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I've noticed something strange with a few of my drum overhead setups. I get ultra low frequencies (5-20 Hz) in the snare and...

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cchord59 16th April 2014
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Anyone knows which drum machine is used Oppenheimer analysis - Devil's dancers? Or at least which machine has simillar sound?...

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Gloster 16th April 2014
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Hi, all. I was recently offered a pair of 100% mint Tannoy Reveal 501a's for $100 (for the pair). I'm looking for monitors...

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phage 16th April 2014
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Now I've done some research before asking this but I want to know what is the cheapest audio interface that will work with the...

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mirka 16th April 2014
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Looking for a donor body to do my first DIY mic project I came across this: Original rode k2 membrane tube microphone on...

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MarkF48 16th April 2014
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Along with hi pass filter- I'm fine with that but I just discovered the dynamics are going to monitors and can't seem to get...

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timmetje 16th April 2014
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Hey all, I'm a student studying audio engineering (say whatever you want about getting a degree in audio engineering), and a...

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catawbawine 16th April 2014
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This was a trip for sure. Using Non-Newtonian Fluids to visualize the vibrations of sound in a speaker cone. sRbnAxrS3EM Some...

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FFTT 16th April 2014
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While mixing on my analog console i sometimes like to drive the analog mix bus into the red. For tone. Thing is that comes too...

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drtechno 16th April 2014
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Hi guys The price of music eq. here is very expensive (wa12ebay 449 dolar here its almost 700 dolar). Also exchange rate and...

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Cosh 16th April 2014
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I think I messed up. I was cleaning house, and I sold my ADK A-51 V . I liked the way it sounded but it was kind of rough...

lame pseudonym
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Matti 16th April 2014
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I'd like to put an additional pickup on my pedal steel that only picks up the lowest string. The goal would be to send that...

Jon Estes
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junkshop 16th April 2014
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So i can get a pair of Mackie Thumps 15A for $550 Amazon.com: Mackie Thump TH-15A 2-Way Powered Loudspeaker: Musical...

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YoungSingh 16th April 2014
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This is a quote from the online sales pitch of a rather large studio. "(though I used hardware plugins for compression...

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psycho_monkey 16th April 2014
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Count Elmsley 16th April 2014
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Anyone have any idea how they would get the reverb sound in this track? It kinda explodes out of the kick/percussion. Do they...

The Bad Motor
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DirkP 16th April 2014
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Ok, this is a start for ROCK music as to what tracks are preferred to be used as real reference tracks during the mixing...

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Simoniz 16th April 2014
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I have a problem with my midi keyboard it sends wrong midi signals when I play it for example, you play on a piano vst and all...

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Johnny Favorite 16th April 2014
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Hello thanks for reading, I seem to always be disappointed in my recordings for some reason. I use a Neumann U87 ai HP filter...

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mikeyman 16th April 2014
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Hi all, I have a Mackie 32 mixer, and the giant black power supply has started to make a lot of noise, humming when it heats...

Jerry Bears
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Jerry Bears 16th April 2014
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Mack Emerman, the founder of Criteria Recording Studios and one of the original founders of SPARS has died at 89. His...

The Press Desk
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Deleted 2848499 16th April 2014
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Hi everyone. I need to put my old band's entire catalog online for streaming and free downloads. I want Facebook to be the...

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drbob1 16th April 2014
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Hey guys, So I've had this problem for a few years: High gain guitar and dynamic mics pick up a "directional" buzz;...

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joelpatterson 16th April 2014
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Hi all, I did an interesting experiment lately: abduction I mixed a song with 3 plugins only per tracks. My...

Yann Leon
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Yann Leon 16th April 2014
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I'm thinking of getting a mixer that I use to monitor with zero latency. Ideally I'd like to feed 2-4 channels from my...

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38caliber 16th April 2014
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Hi there, could someone please explain what is the difference between a 68 custom twin reverb which has a straight blue writing...

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chopshop777 16th April 2014
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Amazing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjdhMVH4dZw

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Beatz0121 16th April 2014
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I know, I know - not THAT again. But after reading the current thread(s) on the sample rate debate, I just had to go read...

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jaredmars 16th April 2014
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Hi all, I wish that post is relevant here... I am at a point where I do not really know what to do: I sent a mic back to...

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funka 15th April 2014
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I'm really starting to get bored of the Yamaha hs50's in my home studio. The sound is not very inspiring and maybe abit too...

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midio 15th April 2014
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So here is an issue im having. Home studio....i have two monster 3500pro power conditioners...which i got cheap from a studio...

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Janesaid2me 15th April 2014
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Stradivarius Violins Aren’t Better Than New Ones: Round Two – Phenomena: Not Exactly Rocket Science It turns out that these...

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Grant Ransom 15th April 2014
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I'm looking to upgrade my gear in a couple months, I'll have about 2k to spend. I'm looking for a good interface (with a preamp)...

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mirka 15th April 2014
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Hey Gearbrothers, I have a G14 for 9 month or so and yesterday i notice something about my unit. I have it in my analog chain...

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shelterr 15th April 2014
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Hello, I want to build a preamp, that I will use mainly for foley recordings, so I need a lot of transparent gain. Soldering...

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JFOC 15th April 2014
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Hello everyone... I'm wondering how many of you, like me, find yourself wishing that there was a multiple output bus plugin...

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YRLK 15th April 2014
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The 136th Audio Engineering Society Convention (Saturday, April 26, through Tuesday, April 29, 2014, at the Estrel Hotel and...

The Press Desk
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John Willett 15th April 2014
Avatar for thingsbreak

I was just thinking about good gear made by Canadian companies in the past ...Ward Beck, McIntosh, Bryston, etc ....and got...

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Ike Zimbel 15th April 2014
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jcoutu1 15th April 2014
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Thanks in advance. Currently using DA-16X and MOTU 2408 MK3 via ADAT connection and found that 7, 10, 14 channel produce...

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sslneve 15th April 2014
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We recently did some tracking experiments with good results. I'm doing the GJ mix technique on the drums. As I mix I am finding...

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Crowder 15th April 2014
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Hey guys getting a new desk in today and was wondering if you guys might have any tips or techniques when it comes to racking...

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shatz 15th April 2014
Avatar for Stilus

Hello! I have a plan to buy studio personal monitoring system, which works thru ADAT interface (ADAT signal from Yamaha DM2000...

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psycho_monkey 15th April 2014
Avatar for Bobbob

Might be of interest to some people. Rickenbaker 4003. Thomastik JF344 Flatwounds. DI'd into: API 3124+, NEVE 1073, UA 610

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Bobbob 15th April 2014
Avatar for hemmick reef

I'm thinking about paying a one of fee for someone to sing over one of my songs. I haven't a clue where's the best place/site...

hemmick reef
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hemmick reef 15th April 2014
Avatar for Renato Qu

So as part of 2013's plan to get OTB as much as possible I got myself a Midas Venice F24. It's my first ever mixing console and I...

Renato Qu
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sonidos 15th April 2014
Avatar for WunderBro Flo

Hi Slutz, I am desperately looking for photos (or even better: schematics) of the power supply of the Rode Classic I in order to...

WunderBro Flo
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Matti 15th April 2014
Avatar for gomusic

Hi all, First post here so thanks for any input. I'm on the prowl for a new mic pre and my budget is about $300-400. I'm...

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War in Moscow 15th April 2014
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Hi, I'm ready to buy an 88 weighted key controller or stage piano. It will be used for recording piano in home studio as well...

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bman1000 15th April 2014
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Hey all, Fell out of love with my ADAM A7's and Sub8 so I sold them and bought a pair of used Dynaudio BM15a's. However, it...

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Antonio_4346 15th April 2014