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Hiya. Yes, I know, a stupid thing!!! The studio that I work's been through a major new setup, hasn't been finished yet… I...

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libertine 4th December 2013
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If you've had or used both the DBX 160VU and 160X or XT, I'd like to know if the difference in sound is really worth the extra...

Rob Coates
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BillSimpkins 4th December 2013
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Hi. I've been asked to do my first 5.1 job. I'm wondering the best way is to wire things up. I have a KRK sub that I usually...

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markalex 4th December 2013
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Title says it all. Need to send a few thousand USD to China.

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ivansc 4th December 2013
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Can someone tell me if the cabinets of the JBL 6328 monitors changed color from a light grey to black over the years? I'm looking...

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spenceroo 4th December 2013
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Hi guys, Currently I have a focusrite interface that gives me 24 inputs, however I am limited to 48kHz sampling frequency. More...

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jonesd90 4th December 2013
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I'm trying to get the best 'in the room' sound for an amp demo I am recording. I've never really tried to get the best sound...

James Lugo
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popmann 4th December 2013
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Having a sustain pedal is all i know,its my first priority..but i wont mind exploring additional features a foot pedal can offer...

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Bryce 4th December 2013
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Hi everyone, I'm having great time recording an album of a life long friend at The Village studio in Copenhagen and I wanted to...

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kris618 4th December 2013
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I live in Atlanta and have my own 'basement' studio, working almost entirely 'in the box' I am seeking an opportunity to...

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indecline 4th December 2013
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Hi everyone, longtime lurker here, not much of a poster, but plan to be once I start laying down some tracks. I'm about to...

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Musiclab 4th December 2013
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Sorry for asking in the wrong section, was just hoping to ask here to get more viewers for more chances of input. So I am just...

Just Started
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Just Started 4th December 2013
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Can you tell me what mic are being used in this video. The guy that is singing into the silver mic is my favorite vocalist so I...

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BudgetMC 4th December 2013
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I saw this cool video from Alabama Shakes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PR0SW_fWLT0 I love the idea of this live. It...

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thisgoestomark 4th December 2013
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Hi, Got a Yamaha AW4416 and dig it but I have a question: I've recordred a lot of song on the AW4416 and now I'd like to...

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rodez 4th December 2013
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Hi all I want to make my own TRS balanced Stereo to Mono cable such as the figure four on Why Not Wye? Why I want to do...

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SAguy 4th December 2013
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So, I bought a 33609 from a dealer in the UK, and had FedEx act as my broker (for the $25, it wasn't worth it to not have them do...

Jeff Hayat
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adrianww 4th December 2013
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I own both a PRO 3500 Rack Mount Power supply, and and PRO 2500 Rack Mount Power supply. The 3500 only has the "ground...

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Bruno B 4th December 2013
Avatar for froghawk

I'm looking for an 88 key keyboard with decent action and good acoustic piano and vintage keyboard sounds (electric piano, organ...

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wcx08 4th December 2013
Avatar for RickvanDunn

Hey Guys! I recently bought a Tascam DM4800, and I'm looking for a way to create more outputs. I was thinking to go for the...

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Salty James 4th December 2013
Avatar for evom

Hi, I understand the Urei LA-3A, Orban 622b are quality vintage pieces. If you google search; Photo Media Australia you...

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evom 4th December 2013
Avatar for meanstoanend

Looking for recommendations for a studio in London to record a punk rock EP. Want to work with creative people that also have a...

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ZombieMorg 4th December 2013
Avatar for redsnapper

Hey, Just got a pair of these monitors but they sound really bassy and drown the sound, I am yet to put them on stands and...

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alexevans917 4th December 2013
Avatar for The Press Desk

SYREN is a classic sounding tube preamp in a 500 series package, using a dual triode circuit with a 12AX7 tube SYREN...

The Press Desk
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evilaci 4th December 2013
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appletod 4th December 2013
Avatar for changeng

I'm feeling true despair. I've been researching a solid replacement for my Layla 24/96 I've been using for the last several...

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ddageek 4th December 2013
Avatar for redsnapper

Hello, I am looking to try out an electronic drum pad kit like this - Electric drum kit(4 pad) | eBay Am looking for...

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cavern 4th December 2013
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Just received a CMS sub to use with my CMS 65s - anyone else out there have this setup? What settings do you find work best for...

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OK GO 4th December 2013
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Hi, so I have a focusrite Saffire pro 40 and an Mbox pro 2 ( USB). I work with a MacBook Pro through Logic 9. if like to avoid...

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dirtbird 3rd December 2013
Avatar for Septik

Is anyone else experiencing this? Every time I run something through my Overstayer VCA, it loses about 30% of its volume, even...

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overstayer 3rd December 2013
Avatar for Courtly

Phil Spector uses it a lot as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3ESXDosMSQ The high pitched bell sounding percussion?

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Avatar for Johnny Favorite
Johnny Favorite 3rd December 2013
Avatar for once a roadie

There seems to be an uptick in MADI devices aimed at home project studios. SSL and SPL as well as RME seem to have some new...

once a roadie
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once a roadie 3rd December 2013
Avatar for Virgil

I finally realised that if I want to mix low end correctly I will have to invest more money in order to hear it. My monitors...

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Virgil 3rd December 2013
Avatar for changeng

Help me, oh Gearslutz Wizards! About to upgrade my 'puter (it's getting old n' cranky) and looking at my sweet old Echo Layla...

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changeng 3rd December 2013
Avatar for MrBoxxed

Howdy sluts! I have an A&H Zed14 in my studio, I'm pretty happy wih it, it runs all my studio gear ... Elektrons, mpc,...

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MrBoxxed 3rd December 2013
Avatar for spinlud

Hi guys! I need to buy studio monitors for my little studio. Genres are Electronic music (drum&bass, dubstep, etc..) and...

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spinlud 3rd December 2013
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Hi, has anyone used the g-drive ev? I wanna buy it but I'm not sure because it doesn't have FireWire...

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juliomonroy 3rd December 2013
Avatar for daydreamjohnny

The description doesn't describe anything to do with it's working condition. I also notice that there are a high number of...

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daydreamjohnny 3rd December 2013
Avatar for suchenderxxx

Hi fellow slutz, i searched the web for this topic, and got no answer how this is done on the asr-x. Maybe someone of you can...

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Avatar for Kiwi
Kiwi 3rd December 2013
Avatar for trenten7

Is anyone else experiencing problems with Roland TD V drums ever since upgrading to Mac OS X Mavericks? Whenever I attempt to...

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Avatar for trenten7
trenten7 3rd December 2013
Avatar for paperback writer

there's analog monosynths being made, even some analog poly's, there are still new analog drum machines coming out, but does...

paperback writer
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Avatar for nspaas
nspaas 3rd December 2013
Avatar for Jack P

Is it possible to link an API 8200 to the stereo outs of the 8200a or does this require a 7800 to link these two different...

Jack P
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Jack P 3rd December 2013
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duckoff 3rd December 2013
Avatar for asagaai

There has been a lot of comments about mini "consoles" and mixing hybrid through them- but virtually nobody posts...

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Avatar for Audio Child
Audio Child 3rd December 2013
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ram75 3rd December 2013
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ram75 3rd December 2013
Avatar for The Press Desk

Dugan Automixing for Avid Live Sound See the pioneering Dugan-VN16 in action Featuring legendary automixing...

The Press Desk
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Avatar for The Press Desk
The Press Desk 3rd December 2013
Avatar for JimmyRollins

Hey Guys, I've just started on my way to setting up a semi professional home recording suite. Just wondering if anyone had...

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Avatar for evom
evom 3rd December 2013
Avatar for 4D Arcade

Just something I wanted to share. I have completely eliminated (in my setup anyway) pops and crackles from turning my monitors on...

4D Arcade
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4D Arcade 3rd December 2013
Avatar for XMaramena

Hi guys, Just wondering what certification programs are out there to boost my CV I'm finishing off an honours degree in...

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Avatar for psycho_monkey
psycho_monkey 3rd December 2013