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Avatar for The Press Desk® has teamed up with our pals at WesAudio® to offer everyone the chance to win one of two limited edition...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 2 weeks ago
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Bit of a rant, but like when did preamps become these magic go-to boxes that can cure cancer and give you the tone of your...

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Avatar for deedeeyeah
deedeeyeah 45 minutes ago
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What would be the best hardware compressor to use with vocals. I'm not looking for something incredibly expensive but I'm not...

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swafford 47 minutes ago
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Hi there, through the years I have been thinking bout purchasing a controller. I am mixing fully in the box. And been gainstage...

Henry Chu
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Henry Chu 48 minutes ago
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In my little home studio I have a Lewitt LCT 540 S that I use for vocals, and then I have a matched pair of SE8 mics for acoustic...

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mbvoxx 56 minutes ago
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What was the single best audio gear item you bought / acquired in 2022? rockout

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weave 1 hour ago
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Hi guys, I've come across this little box yesterday and from what I gathered it looks to me like an interesting pre, so...

Marcin Siejka
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jokeramik 1 hour ago
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Hi, I have bough a subwoofer to add to my home studio where I have two JBL 305P mk2. The subwoofer is an Eris Sub8. First of...

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Edu_82 1 hour ago
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Hi all ! I recently purchased, on Black Friday (60% discount), 3 delay processors - TC Electronic D-Two / at the price of...

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Zambeste 2 hours ago
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Hi All I'm so sorry to have to post this but my Los Angeles studio was broken into very early this Monday morning 28th Nov 2022...

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bmanzer 2 hours ago

Dear maestros, I’m not sure how to pose this question: I’m making progress on SoundBetter (premium for 1 month) as a...

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MAXX VADA 2 hours ago
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I am currently choosing between audio interfaces from these 3 companies. I am curious as to everyone's experience with the ease...

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billgers 2 hours ago
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How did you break your first or worst piece of gear? Was it the pet's fault? A beer spill? Funny story on stage? While we...

iFi audio
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Bushman 2 hours ago
Avatar for analoggg

I picked one of these up, but I would prefer the bandwidth to be full. I've heard Michael Brauer's was modded. Does anyone have...

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MAXX VADA 2 hours ago
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hi everyone.. not sure if this is the right place to ask question would like to know what kind of studio equipment its in this...

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MAXX VADA 2 hours ago
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So I pulled the trigger on this, but its on back order. Anyone have any experience with this strip? There isn't a whole lot...

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SaschaP 3 hours ago
Avatar for Jules

Post a photo of what's going on in your studio today..kfhkh We will share selected photos to Gearslutz Instagram :) Note:...

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MAXX VADA 3 hours ago
Avatar for foomki100

Has anyone bought anything from them?I have read a few bad and a few positive reviews about them, so i am not sure. They are a...

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ILoveSampling 3 hours ago
Avatar for CubaseComposer

Think you could do it? I've long been practicing this, keeping my plugin selection trimmed down as a way to force me to get...

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CubaseComposer 3 hours ago
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Analogue Cascade-able £1675+tax X-Desk and other new products can be seen at Booth B75, Hall 5.1, Messe Frankfurt from 9AM on...

[email protected]
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Seamoss 3 hours ago
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theshoppe 3 hours ago
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Hi guys, I’m trying to buy a U87ai without problems. The first one I got had a wobbly xlr connector, so if you moved it with...

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Klaus 4 hours ago
Avatar for ron florentine

The market has drastically changed since the release of the X-Panda. I am looking to sell my Neotek console and scale down to a...

ron florentine
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jtregoat 4 hours ago
Avatar for nksoloproject

I've recently bought a Behringer XR18 digital mixer. I'd like to be able to control the vocal effects on it via a MIDI foot...

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nksoloproject 4 hours ago
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Yes, even the world of microphones have their own "conspiracy theories." There is the average consumer and there are...

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Hymnographer 4 hours ago
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Hello, All I very much enjoy using the kush omega plugins to give my focus rite scarlet preamp recordings some color. I’d be...

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jakeg70888 4 hours ago
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Hey all. Sorry this is going to be a long post but I need advice on completing my mic kit so I need to describe what I'm trying...

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joeq 5 hours ago
Avatar for riffwraith

Anyone have experience using both 121s and M50s for a DTree whilst recording an orchestra in a studio env? Not that I have a gig...

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Brian Campbell 5 hours ago
Avatar for Sinocelt

Price hike


Less than half a year ago, the M201TG cost $178 on the Thomann U.S. website. Now it costs $234, so 31% higher. Have you noticed...

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nat8808 6 hours ago
Avatar for John N

Just wondering if anyone here has installed the kenetek T4B module without doing a recalibration in their KT-2A or any 2A/3A type...

John N
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guitardick 6 hours ago
Avatar for TheFriendlyBro

Hey there everyone, thanks for checking this post out. So, I've been having some issues with my DBX 286s. So, here's a bit...

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mw77 7 hours ago
Avatar for Retouch

As a Jungle producer and Logic user I always avoided the older MPC's, as Logic was so much more versatile and intuitive. However,...

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Retouch 7 hours ago
Avatar for Szorn

Hey guys, I've acquired an A100 and a battered 145 Leslie that I'm currently getting wired up. It's stuck in fast Leslie atm...

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drBill 7 hours ago
Avatar for iFi audio

Lately, I've been getting more experimental with my vocal mic techniques for some rock records, and I wanted to know what some of...

iFi audio
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Avatar for s wave
s wave 7 hours ago
Avatar for allybrett

My first Patchbay. Stupidly didn't ask the seller before buying and they are unsure themselves. Anyone have any...

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SaschaP 7 hours ago
Avatar for Nikola_Tesla

Hey guys, Just wanted to hear your opinion as I've got a good deal on a pair of second hand ATC SCM25A's. Never heard these,...

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dfghdhr 8 hours ago
Avatar for jaques

Hey I'm looking for a hardware preamp right now - can someone help me figure out which one to get? So far it's between the JHS...

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Avatar for deedeeyeah
deedeeyeah 8 hours ago
Avatar for SebVc

I have 0 experience recording drums, but we just got a new kit in our studio. Currently our mic lockers consists of : Edit:...

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chris661 9 hours ago
Avatar for nightchef

I’m in the midst of some studio upgrades and getting around to addressing my monitoring situation. My current monitors are a...

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nightchef 9 hours ago
Avatar for nosebleedaudio

Anyone ever use one of these? Just worked on the good old days...1938..

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yeloocproducer 10 hours ago
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Hey guys! I wanted to ask who of you are using room virtualization plugins for headphones for monitoring. What do you get out...
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Avatar for deedeeyeah
deedeeyeah 11 hours ago
Avatar for Migsmadethis

I am about to make my first big mic purchase. I have decided to go with the u89i after going through many threads and doing my...

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Avatar for pencilextremist
pencilextremist 12 hours ago
Avatar for nksoloproject

So I've just bought a Behringer XR18 digital mixer, which has a headphone out and 6 AUX outs. For 'silent' band rehearsals and...

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dkr 14 hours ago
Avatar for Homunculus

Want to buy an Adcom GFA amp to power a pair of Amphions. But before I hit the buy button on ebay, I want to make sure Jim...

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Avatar for Homunculus
Homunculus 20 hours ago
Avatar for GRiFF

I’m after hardware recommendations for piano. Rock / Pop piano. Setting aside the 1176 / LA2A combo, if you were recording...

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Avatar for AB3
AB3 20 hours ago
Avatar for mattmclean024@y

Hi - I've inherited a room with a mounted set of speakers and the speaker cables come down to the jack that you can see in the...

[email protected]
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cathode 20 hours ago
Avatar for Skip Burrows

The Reason Most ITB mixes don’t Sound as good as Analog mixes. This is a repost from another thread. Hope you find it...

Skip Burrows
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Avatar for ElmoHope
ElmoHope 20 hours ago
Avatar for Slow Learner

I know these just came out, but wondered what folks reactions were. I use a Cloudlifter Z and a Soyuz launcher and have found...

Slow Learner
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Avatar for chessparov2.0
chessparov2.0 21 hours ago
Avatar for soundmurmur

I play funky groovy rock stuff. I love electric piano VSTs but it won't cut latency requirements and I need to tour with it. What...

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decocco 21 hours ago
Avatar for theshoppe

A friend just released an EP of material recorded in a cool studio by a well respected engineer. Everyone brought their "A...

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cheeswolfenstein 21 hours ago
Avatar for willstuart100

Hi all, I've encountered a problem using my Roland RD-800 as a controller for MainStage 3. It works fine, apart from when using...

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sitruc333 21 hours ago