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Avatar for The Press Desk® has teamed up with our pals at WesAudio® to offer everyone the chance to win one of two limited edition...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 1 week ago
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Who do you want for a Q&A guest? Who would you like to ask questions? Producer, engineer or self recording...

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Jules 14th March 2022
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I want to know how many of you actually buy the hardware gear just for the intention to collect it or just to look at it or have...

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GRiFF 23 minutes ago
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Ive had both mics and have repeatedly used and favored the 57 over the 414 for recording tenor and alto sax. Im puzzled as to...

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deedeeyeah 31 minutes ago
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Just thought it would be cool to "Centralize" conversation, Oktava audio clips "in action", etc. All...

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BernieW 1 hour ago
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I know this is a topic that's been talked about a lot but I just need some final thoughts before pulling the trigger for good and...

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ThemMachines 4 hours ago
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Hi, I have been wanting to purchase a pair of hd600 for ever. I finally did a few days ago but there is something that puzzles...

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haysonics 4 hours ago
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I am buying for mixing and mastering purpose so i am coming into the analogue world so i have searching alot on this and first i...

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Jacklove 4 hours ago
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Hey all. Sorry this is going to be a long post but I need advice on completing my mic kit so I need to describe what I'm trying...

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BernieW 4 hours ago
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Hi guys, I need a wah pedal for clavinet, wurly, rhodes. I vaguely remember Jon Medeski mentioning the vintage vox or thomas...

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drockfresh 5 hours ago
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I saw a thread from 2020 about a scam in which a Neumann U86ai mic sold on Reverb turned out to have a non-native (possibly...

Joe Hill
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Spindrift 6 hours ago
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Want to buy an Adcom GFA amp to power a pair of Amphions. But before I hit the buy button on ebay, I want to make sure Jim...

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Homunculus 6 hours ago
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Just wanted to see if anyone else had this problem with their Eventide H3000. Last night I turned her on and the screen flashed...

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s.d.finley 6 hours ago
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A friend just released an EP of material recorded in a cool studio by a well respected engineer. Everyone brought their "A...

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JL1000 7 hours ago
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So, I'm looking for 3 serie 500 pres, 1 colored for a stereo pair and 1 other, to complement what I already have. LA 610MKII -...

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FredM 9 hours ago
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I got a Casio CT-S1 with the intention of connecting my Yamaha Reface CP to it for the presets (Casio master/Reface slave), but...

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gravyface 9 hours ago
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Hi Guys, Are there any recommendations for a good boom stand and a stereo bar for XY or ORTF? Home studio using a pair of SM 81s...

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Yetti 10 hours ago
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Hi guys, I want to share my experience ordering from Thomann for the first time. Going through forums, people say “I never...

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teashea 10 hours ago
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chessparov2.0 10 hours ago
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Hi. I have to move my 32-channel console. Obv. big, but not really large-format, which is why I'm struggling with choices. I...

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teashea 10 hours ago
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please post your impressions if you own or listened any EVE AUDIO monitoring system ! i'm really interested to know how they...

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junak 10 hours ago
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I’m in the midst of some studio upgrades and getting around to addressing my monitoring situation. My current monitors are a...

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teashea 10 hours ago
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About time we had this discussion here...

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cjogo 11 hours ago
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so my simple question for the producers is it worth to use hardware synths when for example same synths have been recreated...

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Dave Polich 11 hours ago
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So I bought some Evans Hydraulic heads and slapped then on the other day; took bottom heads off. Wow, what a quirky sound. ...

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Drumsound 11 hours ago
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I'm not too hung up on the specific microphones used, nor do I want to delve too much into specifics (for example, choices are...

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Drumsound 11 hours ago
Avatar for P99

I have been seeing (online) Royer 121 mics being used by everybody. Tim Pierce, Pete Thorn, Rick Beato and a host of others. It...

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theshoppe 12 hours ago
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I’ve been going a little crazy trying to ask folks their opinions on the Proreplicas 1176 rev A and AudioScape 76a and also the...

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carolcappetta 12 hours ago
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Today: 6 UAD plugins for $374. What would you choose if you had no UAD plugins ? Thanks for help !

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joeq 13 hours ago
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Hey all, been a while since I’ve been round these parts… a whole name change ago! I’m currently making some upgrades to...

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Mario-C. 13 hours ago
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Hi! I have a problem with my Alesis Microverb II (Micro not Midi) It has wet signal dropouts and change programs by itself (is...

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MFSAKA 15 hours ago
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I am in the market for a 1073 pre amp and was looking at my options for one that is under 1000. My search has led me to the Warm...

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herecomesyourman 15 hours ago
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So what you guys think? I was gonna purchase the w2549 or W2944 for a bunch of rack interconnects, but now i've been hearing...

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garytube 15 hours ago
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I really dig the Elliot Smith albums Rob Schnapf did with Tom Rothrock. I also really like the sound of the first Foo record,...

max cooper
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Seamus TM 15 hours ago
Avatar for defevve

Hello, I am looking to buy new B-band UST pick-ups to use with A2 B-band preamp. Somebody help me, please?

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NathanBarley 15 hours ago
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I hope all of you had a very nice Thanksgiving. I have a really tough decision to make and wanted to reach out to those with...

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ZOSO13 16 hours ago
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Hi, Just got back from my holiday and discover my Dynaudio Air 15 5.1 setup lost all network settings. Tried to redo them, but...

Studio Studio
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Nonwax 16 hours ago
Avatar for sage691

Is this for writing/storing user presets ? Or something else ? The spec sheet says it is a "non-volatile" RAM device....

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sage691 17 hours ago
Avatar for NawwwwwSun

I swear I have said exactly this about modern music sounding the same and it not working for specific genres or ideas, but I...

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nitrateaudio 18 hours ago
Avatar for Koolaidjammer

I'me looking into the SAMAR AL95 for my first ribbon mic, but I cannot find any audio samples anywhere. Well, I found one but it...

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shadrin 18 hours ago
Avatar for princetown

inovonics 220,whats the word with these?

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12ax7 18 hours ago
Avatar for KUTKAST

I was watching a Andrew Huang Video and he showed a really nifty microphone (that cost around 3000 dollars) that had a built on...

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KUTKAST 18 hours ago
Avatar for CKenterpro

I know this has been discussed many times but I need a pair of headphones to do mixing on late at night since I don't have too...

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momomel 19 hours ago
Avatar for 8070

I was wondering about everyone's experiences using the various tascam mdm machines.... What's your opinion on their overall sound...

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MrKnobs 22 hours ago
Avatar for StarfishMusic

It was in my list of definite buys, and then I saw it... 20ms is the fastest the attack time knob reads! Surely it's a misprint...

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alphabetofsound 1 day ago
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Hi all! New to the forum but a long-time lurker. Quick question to any SSL Fusion users out there (or users of any other...

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martino_ 1 day ago
Avatar for Joe Hill

I saw a thread from 2020 about a scam in which a Neumann U86ai mic sold on Reverb turned out to have a non-native (possibly...

Joe Hill
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Joe Hill 1 day ago
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Rob 28 1 day ago
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Hey everyone I hope you can help me out here - I've had a Tascam 16x08 interface for almost about 2 years now, and I've never...

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ignne 1 day ago
Avatar for mrbibidy

The Heritage Audio RAM 5000 has been out for a couple years and yet there is VERY LITTLE on it on YouTube and even here on GS....

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Avatar for RightOnRome
RightOnRome 1 day ago
Avatar for chessparov

Read recently that some of Elvis' early vocals at RCA were cut on an EV 635, and am getting the impression from other posts that...

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chessparov2.0 1 day ago
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I measured the relative gains of the 8 channels on my 1824C @ 440 Hz and 2 kHz. I got some really poor results, am wondering...

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ChipBurns 1 day ago