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I am looking into getting a DI mainly for bass and also for my keyboard. Which would be better for me? My bass pick-ups are not...

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beau_mckee 30th April 2014
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I'm trying to connect my RME interface via ADAT to my symphony to get another 8 inputs without success.. output seems to work...

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pete 30th April 2014
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Does that exist? I'm happy with my UA 2-610, and I also have The Brick that's got a tube in it but I need 2 more channels. Is...

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mustardeer 30th April 2014
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Hello, I've been looking around for a little bit trying to find a good pair of binaural recording microphones (I could be...

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decodelac 29th April 2014
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Im trying to route the 2bus out of my babyface out to rosetta 200 -> api 5500 -> smart c1 -> rosetta 200 ->babyface....

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androlic 29th April 2014
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Forget the Yamaha ns10s. They are everyone's pick . Which is the most translating monitors you have worked with ? (Meaning your...

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Bobro 29th April 2014
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I’m a hobbyist producer but I still like to take note of trends and fashion in sound engineering … Recently I was referencing...

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pqlia 29th April 2014
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Hey everyone, First... a disclaimer of sorts: I searched the forum already and everything that I've seen for JDX on bass is...

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exit143 29th April 2014
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Investing in new monitors for my mixing/tracking room. Sort of a one man band building tracks for animation pieces with multiple...

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lucky13 29th April 2014
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So recently I have been getting back into vinyl and I can't figure out how I should set up my current gear in order to listen at...

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Hane 29th April 2014
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Processing electronic drums samples. I'd like something versatile, clean, but capable of smoothing digital samples into...

Aiyn Zahav
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Aiyn Zahav 29th April 2014
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So I get the thing back from the shop after 3 weeks to get the left channel fixed. It was dropping out and crackling...

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Bobro 29th April 2014
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Hi all, not strictly super-highend i realise, but I thought I might get a more intelligent answer in this sub-forum ! My studio...

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Dave_Ionic 29th April 2014
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Hey guys. I've been looking for a Microphone to record vocals such as vocal shots/hip hop vocals (for Electronic Dance Music). I...

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JCWF 29th April 2014
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How are you using stems? When are you using stems? I'm not using stems at all as part of the overall mixing. I use groups and...

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CJ Mastering 29th April 2014
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Hi there, I've had a tape machine that was given to me by a family member a few years ago. Like most, majority of my recordings...

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CJ Mastering 29th April 2014
Avatar for Grizzly4

Hi guys, I am in need of some serious help right now. I am in need of a new converter. I will be moving into a commercial space...

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Groove Dog 29th April 2014
Avatar for nst7

This was just announced: Gibson has agreed to buy 1/3rd of the Teac corporation, and will bring it into the Gibson family of...

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legato 29th April 2014
Avatar for auxReturn

Easy question! Dynaudio BM5A VS Dynaudio BM5P with Behringer A500 amp. Behringer: REFERENCE AMPLIFIER A500 Will...

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reeloy 29th April 2014
Avatar for Gn0me

So I want to run an Amp sim(Amplitube 3) out of an interface(Scarlet 2i2) into a power amp, and then into a 212 120 watt combined...

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Kiwi 29th April 2014
Avatar for Captain Cool

I got a 4 track reel to reel recorder recently and I'm trying to figure out the best way to get the tracks onto logic pro. I'm...

Captain Cool
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DarbyOhara 29th April 2014
Avatar for Deleted 8aee39a

so... basically im thinking of buying the lunchbox thing.. but need some advice with what exactly to buy.. this is gonna be my...

Deleted 8aee39a
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Deleted 8aee39a 29th April 2014
Avatar for elan

Hello I'm looking for a PDF to Music converter.. for a friend... he needs one that sounds quite good.. now he has one, but the...

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Avatar for Kiwi
Kiwi 29th April 2014
Avatar for Royal Dee

Hello i have a focusrite ISA One mic pre and am trying to use the Cue Mix function & Its not workin... Do i need to do...

Royal Dee
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Royal Dee 29th April 2014
Avatar for Alchemy Sound

Mostly wanting this for acoustic guitar transient control, and also control over louder rim shots form snare drums in overhead...

Alchemy Sound
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nnajar 29th April 2014
Avatar for Niceandcivilized

I've searched and have found nothing. With all of the talk about how great ribbons are for horns, how come kind of blue was...

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csr 29th April 2014
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Recently I dug up my Dad's old VS2480 to bounce some tracks off onto my Cubase DAW setup to remix them. I was in a hurry so I...

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spurratic 29th April 2014
Avatar for Gsybe

hello everyone. I got into producing, bought a mac, an alai mpk 40. I have a pair of cambridge s70 connected to a sony...

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Gsybe 29th April 2014
Avatar for thutchens

I just got a Teac 144 portastudio thing on the cheap but need to get it serviced as some of the pots are intermittent and it is...

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thutchens 29th April 2014
Avatar for Lorenzop

What's the consensus/experience on the Aphex 207 pre? I'm trying to decide if it's an upgrade over my current pres: SPL...

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antichef 29th April 2014
Avatar for denlig

First of all i would like to say that the monitors has hiss noise coming from the tweeter with nothing connected to them. I can...

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dadolaaa 28th April 2014
Avatar for snareman

I really have no idea what level of detail I should go to here, everything on Google images differs in quality, please help me...

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catawbawine 28th April 2014
Avatar for rmontiel

I'm running two of these units in my studio now. both are roughly 3 years old and working as expected except that the orange LED...

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rmontiel 28th April 2014
Avatar for daniel db

Hello! I've been learning and building a home studio for years now, and am now ready to step things up a bit. I have about 8k to...

daniel db
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daniel db 28th April 2014
Avatar for brianellefson

I'm becoming a big fan of my vintage MD441, starting to look at 421's for drums. What are the model variants to look for and, if...

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claend 28th April 2014
Avatar for James Lugo

So I'm out working this week in Nashville and called John about coming by and showing the studio to a client. When we got there...

James Lugo
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rolffz 28th April 2014
Avatar for snareman

I'm writing an essay justifying the recording techniques I've used in a project, and need to make mention of top...

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adamd1008 28th April 2014
Avatar for jaffa

Lot's of posts about this on here I know, which I've looked at but none seem to specifically address this point. On the RME...

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Avatar for miscend
miscend 28th April 2014
Avatar for riteup3

I recently came across this LA band called Dead Sara and was impressed with the sound of the record. Epic is the word that comes...

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Avatar for BradM
BradM 28th April 2014
Avatar for heyman

Well, I did some searching, but still not convinced.. I have the opportunity to buy a 1" 16 track. Dont know if I should...

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Avatar for adam_w
adam_w 28th April 2014
Avatar for Gn0me

So the master plan here is to run amplitube 3 stereo out of my interface(scarlet 2i2), into a powered mixer (Behringer Pmp4000),...

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Avatar for Gn0me
Gn0me 28th April 2014
Avatar for zulusound

Stoked to have just purchased a GT Model 3, but its shock mount (Shock Therapy ST-1) does not work well (elastic shot) and I...

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Avatar for John Willett
John Willett 28th April 2014
Avatar for stevieotomy

So, Schoeps have come up a couple of times recently in various situations (in really different settings) so I'm...

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Avatar for fifthcircle
fifthcircle 28th April 2014
Avatar for Groovy

So here I'm working with my SSL X-DESK and X-Panda had them for 3 years now, always worked inline (so direct outs to daw and...

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Avatar for Groovy
Groovy 28th April 2014
Avatar for monitorlove

I cant stress enough that this equalizer just rocks.. Surprisingly I was using this plugin from a year back and I discontinued it...

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Avatar for SmoothVibe
SmoothVibe 28th April 2014
Avatar for Phil Strang

Hi guys. About a month ago i bought a Soundcraft 800B for mixing analog from my motu 24 i/o. Here a mix (indie-rock):...

Phil Strang
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Avatar for ericsvizeny
ericsvizeny 28th April 2014
Avatar for Bringback

Hi, i would like to know what the best technic is to rip vinyl. What is the best way to do it? I was thinking about to buy a...

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Avatar for Miles Flint
Miles Flint 28th April 2014
Avatar for heb-musik

hi guys, relatively new with real analog rig ( usually all ITB) i want to use a LA610MK2 as mic pre for vocals. I heard the...

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Avatar for dosilegecko
dosilegecko 28th April 2014
Avatar for FirstLoveStudio

Hi, I'm taking a bit of a leap and getting some outboard compressor / eq / pre. I've got a big soundcraft sapphyre, pres...

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Avatar for BearOnGuitar
BearOnGuitar 28th April 2014
Avatar for hemmick reef

I don't want to adopt the soft French accent here ;) but to learn how to get such a full vocal sound. What sort of recording...

hemmick reef
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Avatar for hemmick reef
hemmick reef 28th April 2014