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Hi Gearspace members! I just wanted to thank you ALL for an amazing 20 years of pro audio discussion and online...

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Jules 22nd June 2022
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Who do you want for a Q&A guest? Who would you like to ask questions? Producer, engineer or self recording...

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Jules 14th March 2022
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Enough already of all the "what's your favourite..." threads, how about the opposite? Which piece of gear just fills...

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Karloff70 9 minutes ago
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Generally interested in discussion. Nothing like real drums but e-drums have many advantages, to include the ability to sound...

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gravyface 46 minutes ago
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First off, I've played to clicks since I was in mid-20's, which was a really long time ago. I have good time, and I can sit...

Brent Hahn
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gravyface 47 minutes ago
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So quick preface. I am transitioning over to small nearfields due to the layout of my room. These will be sitting on the desk and...

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kla234 56 minutes ago
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looking for micro monitors similar to IK iLoud micro. but under $300. to be used just for composing and producing. are there...

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DogCake 1 hour ago
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Dear Gearspacers! This blumlein microphone is manufactured in one copy so far. Works pretty well on vocals and double bass....

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Berndalen 1 hour ago
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Let me know something, guys... Do you know if there's any difference between these two microphones, beside the fact that one...

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RodrigoPandelo 1 hour ago
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I am looking to buy a pair of 8" monitors, in the 500-600 Euro range. I was ready to get the Presonus Eris 8 XT, but I got...

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MaxDM 1 hour ago
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Hi, the title pretty much says it. I’ve only used the rack versions, but I’m debating picking up a 500 series unit. In your...

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cheu78 1 hour ago
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Hey all. Sorry this is going to be a long post but I need advice on completing my mic kit so I need to describe what I'm trying...

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BernieW 1 hour ago
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And what signal chains, would you use to fit within Modern Pop, if you were Producing/Engineering it? Talking roughly, records...

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desired_username 1 hour ago
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Hi there My recording vocal chans consists of a Aston Spirit mic into a Heritage Elite preamp into a Klark Teknik 1176 into a...

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cheu78 2 hours ago
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Hi! I'm looking for an 8-channel audio interface, and they all seem to have 2 inputs at the front, and 6 on the back - fine,...

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mauroiul 2 hours ago
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when I use the softlimit of apogee adconverter. the softlimited recorded audio sounds dull cutting high frequency. therefore i...

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arivel 3 hours ago
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Just thought it would be cool to "Centralize" conversation, Oktava audio clips "in action", etc. All...

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BernieW 4 hours ago
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I've been following drum-focused GS threads (my main focus) for many years, and have recently added a Sebatron VMP 4000e after...

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Thunderbird 5 hours ago
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Or rather, why is it a thing that some ppl seem to feel they have to point out. "Dawless setup", "Dawless...

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Greg_KPX 6 hours ago
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We got a Nero monitor controller for the studio. Looks great, but we are having many problems. Once turned on the sound was...

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HCMarkus 6 hours ago
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I am looking into the ssl bus+. There are so many flexible options with this unit but my question is— Is it possible to...

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Trashman 7 hours ago
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replace "photographer" and "photography" in this video by "audio engineer" / "audio...

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JL1000 8 hours ago
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Hey there this is my first post so forgive me in advance, My current monitoring setup is not ideal for playback or mixing. I...

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Todd M 8 hours ago
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Right now I am leaning towards the ADI-2 Pro FS BE unless someone has a better idea I will be upgrading from Apollo silver...

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RightOnRome 9 hours ago
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So I'm finishing up my hybrid mixing rig and my 2bus is going to be as follows DAC>SSL Six Pultec Clones G-Bus...

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thethrillfactor 9 hours ago
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Hi, I’m looking to buy a set of IEM’s for monitoring mainly keys, bass, vocals and sometimes drums. At the moment I’m...

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mrufino1 9 hours ago
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Hi, I'm digitizing just over 100 cassettes for someone for archival purposes. I have an okay setup at home and they didn't...

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Farmboy presents 9 hours ago
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I guess this thought is inspired by the "Modern" vs "Out of Date" Production thread and I am now wondering,...

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toledo3 10 hours ago
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Hello all, ART is proud to announce our first entry into the 500 series format, We've adapted our well known PRO-VLA and will...

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traceystudios 12 hours ago
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Hello everyone. Had fun fixing up the old Ampex mixer for a live recording set up. Full recapping with a different output. I...

Duke Zeibert
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seby 12 hours ago
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I've tried to do a lot of research on this, so I don't mean to beat a dead horse...but can anyone who owns the AMS RMX16 500...

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gretalink 13 hours ago
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Hello everybody, long time lurker and first time poster :) I recently bought a Big Six as my first ever mixer. I've been using a...

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alexquse 13 hours ago
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Dolby Atmos, Spatial Audio etc for Music - Will It Take off? I am encouraged by the idea of Dolby Atmos for music with...

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Bob Olhsson 15 hours ago
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Hi guys, I know there are a lot of threads about impedance, but after doing my research, I ended up being confused. Simply...

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iFi audio 17 hours ago
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I really dig the Elliot Smith albums Rob Schnapf did with Tom Rothrock. I also really like the sound of the first Foo record,...

max cooper
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peachcasti 18 hours ago
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So I purchased my first pair of "relatively" more expensive studio monitors, the Genelec 8030Cs. Before this I mainly...

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HardRocker 18 hours ago
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I recently replaced an older Scarlett interface with the new Clarett+ 8pre. The preamps sound good in the Clarett+, but the gain...

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bwoe 18 hours ago
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Talking about some smart choices in the 500 series world. Kick & snare only. Which 500 series compressors can beat DBX560a...

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danF 20 hours ago
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Has anyone compared these 2 mics? Especially for electric guitar amps, clips sound wonderful that I heard on YouTube of both.

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swafford 20 hours ago
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Hey, I have a Nord Lead 3 that's misbehaving. :synth: When I turn on the power, it keeps repeating the Welcome sequence,...

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Baanaado 20 hours ago
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Today i read a review of an active monitor speaker, stating the following: is worth noting that the speaker only really...

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kennybro 21 hours ago
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I am having a recent problem with low level, but unacceptable hum in the two JFET channels only. The hum is also there whether...

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jsbergjunk 22 hours ago
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Noob here to the in the box speaker calibration game, but if I upgrade to 8341 Genelecs and use GLM but also have access to an...

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Rusty_Faders 22 hours ago
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Hello! I am going to mod my Oktava 012 with a Bill Sittler's Premium mod. I decided to do a random shootout of my budget mics...

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Maksym Giza 1 day ago
Avatar for The Padded Room

As a crazed collector of vintage mics, I have to say that for functionality and use-ablilty, I am a lover of Electro-Voice. ...

The Padded Room
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BernieW 1 day ago
Avatar for floppyclock

Hello, I have the Barefoot Footprint 01 monitors and find the MEME technology slightly confusing. When set to flat, the monitors...

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sws1 1 day ago
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Hey, I'm in the market for a new pair of low/ultra-low-budget reference monitors that will eventually become my main...

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kuasalogam 1 day ago
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I have the Telefunken TF51 and TF47 here on demo for baritone male VO work and both are pretty good indeed, def usable - quiet,...

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Sanchez 1 day ago
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Hi. Looking for a new vocal (male and female) mic for the studio. Anyone care to share some hands on experience with the Lewitt...

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peachcasti 1 day ago
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Hey guys, does anybody know how the click track infiltrated the music production world? How it started, first band/producers to...

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JL1000 1 day ago
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I used to use ATM dynamics on drums (live SR) in the late 90's / early 2000's, like a lot of ppl we found the ATM25 on kick and...

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Eric L Nielsen 1 day ago
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Choice of shockmount or swivel stand-mount connector. What would you usually used most and is most effective.

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QueenSisi 1 day ago