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So the Orion has 5 presets, one of which I would like to set up to listen to any audio off of my Mac Pro (iTunes, internet, etc.)...

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Jeff16years 20th December 2013
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So I posted something about this issue a couple years ago. Having some serious lower back problems recently. Having real...

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FFTT 20th December 2013
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Hi everyone, I've found this one on the internet, someone want's to sell it pretty cheap. But the person is not very good...

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yukotheband8 20th December 2013
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Hello Slutz . I have an RME FF400 and want to expand the inputs / outputs using an ADAT expander ! The use of the expander will...

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[email protected] 20th December 2013
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Anyone used these guys http://www.boffinisland.com for mics. Have a few akg's gone down and akg uk couldn't actually tell me if...

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lucabasano 20th December 2013
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Hello all, Im new to the forum and was wondering if I could get some advice regarding setting up e-drums with studio...

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richo00 20th December 2013
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Hey, A friend of mine just landed in Tel Aviv, and customs didn't let his guitar through because it has a very dangerous pickup...

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kosmokrator 20th December 2013
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Hi Guys, Ive done some research on summing mixers but am looking for help with my specific setup from some slutz who are...

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ArrowMcCross 20th December 2013
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PAU Audio Microphone Preamplifiers Anyone tried/heard this unit yet? Wish they had a UK distributer so I could try one...

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patheticus 20th December 2013
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Title says it all! Preferably something that plays well with higher sample rates. I've been "Open Ambience" in...

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Gax 20th December 2013
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youngfreak 20th December 2013
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I'm building replicants of some of peoples favourate gear for fun and to use! I got into mics and I built a u87 that's as good...

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Ephi82 20th December 2013
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LiveLeak.com - The Audience Response Simulator Found In Storage Unit The Audience Response Simulator Found In Storage...

4D Arcade
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4D Arcade 20th December 2013
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Given that the Little Labs IBP is around twice the price of the Radial Phazer, and the Radial Phazer is around twice the price of...

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m4thlab 20th December 2013
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Hi! Hoping to get a few questions answered before pulling the trigger on a HS-P82. If I get it, it will be used as a bag...

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SveinKB 20th December 2013
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Hey People, Have A question, I have a huge love for the Mu-tron III Pedal and what it can do since hearing it on certain...

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kafka 20th December 2013
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Just sharing something i discovered tonite with others here that record with a Fender Jazz bass, and are having trouble with...

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mcintalker 20th December 2013
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I have an Ampex 601 I want to use it as a mic pre what mods need to be done to this unit to work properly can I do these mods...

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axisdreamer 20th December 2013
Avatar for Tall Kite

I'd like to share a great studio technique that I call the "echo demo". I hope you find it as useful as I have. How do...

Tall Kite
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edva 19th December 2013
Avatar for Bergie

I'm thinking of getting the A&H Zed r16, I already have the Avalon. my question is regarding by-passing the Zed pre's and...

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amirkhalaf 19th December 2013
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Im in the market to upgrade my interface and I have someone that will sell me a Ensemble for about 200 more than a new Duet. I...

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hasbeen 19th December 2013
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Anybody know a someplace (or someone) in Los Angeles who can transfer ADAT to Logic compatible files? I've got a few drum tracks...

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u2tool 19th December 2013
Avatar for tvolhein

Hi, I am looking for a two-channel pre amp, ideally with built in compressor, for around $1,000. What...

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unclerico12 19th December 2013
Avatar for Jason rocks

I have Focal Twins, Apogee Rosetta 800, some Portico, GML mic pre's, a Kiwi, Blueberry (my better mic's), BFD drums, UAD, and...

Jason rocks
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ejbragg 19th December 2013
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Hello everybody! I'm looking for new speakers to use mainly (85%) for movies, but also sometimes for music. The source...

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chrisr34000 19th December 2013
Avatar for dirtythirties

1. I realize I'm speaking to a select audience. Anyway, I like what carbon comp resistors do to a VP312 (soften highs/extend...

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dirtythirties 19th December 2013
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anyone know what drum machine or sampler is used for snare on Bell Biv Devoes "Poison"? i feel like ive heard it...

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paraudio 19th December 2013
Avatar for weirdfishee

Hi folks In my everlasting mission for ultimate bass tone, and after a few years of reading endless positive feedback here on...

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dc_r 19th December 2013
Avatar for musicus

Hello all, Basic question: Are PCI(e) sound card interfaces (example, the Lynx Two or RME HDSPe AIO) essentially the same...

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FFTT 19th December 2013
Avatar for florance

Hi everyone, I am currently mixing a performance from a SM58, the setting is rather normal and I have a focusrite 2i2 mixer....

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florance 19th December 2013
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Google has not been my friend, all the cases I have come across seem to not be able to fit my custom earplugs. I know some of...

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alexfsu 19th December 2013
Avatar for Lando Calrissian

I was able to scrounge up a couple grand for a new Christmas gift for myself. Right now, I use the Neumann TLM-102 into the...

Lando Calrissian
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michael cleary 19th December 2013
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I recently bought evolver desktop, and it's really great machine. BUT... my production is bassed on oldschool detroit...

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sitter 19th December 2013
Avatar for gilwe

Hi all ! I tested a CE-5 ("digital" version) and I noticed it behaves quite strangely when I connect the two outputs...

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gilwe 19th December 2013
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I live about a mile from a college radio station and I'm picking up the signal through my 160xt. It has a two prong plug rather...

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Esurreal 19th December 2013
Avatar for Mandzo

Hi, So, I've just purchased Elysia xpressor 500. This is my first 500 series module and I'm scratching my head right now. Which...

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Toni-P 19th December 2013
Avatar for bbrazil

I currently have a Saffire Pro40. I have a few different pre amps, but I usually use my Allen Heath System 8 board's pre amps....

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bbrazil 19th December 2013
Avatar for alternating.bit

There's a Behringer PX2000 where each group of four jacks (top/bottom on the back and top/bottom on the front) are all connected...

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alternating.bit 19th December 2013
Avatar for the keester

Going from a total hardware based setup with a Rosetta 800, I am considering doing some sliming down of my home studio and I like...

the keester
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XAXAU 19th December 2013
Avatar for Keith Moore

I'm having a weird issue that I do not recall having in the past. I'm mixing through an external analog summing network running...

Keith Moore
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Keith Moore 19th December 2013
Avatar for sgventil

hey all! any of you compared the model-d to this? really want to purchase a old minimoog but the price as everyone know are...

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intuitionnyc 18th December 2013
Avatar for Lazer Toms

Any tips for getting nice, long musical fades in ProTools? I'm working on a rock song and want to do a long 30-40 sec...

Lazer Toms
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Avatar for adam_w
adam_w 18th December 2013
Avatar for phunk

Does anyone know of any programs for current professionals to quickly get a pro tools/other DAWs certification? I currently...

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kiopo 18th December 2013
Avatar for andremattos

Hi, i just need an advice, i"m looking for DDA console (low price) , and i just found one to sell here in brazil , but i...

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peterle 18th December 2013
Avatar for gd1570

I would like to record two guitar signals at the same time, one from a mic'd amp and one DI signal for reamping/virtual amps....

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gd1570 18th December 2013
Avatar for Jamz

Has anyone used the AEA R92 on acoustic guitar? Actually, any application where the R92 worked well or not so well would be...

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Avatar for warhead
warhead 18th December 2013
Avatar for Goa Travellers

Hello, I'm using A/D converters to connect virtual analog synths to my computer, but I think this process of converting a...

Goa Travellers
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Avatar for Goa Travellers
Goa Travellers 18th December 2013
Avatar for Richard Salino

I just bought a Delta Lab Effectron 1024 and am curious as to whether there are any differences between it and the 'II' version....

Richard Salino
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binman_uk 18th December 2013
Avatar for Fugi

Hey Gearheads, I've been using this website as a source for research and alot of information in my field, I finally decided...

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lobsterinn 18th December 2013
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Hi I've got one of these: SE Electronics Z5600 An SE Electronics Z-5600 Vocal Mic. It does the job. And I'm wondering as...

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JonnyWills 18th December 2013