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I just received my Lucid ada8824 unit. Ive been tinkering the past 2 hours with the rear dip switches. Im using OS X so there is...

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Nathan1984 25th March 2014
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Guys, I read recently that one should compulsorily own a Power Conditioner when connecting Audio Gear for protection from Surges...

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parallelbrat 25th March 2014
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ok so this is one of those questions that I really should know but I don't but whatever everyone has embarrassing...

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Kiwi 25th March 2014
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What mics is he using here?

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e3p0 25th March 2014
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Hi, i've just purchased the four api preamp rack. I've been running ProTools with MAudio's Profire2626 with no complaints for...

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Highphi 25th March 2014
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HEYA FOLKS! So i need ur opinion so i can ****ing decide on which sub i be buying! IM using a pair of Kh120 from neumann...

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omfgsubsleakme 25th March 2014
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Just read about Liam Howlett telling how Mackie 32 gives him the "Prodigy sound" and stumbled upon how John Maus...

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Filthrill 25th March 2014
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I read an article recently where he talked about side chain compressed tracks being blended in? Any insight into this technique l?

Rick Carson
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Drywsef 24th March 2014
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'Edward the Compressor' http://www.tfpro.com/images/p8/p8big.jpg http://www.tfpro.com/products/p8info.php It's suppose to...

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Whitecat 24th March 2014
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Hey I have an Allen & Heath ZED R16 and the inputs 17 and 18 seem to have a volume difference of 1.5 - 2db difference (18...

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Capashitor 24th March 2014
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I'm finishing up a record for a female country artist (kind of along the lines of Carrie Underwood). Her investor wants me to...

James Lugo
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vodka gimli 24th March 2014
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Hey peeps, I've been a guest at this forum for a long time now, and always found answers to my problems, but this time I have...

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Nibiru 24th March 2014
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I'm looking for a new pair of headphones, which would be good for both studio work and also for general listening when i'm not...

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mirka 24th March 2014
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Hi all I'm thinking about running an api 4 channel into inputs 1,2,3,4 on the rme. 2x mic inputs 2x inst. inputs Can...

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UKG 24th March 2014
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Hey Guys, i'm looking to buy one of the C12 Mic Clones. Of course paying for a real C12 is not an option. I would be using it...

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Greendale 24th March 2014
Avatar for springs

Anyone using these consoles in a studio situation? Thoughts/feelings? Primarily interested in feedback on sound, EQ, summing. ...

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sfoote 24th March 2014
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Hi, I've got some money to spend on a new 500 module. Already got 2 CAPI VP28s and a Elysia Xpressor 500. I mainly produce...

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lostwars 24th March 2014
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Hi I am mixing a track for a friend (drum and bass), the problem is that the drum loop isnt only a kick, its together with...

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pawelk 24th March 2014
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I'm have no experience with controllers but like the idea behind them and believe it could make my everything a bit easier. I'm...

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DAW PLUS 24th March 2014
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Hey all, Just got a Valley People TR804 with one of the Maxi Q modules and looking to pick up a Gain Brain. I just wanted to...

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NJS 24th March 2014
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Hi slutz! TL;DR: help me choose one of the speakers (the bolded text from below) for sort-of 3/2.5 way "close...

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Susceptor 24th March 2014
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Anyone read the review in the latest Tape Op (Issue #100) by Ryan Hewitt about the ADK Z-67? (Page 56) Very good review, and...

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littlesicily 24th March 2014
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Hi, just wanting to garner some opinions on these speakers.. I'm looking at picking up a pair but I'm still undecided. I'm...

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WAD 24th March 2014
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Hey guys, I have a Universal Audio 1176 Blue Stripe Rev A, but the front panel is pretty damaged. I need to get a front panel...

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Labs 24th March 2014
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Hey folks, I really need some unbiased advice. I have just completed the build out on my own little project studio. I have a...

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Bassmankr 24th March 2014
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Hi, My band has recorded a demo in our drummer´s very basic home studio, consisting of 3 DI-guitar tracks, 1 DI-bass track,...

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psycho_monkey 24th March 2014
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You can first see it at around 0:18. FY-zA7JBm3Q Any ideas? Thanks.

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Drumsound 24th March 2014
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Hi all, I'm looking for a new vocal mic. My voice is comparable to a baritone version of John Mayer-- so a bit thin, a bit...

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theunderground 24th March 2014
Avatar for snareman

This is my dilemma.. I have a pair of Mackie MR5's (Mk 1) from 2011, and i'm looking to buy a new pair of monitors, I was...

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Carnalia Barcus 24th March 2014
Avatar for Mobodcisum

I'm looking into using pads for production, but i'm pretty knew to it all. I'm thinking of going for the push, simply for its...

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Mobodcisum 24th March 2014
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I'm going to do a total re-org/re-wire of my home studio rack in the near future. I figured I'd "exploit" the...

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rog951 24th March 2014
Avatar for sl4zhz

Hi I was wondering how you guys control your studio air circulation and humidity I have a Studio 6x4 meter. this room is used...

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kamil.k 24th March 2014
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So I know for playing live having the right power amp can really add a nice color to the sound. Well let's say when recording...

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AttemptD 24th March 2014
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jpgerard 24th March 2014
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Hi all, I've had the pleasure of working in a variety of environments with a whole load of different equipment (which as a 19...

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XMaramena 24th March 2014
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Hi all, been a while for me. Check out this video of Volcano Choir- Volcano Choir Performs "Comrade" - City of...

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Foesters 24th March 2014
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Guys, I'm living in London and I just discovered Pensado's Place 2 week ago, I was so excited but... just today I realized that I...

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e-are 24th March 2014
Avatar for BrandonWalshGP

Hi there. I use a keytar and the FCB1010 during our performances. I have found a quite serious bug with it and I would like to...

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BrandonWalshGP 23rd March 2014
Avatar for Sotsirc

I need to record sounds that are above the human hearing range. Any common (not super expensive) mics that do that? Cheers

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Avatar for Musky
Musky 23rd March 2014
Avatar for Seamus O' Bottle

So I went away for a month, got back last week and this weekend I moved my entire studio setup into a different room in my house....

Seamus O' Bottle
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Seamus O' Bottle 23rd March 2014
Avatar for Kerch

Thanks in advance for any input on this. Using a Focusrite Sapphire 6i6 as a means of recording guitar after my Line 6 POD HD...

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Avatar for Frank DeWitt
Frank DeWitt 23rd March 2014
Avatar for heisleyamor

I have an SM7b that i use for vocals and a room mic for drums and sometimes guitar...but i'm just wondering if the at4047 would...

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Jason rocks 23rd March 2014
Avatar for Jason rocks

I went to a studio that had Genelec 8050's, and as a second pair of monitors the Yamaha HS5's. I asked him why he felt he needed...

Jason rocks
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Deleted 1846071 23rd March 2014
Avatar for snareman

I understand that this is probably a bad idea, so right now I'm thinking of the HS7's as the biggest monitors I should get for a...

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Avatar for ddageek
ddageek 23rd March 2014
Avatar for MrManic

So there is a Roland JX-3P WITHOUT the PG 200 (which seems to be going for 300-400 on ebay) for $150 at a local pawn shop. So...

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Krmkarlm 23rd March 2014
Avatar for 141550

is it an issue to use gold nuetrik connectors on cables for synths, mic cable..? if im not mistaking synths have silver outputs,...

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Avatar for O.F.F.
O.F.F. 23rd March 2014
Avatar for Tinkal

I really want to put on a paper a standard procedure in testing new compressors. What would a beta tester do -- what would be the...

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MusicJesus 23rd March 2014
Avatar for peeceebee

Anyone have one of these I could buy/steal/copy/any-combination-of-the-above? Or a link to point me to where I might be able...

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vineyardgray 23rd March 2014
Avatar for dudleys100

John has a preamp of mine for some upgrades and at first he was extremely responsive to phone calls/emails but all of a sudden he...

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dudleys100 23rd March 2014
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What do all you guys think about using some Quad 77-11L speakers as monitors running through a Rotel Amp, I use some Roland...

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jakesaunders27 23rd March 2014