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Hi Did some checking and couldn't find anything on this specifically, but I am in the process of installing PT11. Bit crazy it...

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Davido 31st May 2014
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limster 30th May 2014
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Thought this might be of interest to a few of you, the BBC Television Centre is auctioning off a load of gear due to them moving,...

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SJMC 30th May 2014
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I am a new artist and I am trying to sound proof a bedroom and turn it into a studio. I have no idea how to do this... What is...

Marcus Coselli
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Liko 30th May 2014
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Basically something like this, but UK plugs. 8 Outlet Rack Mount Premium Power Supply Center w/Each Outlet Switch EMB EBW8 |...

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AlexGodbehere 30th May 2014
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Was watching the episode of Pensados Place with Luca Pretolesi (Diplo, Snoop, Skrillex, Major Lazer, etc..) and it came to the...

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robmix 30th May 2014
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I'd love a thread where mix engineers post a final mix of a song, along with the raw tracks (or stems) of that mix. I'm really...

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Funny Cat 30th May 2014
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So, I'm a bit confused, and I need the GS community to help me here... I'm going into Audio Engineering next year, and I've...

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Bolt audio 30th May 2014
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Just curious.Does anyone knows what were the mixing consoles used in Sigma during late 70's. Particularly Sigma NYC location

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damien 30th May 2014
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Hey guys need some feedback on this: I'm running a pair of Adam 3 ways P33A midfield and a pair of Adam A7...

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Retinal 30th May 2014
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Slutz, Just got my JBL LSR305s and hear a hiss when plugging it in my power outlet, have tried 4 outlets throughout the house...

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dead pan 30th May 2014
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The compressors in the FocusRite OctoPre Dynamic MkII, are they digital or analog and in that case what kind of...

Deleted User
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Deleted d78e603 30th May 2014
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I am looking for a simple, very inexpensive, and clean solution to merge (sum) two stereo audio sources into my studio monitors...

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mamero 30th May 2014
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Powercore is finally being completly retired/shut-down wworried Dear PowerCore User As you probably know, we have ceased...

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hasbeen 30th May 2014
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how is an sm7b (with foam off) beating out my condensors (akg 451b and tlm102)? The condensors sound more crisp but are quite...

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Unclenny 30th May 2014
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Hi all, I need for a great mic around $1 000. New or used. My needs are for a male vocal singer, and a male vocal broadcast...

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73mk2 30th May 2014
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I'm in the process of upgrading my converters; I'm able to get a Mytek 192 ADC and a Benchmark DAC2 D used at a good price. If...

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Earcatcher 30th May 2014
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Hi all can you help me with this it is a pic of celine dion last album recording session well i don't want pop filter that...

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Musiclab 30th May 2014
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Hey guys! This is my first post here though i've been searching and learning the forum a couple of months. I produced my band's...

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dSalat 30th May 2014
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Does anyone here know where they recorded the album? Who produced it? I have a band that came in with their tracks that they...

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planck 30th May 2014
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Hi Guys, Just wondering if somebody knows this. I own 2 AKG C542 boundery mic's. Happy with them. When asked about them by a...

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CAT5 30th May 2014
Avatar for Edward Shnapper

Hey, I'm keen to import some FLAC files into Nuendo 4. I guess this is impossible.. Anybody know a work around? Do any...

Edward Shnapper
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neilwilkes 30th May 2014
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Sup Slutz, Would any of you in Brisbane like to meetup sometime to jam out?

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CharleyHaze 30th May 2014
Avatar for Bhairo

Hey Guys, I do not ever post on Gearslutz but my head is swimming in gear and I need advice on a few things. I am in the...

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elamberth 30th May 2014
Avatar for VO Guy

Please share your feedback on which you prefer for spoken word applications. Thanks! (will reveal mics of course in due time)

VO Guy
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planck 30th May 2014
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Hi gearslutz, after being passive and only reading for some years now here at gearslutz, i just registered, cause i need some...

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Mortrayd 30th May 2014
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Hi! How do u set up the Buffer Size and Delay Compensation for Mixing and Recording in Pro tools HD? I have HD 3 Accell and...

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knownby 30th May 2014
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Hey Slutz, Any interest in a group buy for MIDI controllers? (Not sure if this is allowed buy I'll give it a whirl). There are...

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Enchilada 30th May 2014
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Looking for people who run Auroras in relatively modest set ups. I came from RME FF800 where I was able to see each input then...

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jdier 30th May 2014
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Recently, I started reflecting on things I've learned over the years as a working pro and started thinking of things I wish I...

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funkycam 30th May 2014
Avatar for Rob Coates

I'm looking for new monitors and am very interested in the Tannoy 601p. My question about them (or the 601a)is: how well do they...

Rob Coates
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Avatar for Given To Fly
Given To Fly 30th May 2014
Avatar for dosilegecko

HELP! I really can't mix in these clean vocals at all, I have tried so many different things and haven't gotten anywhere that I...

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slaves666 29th May 2014
Avatar for neon

I think I have to change the Tubes for my A Design Hammer EQ, any suggestions, brand etc?? Are 2 12AT7 tubes?

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BradM 29th May 2014
Avatar for zulusound

Looking for opinions- is it bad for a rack of gear (no power amps) to be turned on by a Furman power conditioner? It's obviously...

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Gduron 29th May 2014
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Any general rules to consider when using EQ for Q value settings? Generally, when I boost, I keep Q values at around .71 -...

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IMRECS 29th May 2014
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Alright I am new on the forum so first of all, nice to meet you guys! howdy Here is the thing now... Me and my friend were...

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Liko 29th May 2014
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Hey, So I used three bricks and some cheap mat material. What do you guys think of this solution for monitor stands? The...

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Nrt 29th May 2014
Avatar for antjav

Hello everyone, a Newbie says hello. Like others before, I am here seeking advice on which microphone to buy so I can record...

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KevWind 29th May 2014
Avatar for eqverb

Anyone knows what happened to the Stam Audio posts. GS search returns with zero results. Google results linking to back to GS I...

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Stam Audio 29th May 2014
Avatar for gdgrieve

New to Gearslutz, and if this thread is in the wrong place I apologize. I was hoping someone could help me identify the mic and...

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glitchfactor 29th May 2014
Avatar for Godspeed

Can anyone tell me what kind of rackmount gear this guy has from looking at these pictures? I'd like to learn about them. I feel...

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SmoothVibe 29th May 2014
Avatar for onrozr

Hi I know there is already a topic about this , but IMO is out of control with 70 pages I cannot answer myself there to be...

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onrozr 29th May 2014
Avatar for PartHunter

Hi people, Hope somebody can help here., I've just started testing my new Studer A80 1/4"... I have a problem that on...

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PartHunter 29th May 2014
Avatar for aknightin?

Hi Guys, I am looking at buying a 2 space rack to mount my A2D and Glyph HDD. Are there any reasonable concerns about doing...

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travisbrown 29th May 2014
Avatar for craze3

How often do you automate the Release setting of your compressor (for vocals)? I've found that it can help make certain...

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Wayne 29th May 2014
Avatar for Joniverse

I have 2 vintage Shure 545sd that sounds pretty different, one has more output and a more "fullrage" sound, more top...

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Joniverse 29th May 2014
Avatar for Claborn

Sounds like a no brainer but hear me out... I'm mainly a mix engineer, I have my own setup with Pro Tools 10, waves, kramer,...

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Avatar for Given To Fly
Given To Fly 29th May 2014
Avatar for Joniverse

I have an Apogee Quartet with 4 great preamps, and a Presonus Digimax d8 with 8 decent preamps. How would you choose what mics...

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Avatar for Joniverse
Joniverse 29th May 2014
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blackcom 29th May 2014
Avatar for Eisa

So I got this microphone, AT4040, and I'm sorely disappointed with it. For vocals I found two huge problems. #1, The mic picks...

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Eisa 29th May 2014