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Post a photo of what's going on in your studio today..kfhkh We will share selected photos to Gearslutz Instagram :) Note:...

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s12512 1 minute ago
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Hi. Another preamp for synths quesionair: I'm looking at these, but have not tried any of them. I currently have a Emu 1616m...

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zimv20 1 minute ago
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Do tubes in mics actually color the sound at all? Take a look at the attached pictures which show the signal curve of a tube and...

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Tomás Mulcahy 3 minutes ago
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Looks like $21.99 for a single cassette.

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Aggelos 14 minutes ago
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Looking to do the "73" thing give or take at BAE level. I am not concerned with 100.00000% hitting the sound...

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Wiggy Neve Slut 20 minutes ago
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Mix This


I have this song that I tracked which is giving my a headache at mix time. So I thought I’d turn to GS to see how other people...

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James Lehmann 21 minutes ago
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I need one microphone to go with me around songwriting/recording mainly female vocals and acoustic/electric guitar. It would be...

Jette Boloso
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chris661 22 minutes ago
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Thinking of making an investment into a U67 reissue. Primary uses would be Vocals (Female and Male), Acoustic Guitar and Electric...

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StevenLMorgan 27 minutes ago
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I can't remember. It's almost got like a tube sound to it, it's relaxed, but still really clear. Definately not hyped or rock...

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drockfresh 50 minutes ago
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I'm posting this more as a vent as the process I've had buying a bae 1073 has been the worst experience I've had buying gear. I...

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Michael T 55 minutes ago
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Hi, I bought a headphone from Thomann but I want I want to return to them what i bought. How fast will they refund? Have...

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random musican 1 hour ago
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So, I read here and there about "clean gain" when speaking of interfaces preamps, but what exactly means...

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Jim Williams 1 hour ago
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I got one of these for free (yay!), but the power supply was missing. So I changed the pin out on the Benchmark so I could use...

White Falcon
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David Rick 1 hour ago
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Hi fellow Spacers I’m trying to understand what sonic impact or imprint should you expect from an interface with a higher...

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Jim Williams 1 hour ago
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This is not mine and I have no connection with the seller. I'm posting this because it's a rare configuration for this console...

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Jim Williams 1 hour ago
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So I'm pretty happy with these Zildjian A's -Got some bigger size crashes and they work really well for rock and...

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T.M.A. 1 hour ago
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Hi all, I recently received my custom LA-2A from Chris Yetter at Audio-Scape Engineering. He was amazing to work with and I...

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strazza 2 hours ago
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Just curious. Is anyone still using hardware reverb units in the studio since we have a LOT of awesome reverb plugins like...

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cjogo 2 hours ago
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Hi all. I'm back lol. So a few weeks ago, I asked about the wa14 vs the wa87. I ended up getting the wa14 which is a great...

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Shreyas 2 hours ago
Avatar for a.m. son

These two tracks have a distinct thing going on with the vocals that I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s like a slightly...

a.m. son
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Drumsound 2 hours ago
Avatar for sluggg

Hi all, I recently took the pair of condenser mics I was using for drum overheads (Aston Spirits) and started using them as...

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Drumsound 2 hours ago
Avatar for Spec

always been curious about this record's production given the hype around it. i have never heard it because i do not listen/make...

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Drumsound 2 hours ago
Avatar for Culturedslob

It’s getting old having to individually click on every single piece of gear in my setup. I’m looking at getting a basic...

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Culturedslob 3 hours ago
Avatar for strazza

I’ve been recently introduced into the audio scape worlds and maybe it’s just the hyped up marketing but I became quite...

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strazza 3 hours ago
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Hi there folks, I'm about to start a new production and really want to do this with a hardware preamp. I never had one before, I...

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Hossbie 3 hours ago
Avatar for nksoloproject

A few months ago I bought a Zoom L-12 digital mixer, based on some recommendations I'd had about it in some forums etc. I play in...

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nksoloproject 4 hours ago
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Hello. My name is Gabriel I'm an amateur Vocalist Recording from my home basement and learning slowly the ins and outs of vocal...

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bill5 4 hours ago
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Could this have happened to other people ? I’m hoping not ? First album released digital in 2007 and more after...

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NoPro 5 hours ago
Avatar for ktmath

Hey I have an SM7b that I run into my Apollo (Vocals 95% of the time). It sounds good but I'm kinda bougie when it comes to...

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Lenzo 6 hours ago
Avatar for dogma

First I'm sorry bout another Mic thread but i need an opinion here. I think I've decided on getting one of the EV's as my...

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James Lehmann 6 hours ago
Avatar for nohay

Im in search for hardware parametric equalizers. And i actually need color. I already have a good idea of some equalizers i would...

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Timesaver800W 6 hours ago
Avatar for cwhiley

I just bought one off of Guitar Center's used inventory for $150. I got it because of the compelling feature set at such a...

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Pyeguy 7 hours ago
Avatar for CKenterpro

I know this has been discussed many times but I need a pair of headphones to do mixing on late at night since I don't have too...

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Karloff70 7 hours ago
Avatar for coverman

I am using a MOTU 8pre (probably more than 10 years old) for my recordings on my iMac with Logic. It works fine. I am also using...

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bgulian 9 hours ago
Avatar for accentontheoff

Hi, need a little advice. Am a beginner to guitar effects and have narrowed my choice to two Multi F/X devices. One is the Boss...

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accentontheoff 9 hours ago
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I've had both of these mics for a little while now and have been trying them on anything and everything I can, and because it's...

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Slava A 10 hours ago
Avatar for Tonycamp

I'm wondering if anyone has put it through the paces, and can give the rundown on this eq? It's been out for a while now, but i...

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Nickerz 13 hours ago
Avatar for Klemster307

My Tubetech CL1B works fine and sounds great in both fixed and fix/man modes. However when I switch to manual mode it won’t do...

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Klemster307 14 hours ago
Avatar for nksoloproject

I'm looking into getting a foot controlled vocal processor for live use with my band, and one thing I'd like to try is using it...

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ambiguous signal 16 hours ago
Avatar for mikekay

I'm trying to set up the mixpre for multitrack recording. USB C into the computer, asio drivers loaded...and away we go....Not...

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Avatar for mikekay
mikekay 16 hours ago
Avatar for Nickerz

So about to pull the trigger on a UA610, but I see on the desktop version it doesn't have an EQ. Withstanding the ITB vs topdown...

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Nickerz 16 hours ago
Avatar for muffegutt

To all you bass players out there: In your opinion what is a good and affordable chain for tracking bass in a home studio? I'm...

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monkeyxx 17 hours ago
Avatar for Mike Lambert

Nice article in the UK Guardian paper today about the forthcoming book and streaming TV series on the Beatles 'Let it Be'...

Mike Lambert
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Avatar for gravyface
gravyface 17 hours ago
Avatar for rolypolyman

I recently bought a PreSonus 26c USB Audio Interface as it looked like a rock solid box for making the jump to XLR (after 5 years...

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Mellissa BOTN 17 hours ago
Avatar for eyeball

Hi. I saw some thread about Audioscape buss compressor vs other clones or the original 4K compressor, but I was wondering how it...

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Avatar for strazza
strazza 18 hours ago
Avatar for matt3310

We got a Nero monitor controller for the studio. Looks great, but we are having many problems. Once turned on the sound was...

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MiMi 19 hours ago
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austinbdot 19 hours ago
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I have a Zoom L-12 digital mixer, which can save different presets (which they call 'scenes') for the master output mix as well...

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nksoloproject 20 hours ago
Avatar for monkeyxx

I've been, pretty often, struggling with laying down drums, bass, keyboard instruments, guitar, voice, percussion, all by my...

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Avatar for mattias78
mattias78 20 hours ago
Avatar for AlexK

Hey Y'all I bought a TC Electronic Level Pilot about 8-9 months ago, and it's been great, except it's started to get fairly...

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Avatar for Mac808
Mac808 20 hours ago