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Could I get some recommendations for a service center? I might need a checkup.

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fwet 8th April 2014
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Hello there, I am curious if any of you ever hear of this mixing console - RFT KSG 215. Does anybody know how it sounds, what...

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Mono-Peter 8th April 2014
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Hello, I was scammed on eBay. I paid around $3250 for a Manley Massive Passive, but it never arrived. The guy didn't sound...

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ddageek 8th April 2014
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Hey GS! I have to admit that I think the AKG c414xls is one amazing desert island mic. I'm trying to think of something that...

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Woodwindy 8th April 2014
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Looking for a decent compressor first and foremost for bass. I've been using a DBX1066 which gets me at least in the balpark of...

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Slikjmuzik 8th April 2014
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We are wrapping up production on this Easter single at my church. I have been buried in this song for a while...

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DCtoDaylight 8th April 2014
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It'll form part of the research for my case study, appreciate anyone who can help out! I'd like around 30 responses if...

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musimedia 8th April 2014
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Howdy, if price doesn't matter! More for accuracy+musicality with mainly electronic music in a small space/close distance. Again...

Deleted 0a764d2
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sergioelectro 8th April 2014
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We are trialing a system of key word 'underlines' of to link to gear 'info pages" where there are links to A list of...

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Jules 8th April 2014
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Noel Gallagher said it keeps him in time. Just wondering if anyone knows what it could be. See 53:10 on the video...

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e3p0 8th April 2014
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Hello guys howdy, can someone recommend me a good Headphones amp? I actually own a AKG K702 Headphones, which work at 62 Ohms,...

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CJ Mastering 8th April 2014
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Hello! This is my first post, but definitely not my first time getting help from everyone on here, so thank you! I looked though...

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Woodwindy 8th April 2014
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I am considering a new mixer for recording. I do not have a high end mixer but am looking for a great bang for buck mid priced...

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Hattrick 8th April 2014
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Hi guys i'm planning to add a sub to my setup. I have a pair of adam a77x and a pair of yamaha hs50 to A/B my mix. I know Adams...

Thomas Elder
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Thomas Elder 8th April 2014
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Hello all, I've been doing a lot of research over the months about digital multitrack recorders that have the individual outputs...

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mutetourettes 8th April 2014
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Hello guys. I am looking for some active monitors that cost under 200€ And are better/louder/with more low end than my Jamo...

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madsilencerr 8th April 2014
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Hi! I have a Studer 903 mixing console fitted with 24 mono channels and 8 stereo channels. Every mono channel is equipped with...

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malu 8th April 2014
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Just wanted to alert people to a limited time offer, for those needing tube amp or hammond repair. My old friend Frank Levi is...

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t9cstudio 8th April 2014
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Where it happens: I'm looking for mic pres that go from clean to overdriven without that clipping/clicking part of the gain...

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ddageek 8th April 2014
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I was stooging around with a recording over the weekend and ran into a slight problem. My chain is pre-eq-comp-reverb for the two...

Old Goat
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ddageek 8th April 2014
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Help me out with some research here. I currently have zero OTB compression in a home studio where I primarily record my own...

Duke Murdock
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chinesewhiteman 8th April 2014
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My God. I've finally gotten my studio to a point where I basically have everything I need. (With the exception of a better...

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numero6 8th April 2014
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So, I haven´t been able to find any real answers as to what the differences are between these two models. They sure look really...

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Grass 8th April 2014
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I checked the Dave Pensado threads but couldn't really find an answer. In the pre-chorus for the song "Poison" by...

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Roman 8th April 2014
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Arturia Minimoog V | Vintage Synth Explorer Whats better the actual mini moog or the vst or are they the same?boing

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Tigri 8th April 2014
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Hello, what's the best non-stick solution for absorption panel? I cannot leave a single mark on my walls and I have to promise...

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Earcatcher 8th April 2014
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Hi all! I'm about to upgrade my monitors, which will primarily be used for sound designing on synths. I've auditioned a few, and...

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JordansVoice 8th April 2014
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I've got a Fostex R-8 and the tape keeps slipping towards the body on the pinch roller/take-up reel side so i slowly lose all the...

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bbrazil 7th April 2014
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Hans A 7th April 2014
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Whats up Everybody, The question is in the title. Some of you may be face palming, saying, "c'mon dude" but I'm just...

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blAh 7th April 2014
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Can the Avalon U5 be used on vocals?

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Seditionary 7th April 2014
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I have the proper vst and rtas version of the meter but I'm looking for the offline one that analyze the whole song and give you...

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AudioKemestry 7th April 2014
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Hi, I'm looking for a visual template for organizing a band recording an ep. Basically, I want a spreadsheet, word doc, poster,...

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ChaNce144 7th April 2014
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Hey, is there ANY difference between these two mics beside USB being more convenient? Thanks for answers!

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Balkan 7th April 2014
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I'm in the market for a headphone distribution system. I have used the Furman HDS-6/HR-6 system in the past but am hoping to find...

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KungFuLio 7th April 2014
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So, I've always used the free G-Band plugin for my high/low pass needs. I was messing around with the Voxengo Spectrum Analyzer,...

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blAh 7th April 2014
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Hi, I need to say first I'm building up a studio for the first time. I have a question regarding electricity power, as right...

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Revson 7th April 2014
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I have just purchased an AKG bx20, that was very recently checked by one of the best dudes here in DENMARK.. However it has a...

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RKeefe1032 7th April 2014
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Can an RE-301 owner tell me which heads are engaged with each position of their mode selector switch? The Roland manual has this...

Rob Ocelot
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fwet 7th April 2014
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Hi A month or so ago I let some one dry hire my studio which in hind site was a terrible idea as I keep discovering things...

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John Willett 7th April 2014
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Hello, As the title says: - if you found them at approximately the same price - your application is near field (1 ~ 2...

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Janesaid2me 7th April 2014
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Hi guys, so I have been practicing screaming for almost 3 years. I do fry scream mainly and a little bit false chord. If you...

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DjentyTard 7th April 2014
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Well, it's been a crappy week for me and my ebay reverb conquests. First the Ibanez 'verb, now the "new to me" M-One...

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Vintageidiot 7th April 2014
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At NAB 2014, audio specialist Sennheiser has announced its support for the Dante™ multi-channel audio networking standard....

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 7th April 2014
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Silly question, but what happens to 44.1k libraries during playback in a 96k session? Is it being up-sampled, or does upsampling...

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catawbawine 7th April 2014
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i'm currently running a Novation A-Station through an analogue mixing desk. The A-Station has a single input, so i'm using this...

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samtastic 7th April 2014
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Hi all, for all the SYMETRIX SX202 owners out there .. I may need to get a replacement symetrix sx202 power supply .. but the...

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GLouie 7th April 2014
Avatar for chamberfolkjazz

Hi there, this one is a bit tricky to explain: Since I am moving from Germany to Brazil I will have to rethink my studio...

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Billy Buck 7th April 2014
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This is the big question I am now facing. It has come time to upgrade from my starter set-up. To put it succinctly I have an Mbox...

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Bullseye 7th April 2014
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Alright, so I am looking at purchasing a JV-1080 or a JV-1010 (or possibly a Roland D-110). I like the sounds from these two JV...

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aphterglo 7th April 2014