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Two highly reviewed monitors shootout . Eve Audio sc205/207/208 vs Equator AudIO d5/d8 bumpkin Post your comments and...

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monitorlove 21st April 2014
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Hi has anyone any experience of the master section on a CAD Maxcon, my output on one side is 1 volt or so lower in gain. this is...

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Shak 20th April 2014
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It's really hard to describe why I want this but I was doing something today and thought it would be a helpful tool. Basically...

3rd Degree
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elan 20th April 2014
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hey guys, we are tomatoband, and we are a duo. we have a big sound, which we loosely classified as acid jazz, but really we are...

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aphterglo 20th April 2014
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Just thinking about getting back into 500 series...but I have had problems with proper PS's in the past. Is the newest version of...

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[email protected] 20th April 2014
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I hope this is in the correct forum. I have a 1974 fender rhodes mark 1 that I've taken out to a few gigs now. Each time I've...

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VibeRater 20th April 2014
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What's up guys I'm on the market for a new Mic, I will be upgrading from a at4040., I wanted to know what you guys think about...

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hymenoptera 20th April 2014
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Just a thought experiment, obviously everything depends on the talent and material. People with limited budgets (all of us?)...

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Aural Endeavors 20th April 2014
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So I'm having a processing issue, I haven't played with it for a super long time and I can probably fix it with a lot of volume...

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blAh 20th April 2014
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Hey guys I know it seems I dumb question but this is really annoying. My monitor speakers Samson Resolv A6 are getting...

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Teofunk 20th April 2014
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Ok so I am new to singing, yet have been playing guitar for 20 years. I have no problems matching tones for instance hitting...

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Brent Hahn 20th April 2014
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Mixer to sum through that isn't pricey? I want it for workflow more than I want it for its sound so transparent and clean is...

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Kyleseglin 20th April 2014
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New here to gearslutz, but thought if there was any group of minds that new about this board, they would be here. It's an...

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ddageek 20th April 2014
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Hi All, My Focusrite VRM box has a lot of noise coming through the headphone output, why is this is it my interface's SPDIF...

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jakesaunders27 20th April 2014
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I'm looking for analog mixer that will help me get that kind of raw dirty sound. can anyone recommend one. hear is a track to...

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chuck_cheeze 20th April 2014
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It is only the audio in the frequency range we DO hear and the dynamic range in the system/environment we DO use that matters! It...

Sounds Great
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Sounds Great 20th April 2014
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Hello, I'm a male, a bit deep voice and doing only RAP. I heard AT2020 and AT3035 are ideal for recording rap, but what about...

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Balkan 20th April 2014
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Hey! NEW guy here, and in need of some direction/help Been a Sonar guy for a long time, and I was needing a control surface so...

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gigalord 20th April 2014
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Hey, I'm currently working on a song that contains some very nice high notes. The problem is that they often sound a bit...

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Sky 20th April 2014
Avatar for rodolfo

Advice needed: Linn 2250 Amp with ProSc Studio 100

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TheLastByte 20th April 2014
Avatar for Cool Guy J

Hello all! I bought a juno 106 a few months ago and I love it. Though when I bought it I noticed a slight clicky sound when ever...

Cool Guy J
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Cool Guy J 20th April 2014
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The SM7b needs a LOT of gain to bring it up to par, and the LA-610 is known for its low output as well. When I combine these two,...

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Sacalait 20th April 2014
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chrisgeo 20th April 2014
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The attached deck is something that everyone who is arguing about the hairy nits of 16/44 vs. 32/384 vs. PCM vs. SACD, etc really...

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j_j 20th April 2014
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I'm planning to buy my first studio monitors and I need your help ... I produce electronic music and hip hop beats (no vocals,...

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Zaunji 20th April 2014
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Hi everyone, I've been foolish enough to buy a used 160x from the US here in Italy thinking it would have a switchable voltage,...

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Let it burn... 20th April 2014
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I have this old Mitsubishi small reel2reel recorder. It sounds sooo bad that I actually like to use it for some experimental...

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egoless 20th April 2014
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I am thinking about upgrading my converters but I don't know what to upgrade to. I really just need 8 in and 8 out, but 8 in and...

Jason rocks
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Glenn Bucci 20th April 2014
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I'm fairly interested in buying some 500 series gear, but I have seen some stuff like Joe meek, Aphex, Golden Age Project 500...

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lpedrum 19th April 2014
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Have you guys used them? Are they good to mix with?

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madsilencerr 19th April 2014
Avatar for Red Baron

Hi, no doubt they are great, would you tell me your experience with both on : -Sonic differences, -What you like most and less...

Red Baron
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LobCity 19th April 2014
Avatar for LFOWaves

I will compose with a laptop (again) a focusrite 2i2 and no monitors speakers and I don't know for how long, actually. I want to...

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LFOWaves 19th April 2014
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I own a pair of Mackie MR5's, and would like a pair of monitors to juxtapose these to provide better referencing during mixes, so...

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blAh 19th April 2014
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Can I switch between 3 different sets of stereo studio monitors A, B, C? I have Focal Solos, Tapco S8 and Avantone Mixcubes and...

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ben_allison 19th April 2014
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Hi all, I have two TL Audio PA-1 units (the blue series) and I was thinking of mod-ing one of them. Any tube replacement...

Philip Marinelis
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Basslik 19th April 2014
Avatar for rodolfo

Do you think these work well together?

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rodolfo 19th April 2014
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Hey, Has anyone had Alto microphone? - what do you think about it? - is it good for rap vocals? Thanks, Cya!

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Balkan 19th April 2014
Avatar for catawbawine

More specifically, the Pet Sounds stuff, not the 80s perfection... After doing some research, I've found plenty about how the...

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Drumsound 19th April 2014
Avatar for KennyS

(Admin feel free to move if this is in the wrong section) Hey all, I don't know a thing about upright pianos. I know I need...

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Jussi Kulomaa 19th April 2014
Avatar for kinghand

I want to buy one for my mastering parallel compression. But I don't know any guy who has experiences with it. The only thing I...

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kinghand 19th April 2014
Avatar for WantDrums

Hey folks, I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with either of these silent bass drum monitoring systems? I'm torn...

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WantDrums 19th April 2014
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Will I be able to control the volume from my Mac OS X volume controls?

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ajiuo 19th April 2014
Avatar for monkeyxx

I was having problems driving my Echo Audiofires down into the lowest sample rates without them starting to pop and click and...

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monkeyxx 19th April 2014
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Hi all! Ok 1st I will give you my setup. I have a Steinberg UR44 Interface, Soon to be a RME UCX...can't wait! Tube Tech CL 2A...

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fearsend777 19th April 2014
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Just wanted to share the experience. Recently purchased a very special custom console which is very high end. The joy of...

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Space1999 19th April 2014
Avatar for naked_man

This thread might not seem very useful for many but it cleared some confusion for me. I heard so much about the 'sound' of...

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brianellefson 19th April 2014
Avatar for John N

I just bought a used MPX1 without a manual and set it up with a mono input and stereo return to my system (same set up as broken...

John N
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Avatar for Roman
Roman 19th April 2014
Avatar for Mrice

Trakker has been out a log time and looks like a great piece,but alot of great new compressors have hit The market recently. The...

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Avatar for AllAboutTone
AllAboutTone 19th April 2014
Avatar for iampoor

Lets say an affordable 4 channel 312 style preamp became available... Would you prefer di inputs or a variable input impedence...

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oudplayer 19th April 2014
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delete please

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llorT 18th April 2014