when I plug a...

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Vintagestooge 19th November 2013
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I can't seem to find how you assign individual buss sends to pre or post all i can find is pre/post pairs 1/2 3/4 5/6 ! I don't...

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RightOnRome 19th November 2013
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just stumbled across this James Brown footage. really interesting. the quality is very bad. i cant even make out what the OH mic...

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salomonander 19th November 2013
Avatar for acuriousman

I'm trying to decide which to buy with my Blue Robbie amp for vocal recordings. I don't mind color in my recordings, I actually...

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Fred Taylor 19th November 2013
Avatar for NoHatNoSwim

Hi All, I've had my central station, which I bought new from KMR, since Christmas before last. Main feed from my DAW to my...

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NoHatNoSwim 19th November 2013
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Ok I'm over my depression about it so now I can ask. Who has some TAB V76m besides the ones that I lost in a fire in 1988 (12 of...

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drtechno 19th November 2013
Avatar for Einstein

If any Apollo owners out there can answer this, I have a question about the units capabilities. I was thinking of picking one up...

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UnprofitableLPs 19th November 2013
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Hey all - sorry I just could not find this info with a search. Does anyone know of any 500-series chassis for a single...

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drbob1 19th November 2013
Avatar for imloggedin

If you could choose any vocal mic, but just one.. what would be your first choice for this singer: Ends in June - Home - YouTube...

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SteelyDani 19th November 2013
Avatar for Aa63

Hi Tapehead type guys. Saw this on my local craigslist... Ampex AG-440c Reel-to-Reel analog tape recorder What do you...

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drbob1 19th November 2013
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I have been trying to figure out how best to tackle a Jazz EP I want to record of myself. It will be a sparse mix of software...

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drbob1 19th November 2013
Avatar for Armando

I'd like to know what the pros wear/request when tracking their vocals. This can include the past few decades as well as what's...

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Armando 19th November 2013
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Mytek booth will feature high performance Protools HDX multichannel ADDA conversion system and the new high-speed DSD...

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Adam_Mytek 19th November 2013