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Hey there, I recently revamped my whole studio. I used to use the Apollo x8p to record drums. Now I sold it and I am working...

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Gnarmageddon 28th December 2020
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Hello, iam thinking about getting an Apollo Twin USB because of the nice dsp Effects from UAD and I think the AD/DA can be an...

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Griffo 28th December 2020
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I’m looking to buy a new vocal mic. I’m currently recording with a vintage Rode NT2, and I just don’t love it. I have a...

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DistortingJack 28th December 2020
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Hey guys! I’m recording drums this week at home and I’m curious to know what set up some of you would use with the mics I...

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ifudontlikebees 28th December 2020
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Hi This is the first post by me so apologies if this is a repeated question. I have been producing electronic music for around...

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swxmpnoise 28th December 2020
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In search of a fantastic, 3D-sounding vocal compressor. Here's some impressions (simplified and exaggerated) that I'd love to be...

Dirk Churlish
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Dirk Churlish 28th December 2020
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Hi , Very happy long time user of a Saffire pro 40 which I use connected to the matching OctoPre. I'm needed to move away...

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greyham 28th December 2020
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Just recently got my first set of drums for Christmas, and have been super happy with them. I'm just wondering, without focusing...

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isaacmacias 28th December 2020
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I recently started getting into external pre amps and so far have a setup of 4 capi vp28s in a lunchbox. However, im going into a...

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cheu78 28th December 2020
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I'm so fickle, so shallow..i have the depth of a puddle. I could be handed a microphone and told it was crafted from the gods...

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radio_death_wish 28th December 2020
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Check out these picks just posted in Pensandos Students on Facebook....

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santi123 28th December 2020
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Hi all! Merry Christmas! I have a problem with my hybrid setup which is an analogue mixing console and an AD converter to get...

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CJ Mastering 28th December 2020
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Merry X-Mas and happy new year to everyone ! I take the liberty of calling on your knowledge... Does anyone could share its...

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Aleksandr 28th December 2020
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Dear All, I have a set of Elac Unifi BS U5 that sounds great, but I miss to hear some bottom in them - not necessary an...

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Bushman 28th December 2020
Avatar for etclocationsound

Hello, first post here. I have the opportunity to buy a SoundTech MicroLizer "stereo mic-pre with eq magic" from my...

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etclocationsound 28th December 2020
Avatar for montanasan

I'm planning on getting the following mics over the course of the next six months but in which order should I get them? Used...

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montanasan 28th December 2020
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How to create kicks like...

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andychamp 28th December 2020
Avatar for elasticc

I’m looking at making my own cables, mostly jack to jack balanced and some insert cables, and dsub to jacks possibly., What...

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elasticc 28th December 2020
Avatar for Arseny

Some older hardware reverbs operate at lower SR like 48 Khz, 44.1... You might have not enough analog I/O. Or you want to skip...

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msmucr 28th December 2020
Avatar for MrHamel

Just thought I'd throw this out there. Got me an Amazon gift card and could use some new cables. Not sure what offers the best...

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esldude 28th December 2020
Avatar for Prizm

hey guys, I'm interested in finding out some history on this sound. It's the 80s handclap with a delay/slapback afterwards. These...

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E-Irizarry 28th December 2020
Avatar for xlon

Last night I found a whole load of vintage gear from a seller called "snocosmetics" on ebay. Pricing was set to go from...

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Jeff Hayat 28th December 2020
Avatar for Lucmult

Ok, so i'm new here and ive only really got into audio / microphones this past year and I'm looking to upgrade my microphone. I...

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Avatar for DistortingJack
DistortingJack 28th December 2020
Avatar for SDB_12

Hi! Love this mix, and an curiois to how some of you think they achieved their drums sounds...specifically what effects,...

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Avatar for chandlerbing
chandlerbing 28th December 2020
Avatar for ben1210

Finally got round to selling some gear and I'm in the market for a new polysynth. I make a range of different stuff, ambient /...

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ben1210 27th December 2020
Avatar for andregoncalves

hello! Is there any disadvantage or particularity that i should be aware using a stereo bus compressor on a mono source...

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andychamp 27th December 2020
Avatar for Flying_Dutchman

Anybody tried this side by side? How would you describe the difference? I can´t get a B2 demo here at the moment. I bought the...

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JGM 27th December 2020
Avatar for dmac660

Hello, I know the RTA producer desk is a popular one. Any other owners who use this desk in their control or tracking room...

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Oli_W 27th December 2020
Avatar for s wave

If you know of any of the mics or equipment used in these 'never before scenes' of Beatles in the studio would love to hear about...

s wave
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PdotDdot 27th December 2020
Avatar for sorav

Hey all. I had bought the Audix DP7 mic kit but unfortunately one of my ADX51s were stolen. Now I just have one... It's...

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mikeydude 27th December 2020
Avatar for Zed

Merry Christmas from Finland everyone! We wish you all a peaceful and full of joy Christmas holidays! Our little...

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Zed 27th December 2020
Avatar for bruvvamoff

Hey all. I'm recording some grungy rock tracks at home. I have a les paul studio, tons of pedals, and a marshall 1w valve...

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bruvvamoff 27th December 2020
Avatar for KingsX

Hey guys, I have an old SMPTE slave driver from Digidesign. Can this be used as a stand alone piece for any sync needs, or does...

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KingsX 27th December 2020
Avatar for Tavares

Hi, Have you had any experience with the Eventide Mixing Link in particular as a recording preamp. It seems to be an interesting...

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Avatar for creeg125
creeg125 27th December 2020
Avatar for salbinti

Hi I have a Lexicon PCM 42, and an Eventide H3000 The former is one rack space, and the latter is two. How many holes...

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Drumsound 27th December 2020
Avatar for henryrobinett

I've been auditioning a brand new mic from Peluso - R14.http://www.pelusomicrophonelab.com/R14Photos.html. I've put up two of my...

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henryrobinett 27th December 2020
Avatar for Albaer

Hi all, as the title states I'm having trouble deciding on a budget for a 5.1 monitor setup. I've been thinking about this for...

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Albaer 27th December 2020
Avatar for Clbraddock

Hello, I have a pair of KH310s and was thinking about adding a KH750 for the dsp abilities. My question is if I feed the KH750...

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Avatar for Clbraddock
Clbraddock 27th December 2020
Avatar for Rocksoff

So does anyone have any idea how Dave got the cool vocal sounds on some of Jet's more mellow numbers like "Look What You've...

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Avatar for vashuba
vashuba 27th December 2020
Avatar for Tomiboy

Every time I read an add or review about the New Behringer X32 & Associated products, they keep spewing out the "Midas...

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Avatar for kennybro
kennybro 27th December 2020
Avatar for Jmw21

I’m pretty set on purchasing a tlm 102, but I have a question that I’m sure many have wondered yet there doesn’t seem to be...

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Avatar for thepilgrimsdream
thepilgrimsdream 27th December 2020
Avatar for Blastin

I have two Yamaha 01v96, and I would like to sync them together as one unit, function wise. I've read how to cascade them using...

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Avatar for deedeeyeah
deedeeyeah 27th December 2020
Avatar for Arksun

Just got the new Adele album this morning. Love her voice soo much, just keeps getting better and better with age. Some...

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Avatar for mm-pro
mm-pro 27th December 2020
Avatar for JAM7

Hello, I’m currently looking at purchasing a Soundcraft Ghost and wondering if there is anything I should be looking out...

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Avatar for e-are
e-are 27th December 2020
Avatar for frazz

Hi, I'm considering adding an 8 mic pre ad da box to expand some audio cards I've got. Focusrite Scarlett Octe-Pre Dynamic is a...

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Avatar for frazz
frazz 27th December 2020
Avatar for simonschole

Anyone used the setup with SPL Madicon Madi to USB connected to an Orion 32? All documentation mentions it's compatible with...

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simonschole 27th December 2020
Avatar for rcprod

The volume knob issue I mentioned previously is in the process of being resolved so I have essentially removed my post. Is...

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rcprod 27th December 2020
Avatar for qqz

Hello, I've bought a pair of Focal Alpha 50 studio monitors. They are performing well, although I hear a constant rustle from...

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ambiguous signal 27th December 2020
Avatar for Chevron

Yeh I know another bloody 1176 thread. I have used all of the above, with the exception of the Stam and the Splice. I love the...

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Avatar for sirpunkly
sirpunkly 27th December 2020
Avatar for brassmoose

What dynamic mics have a figure 8 pattern? If you put two cardioid dynamic mics 180 degrees from each other and sum them,...

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Avatar for PACHAMAMA
PACHAMAMA 26th December 2020