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Can someone explain to me in some steps how to sync my arpeggiator in the Minibrute to Pro Tools 11?

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Providence 30th March 2014
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Came across this today. Supposed to be Joe Meek's equalizer. Price? A mere $46,000 Unique Original Joe Meek "Black...

Rob Coates
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Janesaid2me 30th March 2014
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Currently have two AF12 chained together giving me 24 AD/DA most of which i dont even use honestly.... I like having all the...

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Janesaid2me 30th March 2014
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I heard it's they're most versatile Neumann TLM for rappers in general. Thoughts? (Also I can't go over the $700 range) Something...

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tribedescribe 30th March 2014
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Hi all, I know there have been a couple of threads about Kirsch Audio monitors (and mentions in Audiovisjon's high end...

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msum 30th March 2014
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Any merit in having the two compressors doing different things in series? Like the first clean removing transients with low...

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hugolast 30th March 2014
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Ok so what's the best way to set this up. I wanted to see what other options exist instead of buying a dedicated interface. I...

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chinesewhiteman 30th March 2014
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joeq 29th March 2014
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Hi there. I've got a couple of questions, hope some of you can help me out. I'm using a win-xp computer, hooked to an...

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steverispin 29th March 2014
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Recording acoustic guitar. I need to restring my 1965 Martin 00-18 What do you recording guys like for...

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drbob1 29th March 2014
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Hey all, were happy to announce we'll be exhibiting at the Frankfurt Musikmesse, March 12th-15th 2014, Hall 5.1 booth...

Denis Goekdag
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xsquad 29th March 2014
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So I've been using a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 since it was released last year, and overall, I've been very happy with it. One of...

Astronaut FX
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Astronaut FX 29th March 2014
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I currently blew my other speaker, so I'm down to one. I get it that now I hear everything in mono, right? But when I insert...

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Oden 29th March 2014
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I got this gem from some guy and while the back of the device clearly says: 15V DC, he gave me a 12 AC wall-wart adapter. He said...

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pingpongpete1 29th March 2014
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Howdy, Well, I finally got my first tune made with modern technology recorded, mixed, and on CD. It sounds ok on ordinary...

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musicus 29th March 2014
Avatar for RBBT

Anyone familiar with these? Very little information around. What are they good for. Thanks

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drtechno 29th March 2014
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I've used an ELOP for many years for tracking, mostly guitars and vocals. It's served me well but I'm interested in getting into...

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Snail 29th March 2014
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Serious question here. There is a lot of gear that I can logically justify high prices for, but I'm having a hard time...

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tfbattag 29th March 2014
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I'm in the market for an interface, and I'd like enough outs to do 16 channel analog summing, but I'm having a hard time finding...

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Bassmankr 29th March 2014
Avatar for Nell

MOTU.com - Mixing with the Audio Express ^ Ive basically got this MOTU Audio express interface, and its truly great, but i just...

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Nell 29th March 2014
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Hello, I'm looking to buy a sub to run with 7 JBL Control 1 Pro speakers in an ambisonic system. My budget is limited to R$2000...

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urso 29th March 2014
Avatar for The Press Desk

Also, if you would be interested in performing live for the Music and Art festival online (via Google+ and YouTube) on April...

The Press Desk
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Grahamdwc 29th March 2014
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Hi, i would like to use my ONYX 2480 in the Studio, i refused to do so (because of the noisy fan inside) until now that i could...

Deleted User
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Deleted d78e603 29th March 2014
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Last week I started a thread seeking advice on a SS, LDC for ac guitar. The 'general consensus' was to go with a KM184. Not an...

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turk sanchez 29th March 2014
Avatar for AMMrecordings

Hey Guys, I am new to this site and have been viewing the forums for weeks now. I really enjoy reading the comments, they are...

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Rednose 29th March 2014
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I've been aware of this keyboard for sometime, but, recently saw it showcased on Pro Tools Expert via Facebook. It is just what...

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JSG 29th March 2014
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The other day I have the pleasure of listening to the Unity Rock monitors in a decent room and they blew me away. I have not had...

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Runnytofu 29th March 2014
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There is a lot of fake Shure microphones out there. Here is one I recently got from kijiji. Very similar to the original. It can...

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Musky 29th March 2014
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From a friend of mine who works in a funeral home in Asheville, NC: "I just wanted to pass along the message, as I'm sure...

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Musicncars 29th March 2014
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I'm just firing this brain fart out there... Its a ridiculous idea I've had floating around in my head for a few years....

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steveyraff 29th March 2014
Avatar for Niklas_J_Blixt

Hi guys I'd like to hear you thoughts on this, there's no right or wrong just more of a philosophical discussion. So I've...

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catawbawine 29th March 2014
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If you are working with an artist as an engineer, when could the line be crossed into a producing role? Suggesting that what...

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joeq 29th March 2014
Avatar for solipsynth

I used to drum on a e-drum set a long time ago but switched to MPC and other drum machines for a while while living in an...

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Duke Murdock 29th March 2014
Avatar for tribby

Hey, I've been looking to upgrade my studio with a new mic. I currently have a Sterling Audio ST55 but I am looking for a new mic...

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Hendyamps 29th March 2014
Avatar for analogboy

So my plan is to bypass the Digi pres and converters by renting the gear mentioned above and just want to make sure I'm on the...

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mejon 29th March 2014
Avatar for selfmade811

Looking to find and understand the signal path of some analog consoles. Some vintage, some not. Particularly Blackbirds API...

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subspace 28th March 2014
Avatar for mellotronic

FL STudio (Fruity Loops) or Acid Express? Anyone familiar with either of these? I'm helping a Windows based studio get up and...

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Myrok 28th March 2014
Avatar for mustardeer

A little help? Here are my settings. MIDI cables - check Audio cable - check Local off - check what could it be?!! Losing...

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mustardeer 28th March 2014
Avatar for mellotronic

I'm a record producer/musician who has just begun volunteering at my local Boys & Girls Club (where my son plays hoop) to...

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Chris93 28th March 2014
Avatar for DeafDave

Do you own a sound devices 664 and do you have any unbalanced equipment that you plug into the 664 inputs? Does it all work...

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DeafDave 28th March 2014
Avatar for tallboy79

Anyone any idea what mic & pre were used on this? I really like the sound he got... thumbsup

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Janesaid2me 28th March 2014
Avatar for morganthen

Hey fellas, I'm new to gearslutz so take it easy on me! :) Anyway, I have a slight issue running in my home studio. I have...

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drummasterj85 28th March 2014
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snareman 28th March 2014
Avatar for Quantumphysics

Just jumps out of the speakers. Raw tracks are so refreshing when they just leave it alone. Michael Jackson - Beat it (Demo)...

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Quantumphysics 28th March 2014
Avatar for chakarakka

hi everyone (my first post)... I'm looking at adding to my current setup. I've been making mostly hiphop/dancehall/pop type...

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chakarakka 28th March 2014
Avatar for thegoonmat

hi, i got an RME fireface 800 and a dangerous D box ... i read that the D box and the appolo were a great combo ... would it be...

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exel 28th March 2014
Avatar for simplecarnival

One of my 3D music videos is going to be distributed on a blu-ray compilation. I need to provide the audio for the video in a 5.1...

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simplecarnival 28th March 2014
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Hi everyone, Eventide isn't repairing H910s anymore. Anyone know of a tech who does? Thanks t

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tiz9000 28th March 2014
Avatar for JWard

I have a new M-Audio 49 key USB controller. It's powered from the USB connection on my computer. It has a power on/off switch...

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CJ Mastering 28th March 2014
Avatar for dickiefunk

Hi, I'm currently using a pair of Neumann KH120a monitors and think they are superb little monitors. The reason of this post...

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ECM 28th March 2014