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Hi gearslutz, I've used your guys' website so many times for tips and tricks.....and now I finally found something worthy of...

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barseglin 22nd January 2014
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Hey, I use FL Studio 11 and have recently started to record vocals. I was successful in recording my vocals but for some...

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Parsec 22nd January 2014
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I really like car hifi systems for listening to my music as it punches through the speakers, but its always burning stuff to CD...

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warhead 22nd January 2014
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Interesting article about a local guy near me who builds hand built boutique and very high end valve guitar amps... He's now...

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Agzilla 22nd January 2014
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Hello - First time poster and Im also not entirely sure if this post should be in this forum vs the low-end forum. Anyway - My...

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unclerico12 22nd January 2014
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I've been using motu for some time, but i bought a new PC. I installed universal firewire driver and pluged motu to new pc....

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TimOBrienFlorida 22nd January 2014
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Hi, Did anyone made a comparisson between the UAD API Vision preamp section (212L Preamp from the 2488 console) and the CAPI...

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Progmatic-Studios 22nd January 2014
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What is the difference between the regular pop filters (with 2 layers of nylon spaced about 1/3 inches apart) AND the "dual...

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nkf 22nd January 2014
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I recently purchased (new) a 560, as seen on the API website. What's the deal with the 560b as seen on Mercenary's site? Is there...

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GlitterBalls 22nd January 2014
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Is there an Analog version of the Studio One TRICOMP? or something similar. I love analog gear and I would buy this Today if...

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mike vee 22nd January 2014
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I posted this in the high end forum, but realized it probably should have been here: I'm looking to upgrade the weakest link...

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jordanoleary 22nd January 2014
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Hello there, I'm a bass/guitar singer songwriter who has recently acquired a volca beats and volca bass. I've tried the beats...

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smig 22nd January 2014
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For someone who doesn't want any color, vibe, balls, chutzpah, sparkle or sweet warm saturation in their signal chain, and who...

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kirkbross 22nd January 2014
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Hi there, please don't shoot me for this, as I have only just signed up and for some reason I cannot post in or access the...

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Philter 22nd January 2014
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I'm looking to upgrade the weakest link in my chain and could use some advice as to what you think that weakest chain is. Best...

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Jose7822 22nd January 2014
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Hi friends. I'm working on a super cool pop project. Just tracking the first vocal tracks, and the singer (a girl) sings really...

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uuuhu 22nd January 2014
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drtechno 22nd January 2014
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do any decent physical modelled drum VSTs exist? I'm talking realistic stuff here

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loscolorados 22nd January 2014
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Very curious about this piece. I'm wanting a SSL style compressor and this seems to be the full monty. Who is rocking one of...

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dandeurloo 22nd January 2014
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I had always wanted one of these units so I got one 7 years ago. A friend had one and bass and acoustic guitars sounded great...

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NoPro 22nd January 2014
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What are your favorite mics / setups for a track that is solely acoustic guitar and vocals? Both being recorded at separate...

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Janesaid2me 22nd January 2014
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I have a Mackie Digital 8 Bus mixing desk which I have had since 1998 and my studio was pretty much based around it. I am running...

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Zarg 22nd January 2014
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The vents are on top... I wouldn't put anything tube above it but wondered if perhaps it should have a space regardless.

old ghost
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mariuscostache14 22nd January 2014
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I'm doing a project at Uni where we have to do a 15 minute practical exam, showing some sort of knowledge of recording...

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brassmoose 22nd January 2014
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Recently acquired all three of these. There are lots of raves about the obvious uses. What are your unique and less than...

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brassmoose 22nd January 2014
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I currently have an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 which has no preamps. I'm about to track and mix my friends album. We will be using...

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monkeyxx 22nd January 2014
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Hi! I have an Avid HD Native with 2x Avid I/O 16x16. I had Problems with my Logic having an accurate Sample Time while recording....

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manustix 22nd January 2014
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hey this is my first post on here.. one of many to come i guess. i've used this forum for years, but recently havent had the...

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GetFreshStudio 22nd January 2014
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I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS! so bare with me.... Currently i upgraded my set up by buying a lawson L47 and a LA-610 but its running...

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ClockworkMUSICAZ 22nd January 2014
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Hey, If you had a choice between these 2 as your pre amp primarily used for vocals, which would you choose? What would be...

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Blaine Misner 22nd January 2014
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Yep - did the dreaded breath test on my 70s u87, and indeed the sound did cut out for a minute. My question is, do I have to...

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musicalnyc 22nd January 2014
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What happened to "that" sound from the 80s, big reverb/chorus drenched sounds, big drum sounds. What was the unique...

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Musiclab 22nd January 2014
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During the 2014 NAMM Show this month, leading digital audio manufacturer Antelope Audio will demonstrate the power and...

The Press Desk
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darbyclash34 22nd January 2014
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hi folks, my focusrite saffire 24 dsp keeps getting on my nerves : each time i connect my laptop, it sets its clock to...

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Chris Focusrite 22nd January 2014
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hey everyone, I recently started tracking a new full length at a pretty nice studio, and originally intended to do the work on...

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chuck_cheeze 22nd January 2014
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Can someone tell me if a 5 decibel difference is normal between both speakers when set at the same knob level? I knew one was...

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rotini 22nd January 2014
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I'm looking to get either a Saffire Pro 40, or a Liquid 56 - most reviews I've heard are good, but one guy says their A/D...

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Realziment 22nd January 2014
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Hey everybody, I'm new here and I hope you could help me. I'm looking for buy me a good pair of monitors for the recording and...

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ALLaboutMYsound 22nd January 2014
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Happy new year GS! Im looking for some advice on finding a built control room to move into. My intuition is that there would be...

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Jack P 22nd January 2014
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I'm getting this hum with both of my SM 57s, one old one new. I recorded on my Mac laptop in a completely different room, away...

VO Guy
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Wyllys 22nd January 2014
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Hey guys, I'm looking to write some music and wanted to find some guys to join in. Where would I go to find other musicians? I...

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Chewislewis 21st January 2014
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I have neve's, api's, neumann pres. I also have 2 open 500 series slots that are burning to be used. Pair of Burls B1-D or the...

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warhead 21st January 2014
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I thought that this forum may get more response... Any tips for recording techniques, mixing, reverb type, mastering, etc., to...

hemmick reef
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Labs 21st January 2014
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Hi All! I have an old Soundcraft 6000 that I am now trying to incorporate into my DAW setup for OTB mixing. It's been...

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rdstreets 21st January 2014
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I was wondering if somebody could run me through how to set up the MIDI function for the TR 909 with Logic. At the moment i've...

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Kilko 21st January 2014
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I don't really want to wait until July. Also, I'm inviting anyone interested to post comments on how useless, trivial, and...

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Unclenny 21st January 2014
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Edit : I just found another post here on...

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audioasche 21st January 2014
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I am trying to build up my hobby studio a little bit at a time, and my question is this: How does a person who is working on...

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SefIdle 21st January 2014
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Hey guys. Looking at buying my first pair of monitor speakers. Looking at these three. Ideally I'd like to go somewhere and...

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lewiswood1007 21st January 2014
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Hi guys. I want to send a Phantom powered mic to a tube preamp which hasno Phantom power. A phantom power supply seems like the...

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doncaparker 21st January 2014