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I've heard AW and T/CLA mix at very low volumes but where's the low end? I find I need to crank it to get the kick/bass right,...

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bearmatic 21st March 2014
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Hi guys I'm looking to get a new preamp for my home studio. I don't track bands here I really mostly do vocals, bass, acoustic...

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monkeyxx 21st March 2014
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The (old) Alesis IO dock for the ipad 1/2/3 has the big drawback of the hardpanned direct monitor (headphone) signal. If you want...

Deleted User
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SKWEE G 21st March 2014
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Besides, Custom Analog Services • Classic API VP28 Who builds VP28's? I found a link to another guy on here at one...

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Release 21st March 2014
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I just bought a Roland R-26 field recorder, and it works great. My only question is is it possible to separate the two analog...

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chazhurst 21st March 2014
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I owned a Yamaha Motif Rack Es and an Maudio Keystation Pro 88 for sometime but i've never been able to figure out how to program...

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dwh45 21st March 2014
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So, just thought I would share my find from yesterday. I have been looking for a good case for a while for my lunchbox. ...

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ddageek 20th March 2014
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Hello, Sure somebody has a schematic to make a power supply for a pair of W295b's. 24 v. DC. Could anybody tell...

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Melodicca 20th March 2014
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MIX with the MASTERS 2012 - Exceptional One-Week Music Production Seminars We are glad to announce that recording engineers,...

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TAE 20th March 2014
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Prabha 20th March 2014
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Hi there. First of all, I need to say, I really had no idea about where to post this thread, so, maybe it gets moved to a more...

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FFTT 20th March 2014
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Hi, I am looking for a good `all-round` workhorse microphone recording acoustic instruments (strings, percussion,...

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dambro2 20th March 2014
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Hey all, I still have the free JB Ferox tape simulation plug in from years ago, but seeing all the new tape saturation and...

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danijel 20th March 2014
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Just got back from guitar teching a John Oates show at The Station Inn in Nashville. With a stellar band: Steve Mackey, Kevin...

vodka gimli
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Snatchman 20th March 2014
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Hello all, The Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 is the first ~$500 audio interface I've seen online that, in addition to spdif, has...

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[email protected] 20th March 2014
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Hi Guys I already own a looptrotter sa2rate and like to colour my plug synths or my outboard synths to give them more...

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tank1978 20th March 2014
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Hi there, we have a MTR 90 III over here, can anybody tell me, wether the II rollers also fit on the III ? I saw the II...

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kosi 20th March 2014
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Adam A7x 42Hz-50kHz - Tried and tested, known by many, 2 way monitor, felt like i needed a sub Event 20/30 bas 38Hz-22kHz new,...

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DR Music 20th March 2014
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Hi guys, i love ambient (oneohtrix point never, boards of canda, etc) i am looking for a great synth for 1000 USD. I was thinking...

santi matzerath
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ricardo1176 20th March 2014
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Hi ,I'm looking to mod a Drawmer dl221.. I was hoping someone might have a schematic they might share for this...

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leeharveyosmond 20th March 2014
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Does anybody know if there's a hardware mixing aid such as a phase correlation meter, dbV meter or etc. that has an integrated...

Deleted b6895e1
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Deleted b6895e18f0bb8cb 20th March 2014
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Hi guys I am always looking for a way to improve my work. Right now I am wondering about my monitoring. I have a pair of...

Aiyn Zahav
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monkeyxx 20th March 2014
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Can anyone tell me what kind of board this is? I know its a Harrison board, but I have no clue what model it is.

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Ryan54 20th March 2014
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Hey guys, Trying to find something to run vocals/drums through to get some color. My question is: In your opinion, what gives...

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Toakley 20th March 2014
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Hello, I have a beautiful antique pine cab, made by Bob Burt. It is a V Twin design. It has in criss cross formation, spots...

Mad John
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FFTT 20th March 2014
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Hello there fellow slutz, I’m totally shooting in the dark here ‘cause I’m sure most people who used to work on these...

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Dmtc 20th March 2014
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Decided to finally get my R16 setup with the MIDI translator to control Pro Tools and stumbled across this: ALLEN & HEATH...

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JacoNaude 20th March 2014
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Hi folks, i've been reading a lot here on various threads, searching about my question, but found nothing meaningful. I...

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rhizomeman 20th March 2014
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Hi, two days ago i aquired Tascam fw 1082 and there´s a problem i cant solve. Im running windows 7 64 and i´ve installed the...

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alejo.calderon 20th March 2014
Avatar for Jonk

I had sort of an oh duh moment I think. I have an Adcom 535 amp, which is rated I believe at 60Watts per channel. I...

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matyas 20th March 2014
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i love the sound of canare but klotz is impressive sounds here, i like it even more. the guitar sounded more refined. first time...

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141550 20th March 2014
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Hi, I would like to ask your suggestion for a compressor which would primarily be used for vocal tracking for now. My signal...

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dignittyrecords 19th March 2014
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Hi there. I wonder if these two microphones sound a bit similare? I have tried the AR51 several times and like the sound....

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Cucaio75 19th March 2014
Avatar for Todd Handler

I was wondering what you all thought about capturing and mixing Ghost Strokes for extreme metal stuff. I'm recording a fast...

Todd Handler
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Todd Handler 19th March 2014
Avatar for dtbs

Hey everyone... I'm not that switched on (pardon the pun) with all the technicalities of power conversion so gonna ask...

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Tone Laborer 19th March 2014
Avatar for alteredchords

I just purchased the HD800 headphones which I plan on getting a Burson Soloist SL to drive them. But I am wondering if my DA...

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Guice 19th March 2014
Avatar for camilam02

Hey there! I'm going for a digital wave (n 58) Layer Poly Minimum transpose Cutoff = 42 etc. in order to play some deep...

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ljefe 19th March 2014
Avatar for thecreature

Hey everyone, been lurking for a while so I thought it was time to ask some questions. I've seen some guys saying that they...

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bridau 19th March 2014
Avatar for Trademark Studio

Just recorded a Schubert Impromptu and was wondering what you think about compression on classical piano. Yes or no? And if so,...

Trademark Studio
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legato 19th March 2014
Avatar for Tasuit

Hello, Gearslutz! I'm a chairman, at a studio located in Northern Denmark, and we're doing some renovating of our soundcard. As...

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Hendyamps 19th March 2014
Avatar for gravyface

Finding that I have to crank them to 3 o'clock (nearly -10) to get any kind of loudness (not ear bleeding but a good loud...

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asiandude 19th March 2014
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hi all, got to quickly glue together a mastered vocal track w/mastered instrumental before i ship to record pressing. i had to...

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ezhyg 19th March 2014
Avatar for Loveme

Hey guys, a friend of mine is wanting to sell a tube head to me for $500. He's throwing in a ts9 pedal and a compressor, but I...

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Hendyamps 19th March 2014
Avatar for jordanoleary

Besides the NS-10s as reference near-fields, what is the top monitoring choice for those studios in Nashville as primary monitors?

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Hendyamps 19th March 2014
Avatar for Rob Coates

Looking for a different stand alone CD recorder that has pretty good converters. Is the Tascam CDRW900SL any good? If not, what...

Rob Coates
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Rob Coates 19th March 2014
Avatar for disp

Hey there young Padawans, I recently aquired a used Apogee PSX-100. It seems to be in a fine condition, however: something...

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disp 19th March 2014
Avatar for ilovetubes

Any cheape alternatives to the Retro Instruments Sta-Level? Any cheaper alternatives to the Retro Instruments 2A3? Trying...

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Avatar for Doc Mixwell
Doc Mixwell 19th March 2014
Avatar for MarkyGoldstein

Is there anything available that comes close to macbook air iphone ipad style speakers for the studio, but with XLR...

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rez 19th March 2014
Avatar for MilesFromHomeNz

I am after a delay that i can have permanently assigned to an auxiliary at arms reach from my computer work station at all times....

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e17 19th March 2014
Avatar for OneMillionMangos

Does anyone know the power consumption? Can't find on the website or docs. Has anyone got one here? If the PSU...

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dlmorley 19th March 2014