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Never bought on reverb before. I’m in Australia and this guy is from UAE, has 4 feedbacks but only as a buyer. Especially...

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Mick98 2nd October 2020
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Does anyone own all three of these mics that would like to post a vocal shootout. I'm curious. I would like to hear each side...

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jeronimo 2nd October 2020
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Hi, I recently bought a DX7, not supper familiar with it currently. I noticed that the factory sounds are not what I have....

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andychamp 2nd October 2020
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I recently thought about replacing my Event 20/20p with something better, and at first I was really fond of the PMC db1/tb2 or...

T.V. Eye
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musictracer 2nd October 2020
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Hello, So I had a GAP PRE73 MKIII and remember the power supply matching the back, AC 24V. I missed the GAP73 so I repurchased...

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El Sueco 2nd October 2020
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I wanna change the tube in my UA solo 610 because they are a little too noisy for me. A vocal recorded in the 610 will sound very...

Lydian Music
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Lydian Music 2nd October 2020
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looks to be in good condition...Read an article that said I could make use of it by running takes through it as an aux and...

Michael Franklin
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Michael Franklin 2nd October 2020
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Has anyone used the Inward Connections Mix690 summing mixer? You can look at it ...Here... I did some searching on...

[email protected]
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Flo Fandango 2nd October 2020
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has anybody had any experience with the Sterling Audio MX8 ???? what other monitors would they be comparable to ????? thanks in...

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Alfonso1111 2nd October 2020
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I use an x32 producer as general mixer on my occasional sessions; using it's inbuilt USB card to pipe audio into my computer...

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Moaudio 2nd October 2020
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Hey guys, I’m looking to start some productions for folk/indie/Americana tracks at home. I want to make it fun and...

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Brent Hahn 1st October 2020
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I'm curious if anyone's had a chance to try the new sE Electronics v kick mic and what their general thoughts are. It's been out...

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themiracle 1st October 2020
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Anyone have any experience with both of these mics? I am looking into them (specifically to use with the b6 cap). I'm just...

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NathanEldred 1st October 2020
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Hey guys, I mainly track out clean guitars. Currently recording with the Royer R-10 and SM81. I'm pretty happy with the sound...

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chrischoir 1st October 2020
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So I have been Reading a bunch about various LA2A Clones out there and as an owner of an Original reissue UA Classics piece was...

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JLast 1st October 2020
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Excellent match with a Royer R-10, especially on clarinet and alto saxophone. Hard to beat at the price, I imagine.

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carlbaugher 1st October 2020
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Hi all, I'm thinking to buy X32 to use it as an audio interface in my studio , and I have some questions: 1- I want to know...

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MediaGary 1st October 2020
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Hi All I don't have anywhere remotely close to compare these beasts. I currently own the Footprints i was happy with them...

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Oldone 1st October 2020
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Hey, First post here. Looking to get 2 sets of monitors some Genelec for mixing and another set for writing and general...

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Sharp11 1st October 2020
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Hi, I make techno using headphones (HD600) and find my tracks not translating well. It sounds much better in the headphones than...

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Mantik 1st October 2020
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I've been using spring reverb on vox and other non-guitar tracks for a bit now. I currently have a VanAmps racked stereo reverb....

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dharma one 1st October 2020
Avatar for lucasmusic

Without suggesting triggers or new drummer, (cause at the venue I mix live, we get different drummers.) is there a magic formula...

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lucasmusic 1st October 2020
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Hello, I am trying to sync my Tascam 48 Tape Machine to Pro Tools or Logic. I have had no problem striping the tape from...

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hithere 1st October 2020
Avatar for Jacksonward12

Anyone use these in conjunction w/ one another on the mix bus? What are some other comps people are using w/ the fusion?

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Jacksonward12 1st October 2020
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I play in an 80s style thrash metal band and we've just taken on a new guitarist and we've been messing around trying to get our...

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CJ Mastering 1st October 2020
Avatar for Jazzmag

Had my head set on a focusrite scarlett to record onto my ipad at home but then I spotted the itrack dock which seems perfect...

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DirkP 1st October 2020
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Hi, I figure this is almost a lost cause - but any help/advice would be appreciated here. Alesis MMT8. Grey model. 1.11 OS....

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stixonskinz 1st October 2020
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Saw this on a studio wholesale for a ridiculous price (cheap). The one above the Altec. Any ideas?

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SnM 1st October 2020
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Ok, I know there all already about 5 threads about this subject, but I haven't found a real conclusion in none of them. I'm...

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RightOnRome 1st October 2020
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Backstrom 1st October 2020
Avatar for tochnia

What is your opinion for choice between below speakers. They of course come with different price tags, but wanted to hear what...

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soundgeneration 1st October 2020
Avatar for tessitura

I just picked up a second Rode NTR to have a stereo pair. The second one is around 5db quieter than the first one. I talked to...

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tessitura 1st October 2020
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Hey guys. This is Mark Robertson. I work with Scott Hampton over at Hamptone in Portland, Oregon. I wanted to start a thread...

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heyimadam 1st October 2020
Avatar for PirateCatAudio

Hi guys, looking for a two microphone 1U rack preamp for overheads. I am using my RME UFX preamps now for that and looking to...

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thismercifulfate 1st October 2020
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I'm fascinated with how the older music in my collection sounds. Maybe it's placebo or some kind of psychological bias. :cowbell:

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johannburkard 30th September 2020
Avatar for fu22ba55

Not looking for a 500-series unit... 19" rack or desktop/standalone would be fine... Looking for a portable 2-channel...

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cerebellum 30th September 2020
Avatar for robertgeorge

Someone told me the other day this was a terrific mic. Anyone else tried it. Seems to be a sleeper on the net.

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Dokterrock 30th September 2020
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evolvetek 30th September 2020
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Hi all. I'm new here to GS. Lurked here for about a week and it's great. My background is as a musician and audiophile,...

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tochnia 30th September 2020
Avatar for goom

You made a mental note not to sign the contract or go any further with them?

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Avatar for Sigma
Sigma 30th September 2020
Avatar for 7up partridge

Happens at 2:08 and 3:29 Sounds like something you would do with a low frequency oscillator, but this is pretty early days for...

7up partridge
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7up partridge 30th September 2020
Avatar for dialectic

Just wondered if anyone here has used/owns a Sharma rotary speaker from the 60's/70's? They were produced in the UK and of...

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dialectic 30th September 2020
Avatar for Viscounts

Hey guys! I've been mixing quite a lot through a summing mixer at my buddies and I find it really helpful for glueing together...

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jonoville 30th September 2020
Avatar for HOTC

I am looking to buy either the Klark Teknik 2a or 76 Mainly for vocals, bass and bits of bass. At some stage want to have a...

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Drakaland 30th September 2020
Avatar for djwaxxy

I was looking on gear4music today because im looking to buy some new gear and I spotted some hidden gems which ive not seen...

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Avatar for Ox Han
Ox Han 30th September 2020
Avatar for tymish

A friend of mine owns Innovation Station Music in Annandale. It was broken into and wiped out a lot of gear. here's a list of the...

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themiracle 30th September 2020
Avatar for matt thomas

Hi One of the woofers in my Proac 100's seems to have given up. It is not making any sound at all. (tweeter only). Is this a...

matt thomas
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Stéphane 30th September 2020
Avatar for jokkeladah

Has anyone heard of a console called crystal? It’s a 24 ch studio desk made in England by a brand called 3g ltd. I have googled...

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jokkeladah 30th September 2020
Avatar for Fabianuy

Hi, what you think about this preamp, really nice sound?, i'm looking one for vocals and instruments. Thx

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Brent Hahn 30th September 2020
Avatar for sleshnyc

So I placed a deposit on a 1073 almost 6 months ago. I get it, covid and all, but still. They kept pushing back the date, and...

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gravyface 30th September 2020